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Will An Asymmetrical Bob Suit Round Face? Find The Suitest Bob Haircut For Yourself.

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The bob haircut is one of the most classic and ever popular hairstyles, and according to magazines and trends, bob hairstyles are bound to become a big trend in 2023. The change of hairstyle follows the fashion footsteps; some bob hair with bangs and asymmetrical bob gradually became eye-catching and even quite popular. The bob is a very face-conscious hairstyle, so is the asymmetrical bob suitable for round faces? Read through the following to find the best bob haircut for you.

asymmetrical bob1. What should you consider before choosing a bob haircut?

When you and your friend have the same face shape, will bob hairstyles that suit her necessarily suit you? The answer is no, and it does not mean that the same bob will suit you; it depends on not only your face shape but also your body shape and even your whole body proportions and facial structure. Although when you have bob hair but your hair looks rough, your makeup does not match, or your dress and appearance make the hair look not much different.

1.1 Consider face shape first

●Oblong face

Oblong faceIf you have a long face shape, you must avoid adding volume to the top of your hair and try not to make the texture very smooth, which will only make your face look longer. For an oblong face, you can choose the different lengths of bob haircut; consider chin length hair or shorter around the ears, asymmetrical bob, or lopsided bob.

●Diamond face

Diamond faceThe diamond face is thinner, and the chin looks wider at the cheekbones, so the sides of the face will be prominent, and everything under the cheekbones will be amazing and look great with a bob haircut. Of course, you can also choose a short hairstyle above the cheekbones, which will look complementary, but it depends more on your body type, match, and personal preference.

●Round face

Round faceRound faces have very soft chins. If you add some volume to the top of your head, any length of bob hair will work well, but except for a haircut in the middle of the face, this will only give the impression that the face below is falling, not so proportional. An asymmetrical straight bob or an asymmetrical curly bob (but not too many curls) would be the perfect choice if we cover one side of the face with hair and make the bottom half of the hair longer, keeping the sides flat without adding volume.

1.2 Neck length

Neck lengthIf you are still afraid of making a mistake by cutting your hair short, then consider cutting your hair to a neck length. The length is controlled in the middle of the neck, and the back can be a little shorter, in front of the extension, and then slightly longer, consider cutting a symmetrical haircut; the level of the hair and the level of your shoulders intersect, your shoulders will look wider will look thinner face.

1.3 Thickness of hair

Thickness of hairMany people will be used to cutting short hair while thinning the hair, but thin hair and thicker hair mainly need to consider the health of the hair, unhealthy hair at the tips will look transparent. Too many split ends or dryness affects your hair texture, and even thicker hair will not show well.

2. Will an asymmetrical bob suit a round face?

asymmetrical bob round faceWhen we talked about face shape, we mentioned that a round face is suitable for a bob haircut that is flat on both sides but does not add too much volume, asymmetrical bob or lopsided bob may be your best choice. And face shape. To a certain extent, the uneven bob haircut can modify the shape of a round face, making it look more defined and perfect. But if you prefer to adjust gradually from back to front and keep a lot of hair, then long asymmetrical hair is perfect.

3. Tips on how to make asymmetrical bob look better

3.1 Choose the right angle

Choose the right angle

Choose the angle of your hair according to your face shape. A short asymmetrical bob is more pronounced in the difference in hair length, so don't be afraid of this difference when you know it. An asymmetrical bob is the one that needs to present a sense of imbalance, and the side with more hair is the one that is used to modify your face shape! Find the right angle and be bold.

3.2 Add highlights

Add highlightsAdding highlights will make the original boring hair more interesting, and adding highlights in different positions will also soften the face shape and color. Or, to be more direct, give your hair a new color and try some bold blonde colors.

3.3 Try asymmetrical bob with bangs

Try asymmetrical bob with bangsA hairstyle with bangs will not only look more fashionable, but it will also help you to define your face. Ask your hairdresser before choosing this hairstyle and judge it according to your face shape.

4. Conclusion

An asymmetrical bob is undoubtedly suitable for round faces. Still, before deciding to try it, you must fully consider your face shape, body type, and personal preferences and needs for hairstyles.

Is The asymmetrical bob still in style?

The asymmetrical bob is definitely in style. It's stylish, youthful, incredibly versatile, suits most face shapes, and adds an extra element of interest to a regular bob. It's also a great way to create lovely framing around your face.

Are asymmetrical bobs in for 2023?

An asymmetrical bob is shorter in length and cut into a bob that's uneven, where one side is longer than the other. Having a big comeback this year, this all-time fashionable hairstyle caters to all types of faces and hair texture without needing too much maintenance!

Do bobs make you look older or younger?

A bob is one of those styles that can make some people look younger—if done right. But when it's done incorrectly or done on the wrong face, it can make you look older.

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