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Wig Texture And Style

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What are the wig texture & style? It is divided into three types - straight wig, curly wig, and wavy wig. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which human hair wig is appropriate for your requirements when there are so many options, or we really don't know how to choose the wig texture and style. Today we will introduce wig texture and style and hope you can understand this part to help you choose a wig.

wig texture and styleⅠ. Straight Wig

Natural hair types with straight wigs are the most popular. This hair type also has the highest glossed, is the most resistant to damage, and is the most resilient. They are also resistant to curling and require chemical treatments to provide long-term results. Straight wigs are ideal for women of all ages and lifestyles.

straight hair
The reason why straight hair is considered the ideal choice among all hairstyles is that it not only provides women with an extremely elegant and beautiful look but more importantly, it offers a wide range of styling possibilities. Many women like to have a wide variety of styles, either for parties or to satisfy their fashionable style, and while changing their hairstyle often, if they choose their native hair, it will undoubtedly damage the cuticle of their native hair and make it frizzy. The straight hair wig, with its most resistant to damage, allows you to protect your native hair while also being able to perm and dye the wig without the burden. If you are tired of wearing a straight hair wig for a long time, you can certainly choose to perm it into curls, or even cut it short, in short, you can use straight hair to do any look you want.

Ⅱ. Wavy Wig

A wavy wig is in between straight and curly. The sheen is in between straight and curly. Straight hair is less prone to get frizzy than wavy hair. Certain forms of wavy hair are simple to style, while others are more difficult. They have S-shaped curls along the length of their hair. Much of the hair may look straight at first, with tiny bends at the ends. They may appear beautiful, but they frizz fast and require special attention to obtain perfect waves.
According to the different curvatures of the wave, the wavy wig is also divided into many types, the following we will explain one by one the characteristics of each kind of wavy wig.

1. Body wave

A body wave is a large and loose "s" shaped wave, which is very soft and flexible to the touch, and it can give a natural and full look to people. Many hairdressing industry experts call the Body wave "the most suitable for women's wigs", not only because it is a very beautiful and comfortable wave, but more importantly, in people's subconscious has Body wave is a very attractive female hair symbol, the Body wave can add charm to you can make you look sexier. In addition, a Body wave wig is also very good care of the wig, in the daily care of extra attention to maintain the curl of the hair can.

body wave

2. Deep wave

A deep wave is a compact curl, which can greatly make your hair volume become more full, and very prominent hair volume. Nowadays wet deep wave hair is very popular among women, the most important thing for curly hair is to keep the curl of the texture, a frizzy state is what no one wants to see, so making deep waves very moist can bring a different styling experience. deep wave has any length you want, short hair deep wave can beautify you The short hair deep wave can beautify your facial contour while the long hair deep wave can give your hair a more ethnic look.

deep wave

3. Water wave

A water wave is like its literal meaning, like flowing water, very smooth, looks like water ripples, water wave texture is gradually connected with one wave after another, the texture of this wig is compact and small, can make your overall look both elegant and classy.

water wave

Ⅲ. Curly Wig

The shape of the curly wig looks like the letter “S” or “Z”. This hair type is often thick and abundant. It is very climate-dependent, and it is easily frizzy and damaged. Curls must be properly cared for in order to stay healthy and defined. Curly hair needs more attention to maintain, but please, believe me, when you bring it on, it will be worth it. The image is that every strand of the hair will have movement and body that will cause waves wherever you go. This style is appropriate for any occasion.

curly wigⅣ. Kinky Wig

Afro-textured hair, often known as kinky wigs, has a dry, spongy, gritty feel. The kinky wig is tightly coiled. It has a high density and is typically brittle. Because it is fewer cuticle layers than other hair types, this type of hair shrinks when wet. Because they are wiry and delicate by nature, they must be handled with care. However, it is more prone to breaking than other textures if not handled properly. S-shaped coils to Z-shaped coils and everything in between are available.

Can curly hair be used for wigs?

Curly hair wigs are a fantastic way to replace hair to alopecia or baldness or simply to change up your appearance. Swapping your straight or wavy look for a head full of curls can help you to get in the mood for a night out or give you the perfect aesthetic for a cosy evening in.

Does wearing a wig stop hair growth?

No, wearing a wig does not stop hair growth. However, if the hair underneath your wig isn't properly protected or looked after, damage to your hair can be caused, affecting growth.

How do I keep my wavy wig from frizzing?

Wash Your Wig. One simple way to defrizz a synthetic wig is to wash it. Use a Conditioning Spray. Most of our clients forget after washing to condition the wig. Use a Dry Shampoo. Don't have time to wash your wig and let it air-dry? If All Else Fails, Try a Hot Air Brush.

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