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11 Most Popular Korean Hairstyles In The World

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Koreans are well known in the beauty industry around the world. With their perfect skin color, shiny hair, and ability to age very slowly, they surprised the world. And it is now in a hurry to follow their skin regimen and hair trends. Koreans introduce different hairstyles around the world and offer different lengths and textures. If you are looking for an easy hairstyle that looks stylish, chic, youthful and trendy, here are 15 latest short Korean hairstyles for women that look gorgeous and amazing!

Korean women are smart, gorgeous and naturally creative when it comes to hair styling. Whether you're a Korean looking for hairstyle ideas or just curious about how they style their hair for creative ideas, we won't be disappointed.

If you want to try these hairstyles, but struggle with styling or find it too much of a hassle to go to the salon to style and color your hair, take a look at the Asian Style wigs in the following styles.

I. Korean Specialized Haircuts

Initially popular in Korea, these hairstyles began with the unique ebullience of Northeast Asians, and then became a certain influence and trend in the world.

1. Korean hairstyle with round face

Simple yet elegant, this bob ends with a chin and has only a central part. For a woman who wakes up quickly before work, it looks perfect.
If you are a girl with a round face, you can choose this internationally more difficult to describe, exclusive hairstyle for round faces with Korean characteristics.

Korean hairstyle for round face

2. Korean short hairstyle

When you see this naming, are you a little confused as to what Korean short hair is? Side parting and soft waves decorate short hairstyles. The bangs that partially cover the face create a soft, attractive look.

Korean Short hair

This short hair belongs to one of the hairstyles that can be seen at a glance especially suitable for the workplace, in fact, slightly like the kind of European and American Long Pixie hair.

3. Korean bangs

Want to add a little edge to your straight bob? There is no mistake with straight bangs, thickest and blunt cuts, just like stopping at the eyebrows. Wear it in your favorite shades for Instagram-worthy snaps.

Kim Dami the korean star in Korean bang

This is arguably the most widely circulated look in the world today with the popularity of Korean culture. Many female celebrities are using this hairstyle.

4. Korean bun

This particular Korean hairstyle is especially popular not only for its chic look, but also for its deliberately disturbed ones.


Korean hairstyles for women have your back, regardless of the texture of your face or hair! From pixie cuts to short bobs to long flowing curls, you can choose from a variety of hairstyles to make you look like the most elegant and dashing person in your room!

II. Popular Haircuts in the World

These hairstyles did not originate from Korea, but became popular worldwide thanks to the Korean Wave.

1. Boyish short pixie

If you're a working woman, a college student, or someone who has a lot to do in a day and has little time to do it, Boyish Short Pixie is the best hairstyle for you. Suitable for warm and humid weather, with little or no effort. In fact, it is not as "Boylish" as mentioned in the name, but has a kind of little girl feeling. This shorter and fresher hairstyle will actually make a person look very gentle and can make you look very young.


2. Stylish layers

Layers give a person an elegant yet playful look and perfectly surround the face. You can straighten or curl your hair, depending on your mood and occasion, but it will still give you a dashing look. The layer can also be worn on bread with a more sophisticated look or on a ponytail with a fresh look.

Korean women in the 1980s and 1990s liked this type of hair, and for this reason, Korean women also started to fashion this hairstyle in the first decade of the new millennium. Although this hairstyle is no longer common in Korea these days, this is one of your rare opportunities to try a classic Asian style.

3. Disordered long layer

The long messy layers create a relaxed, casual look that requires little or no effort. If you have naturally wavy hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you, especially if you are looking for a more natural and casual look. You are ready for a casual Saturday or an outdoor Sunday with this Korean hairstyle!


4. Thin Airy bangs


For those who are more suitable for summer, but have a classy look on their own, this see-through bangs are not ready to wear heavy bangs, but are the perfect look for those who are interested in the touch it gives to your face. is. So, if you don't like the heat but love bangs, see-through bangs are the best option!

III. Korean Specialized Bob Haircut

Bob hairstyle originally originated in the West, but South Korea has made many improvements to it, and it has become a trend under the promotion of stars.

1. Bob with fringe

The sleek bob and full fringe pair give a flattering and youthful look. The final soft curl gives the cut a fresh look. Whether the forehead is long or short, fringes gracefully complement the structure of the face. Hairstyles bring a sophisticated and fashionable look to any face!

Taylor Swift in Bob Head

2. Oval bob

An absolutely perfect aristocratic Korean hairstyle when attending parties and formal programs. If you have been admired for your full cheeks and wide forehead, this hairstyle will compliment your face in the most perfect way! It borders the face to add a sharp and classy touch to your look, while making your hair look more voluminous.

Korean ovel bob hairstyle

3. Classic Bob

If you've ever found your straight hair boring, Classic Bob is the perfect hairstyle to help you appreciate your hair. Straight hair may have been loose in the past, but classic lobs can add an edge to your face that will help you stand out in any crowd! It is like a super lengthened version of a bobbed head with bangs on both sides, which especially emphasizes a youthful appearance.

long bob straight hair 的图像结果

Is Korean hair thick?

The reason Asian hair tends to be thicker is that it has around 10 layers of cuticles. Cuticles are the small areas around the inner protein structure of your hair–they are there to protect those proteins.

What is the name of Korean haircut female?

The pixie consists of side swept bangs which are done in layers and style on one side. The hair has more volume at the crown and is fine near the forehead. The style is smart and feminine.

How do I ask for a Korean haircut?

Yeah. I told them to use that for the top and my bangs. But over the side here and this side over here. They basically used to just to cut it. So it's like even. And the back here to shave it shave.

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