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The Wig Selection Methods During Back-to-school Season

This entry was posted By Meru

Summer vacation is coming to an end. Would you like to welcome the new semester with a new perspective? I don't think anyone can deny the beauty of the day. We all want to show off our new classmates the best they can be. You can come Donmily Hair to choose the best wig for you and enjoy great discounts.


With the 2022 back-to-school season just around the corner, I believe many students are already preparing for a rich campus life, while many are beginning to prepare some essential supplies for their new semester.

Just like the computer and cell phone devices that most students will update, boys may purchase their own sporting goods, like their favorite sneakers and jerseys, and various personalized accessories for the court, or their favorite gaming devices. Girls, on the other hand, will buy a new season's clothes, new shoes and sophisticated makeup supplies. Among them, the very important hairstyle is indispensable, so the girls who need to buy wigs also start to look for the wigs they need.

Following I will introduce some practical wig selection method you should know.

I. Lightweight, easy to maintain wigs

1. Why do you need hair that is easy to care for?

If you need to take the bus to school, need to move around for long periods of time, need to play sports at school, etc., then I think it is inevitable that the wigs we wear need to be easy to clean and easy to comb, because they will inevitably get covered in your sweat and other dirt from the outside, and will require more regular cleaning of the head cap and wig hair. For this reason we can choose more easily manageable hairstyles.

Interview with Danielle Geathers, First Black Female Student Body President  at MIT! | Sound Shore Moms of Westchester

2. What kind of hairstyle is better to take care of?

I think this question is self-explanatory. Slightly voluminous straight hair, or body wavy curls (click to browse) are great wig options for the student population. Of course, too straight hair may be more likely to lead to the occurrence of hair tangles, increasing the difficulty of care; but too curly and fluffy hair may also receive more dirt, may be more difficult to clean. So, it is especially important to find a balance in between.

Well, we recommend medium-length hair with big waves, which has the right amount of difficulty to take care of, but also ensures your beauty in daily life. If it is at the turn of summer to autumn, if you are afraid of heat, or need to exercise, a wig with some fluffiness can be more conducive to heat dissipation.

II. Medium Length Wig

If you have ever worn a very long wig, or any other way to experience the feeling of super-long hair (hip or waist-length hair), then you may understand why medium-length wigs (click to choose) is necessary. The right length of hair can ensure a comfortable life while still taking into account beauty and appearance. This is an even more important factor if it's a wig you'll be wearing all day (if you'll be buying a wig specifically for trips and parties, nightclubs and gatherings, you can choose your own style if you like).

With a medium length guaranteed, you can choose the wig you need and like the look of in the mall. However, as mentioned above, it is important to ensure the right level of fluffiness.

III. The Right Color of Your Choices

What is the right color, a thousand people have a thousand Hamlet, each person can give a different answer. But if you are going to school and class, more often than not you can wear a wig of a more common color.

So what is the common color? According to us humans, it's nothing more than black, brown, gold, yellow and orange, plus a light blonde (or 613 blonde). If you're someone who doesn't get very high profile on a daily basis, and I don't think you'll let your classmates or those around you talk too much about your new hair color, then these common hair colors of the world should be your best bet. The less common colors are those that can only be created by hair dyes, such as red, blue, green, purple, etc. Of course, if your favorite is these colors, then you can also feel free to choose.

IV. Style of Wig

Wig wearing method is divided into many kinds, there are Lace, Headband, Cap/Hat, Ponytail Extension, etc.. They have different characteristics, consumers can choose according to their needs.

1. Lace Wig

One of the most widely used is the head cap wig, also known as the lace wig (Click to browse). Because their head cap is translucent, they can achieve the best hairline effect among all kinds of wigs through cutting and delicate pasting, and are the best choice for you who need to show off your perfection in front of people.

But the downside is also more obvious, it requires glue to be applied to your forehead when you use it, which may take up some time before you go out. If you're someone who likes to oversleep in the morning, you can check out the options below.

2. headband wig

Hairband wigs (Click to Browse) are solutions that use hairbands to cover up a perfect hairline that is not possible with a regular wig, so you can have a "virtual" hairline. They are very convenient, when using just need to put on the head to fix and adjust the position can be, the time required is very short, is a good choice for you in the morning time rush.

3. Hat Wig

Hat wig, and hair band wig wear is also basically the same, the difference is that it uses a cap to cover the top part of the head. This wig is more simple to wear than the hairband wig, need to adjust the place is very little, also do not need to glue for paste fixed, go out more time saving. At the same time, if you choose to a suitable hat, it will also add points to your face shape.

4. Ponytail Extensions

The last one is the ponytail hair extensions. As the name suggests, this wig will give you an expanded ponytail, you can add a section of your desired ponytail style to your original, tightly tied ponytail, both to expand the length, but also to achieve your personalized hair.

Summary for Choosing Back-to-school Wig

Finally, no matter which hairstyle you prefer, you can come to the Donmily wig online store to browse and shop for the wig you need. Prices are very affordable, and special offers are supported during the back-to-school season with price drops and full discounts across the board. Shipping is direct from warehouses throughout the United States, and free-shipping!

What to say when someone asks if you are wearing a wig?

Other responses could include “Sure it is! You have a good eye!” or even thanking them for asking. Remember: There is no need to be ashamed of wearing a wig. After all, wigs are beautiful and offer a fantastic boost of confidence.

Is it rude to ask if someone is wearing a wig?

It's never polite to put someone on the spot about a potentially sensitive topic, so as a general rule... you shouldn't ask someone if they are wearing a wig.

Why should you wear a wig?

Wearing a wig not only protects the natural hair underneath your wig, but it also encourages regrowth. Wigs, literally, give your hair a break, allowing it to grow back stronger and longer than ever before. Just make sure you're wearing the right type of wig if you're trying to regrow your hair.

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