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Why Remy Hair Is The Best?

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Do you know what Remy hair is? Do you know Remy hair extensions? Do you know why Remy hair is the best? If you are interested in these, please read on.

. What is Remy hair?

There are four kinds of wig materials on the market, and Remy hair is one of them. Remy hair is a wig material that is different from ordinary human hair, animal hair, and synthetic hair, and comes from 100% human hair. It is a high-quality wig material.

Remy hair

Originally Remy hair was from India. But over the years, the hair extensions market has grown. Today's best Remy hair originates from China, Russia, Eastern Europe and other parts of Asia.

It comes from the donor's own donation, and the cuticle remains intact. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticle in a one-sided direction ensures the natural look and feel of the extension. Gives a natural look.

. Why Remy is the best: best Remy hair is better than Non-remy hair

Wig materials are generally classified into virgin hair, Remy hair, ordinary human hair, animal hair, and synthetic hair. The following will compare Remy hair with these four types of hair materials. It can be concluded that Remy hair is indeed of high quality and low price, and Remy hair is the best.

1.Remy hair vs virgin hair: cheaper

Remy hair and virgin hair are also often compared. The difference between the two is also well understood.

a. What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been permed or chemically dyed, and it is also collected from donors. However, virgin hair can also be Remy hair. That is to say, the hair donated by the donor has been treated with highlights and low lights, hair dyeing, etc., that is, Remy hair.

The difference between virgin hair and human hair is that the cuticle is intact, and the hair strands are arranged in one direction from the root to the tip, which prevents the hair from tangling. A stable cuticle intact is an important benefit of getting the most satisfying hair when crafting hair in any style (like curtain bangs, wavy curls, straight, etc.) and color.

virgin hair

Virgin hair and human hair are 100% human hair, so they last a long time, at least 2 to 3 years if you take good care of them regularly. Donors of Remy hair may be accustomed to dyeing, perming or bleaching their hair, while donors of virgin hair did not use any chemical products. While virgin hair always stays the same, Remy's hair needs to be rearranged again.

b. Why remy hair is the best: Remy hair is better than virgin

Virgin hair is the cream of the crop. But it's expensive. Like a $1,200 virgin hair extension. And the quality and performance of this hair texture doesn't quite make up for the huge price difference.

Although virgin hair quality is the best, it is expensive. If you have high requirements for wigs, the frequency of replacement is high. Buying virgin hair is not recommended. After all, it takes a lot of time. So best Remy hair is the best choice.

Remy hair

2.Remy hair vs human hair : higher quality

People often compare Remy hair with human hair. This is normal, because it is difficult for the average person to distinguish Remy hair from ordinary human hair.

a. What is differences between these two hairs?

The biggest difference between Remy hair and ordinary human hair is in the way of collection. The hair material for human hair comes from brushes, drains, and swept from the floors of Asian hair salons. Remy hair is donated by the donors themselves. This is also the reason why human hair is cheaper than Remy hair.

Wouldn’t cheaper be better? Next, let’s compare human hair and Remy hair in terms of durability.

b. Why remy hair is the best: Remy hair is better than huaman hair

Because the collection method of Remy hair is relatively casual, the hair water chestnut of the hair has been destroyed during the collection. So it doesn't last long. It keeps tying knots over time and is unruly.

human hair

The first look of human hair's supple feel is because human hair has been treated and dipped in silicone, which may make the hair feel soft and shiny at first. But the silky feel is quickly lost. This silicon layer wears off easily and hair becomes lifeless and dull in a short period of time. Also, hair is prone to knots and tangles.

Remy hair avoids these problems. Since the hair has very little treatment and the strands flow in the natural direction they grow, it is less prone to tangling and matting. Also, there is no silicone applied to the hair, which means it's naturally soft and silky. As long as you take good care of it, it can last a long time. It can last up to 2 to 3 years. So best Remy hair is the best choice.

3. Remy hair is healthier than animal hair and synthetic hair

Remy hair

Animal hair is definitely rougher than human hair and doesn't match our hair.

Remy hair

that's right. Animal hair and synthetic synthetic hair are cheap, but wearing such materials for a long time is not good for our skin and health. Moreover, they are often used as a counterfeit account. A lot of hair extension brands will sell you animal hair in the guise of normal human or even Remy hair. It's cunning. And it will not frizz like synthetic hair and animal hair, and it will last for a short time. So best Remy hair is the best choice.

4. Remy hair extension is the best hair extension option

Remy hair

The material of the hair is very picky when it is extended, after all, it has to be blended with your own hair. Remy hair extension is real human hair and it looks like your hair. So it will blend well with your own hair. Especially compared to synthetic hair that doesn't blend well (though the technology is moving fast).

The properties of synthetic hair are not high enough to warrant buying and using them on a regular basis. They don't blend well together, and they can't really be stylized. Remy hair lasts longer, retains shine and vitality, and is easier to maintain and style than synthetic hair.

In general, the cheaper the extension, the lower the quality. Real human hair is very expensive. The higher the quality, the higher the price.

Because unlike most other non-Remy hair extensions, the Remy hair extension cuticle remains intact. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticle in a one-sided direction ensures the natural look and feel of the extension. So best Remy hair is the best choice.

. Best deal Remy hair: back to school season

Remy hair

As mentioned earlier, Remy hair is not too expensive, but if it is cheaper, who doesn’t want it? It’s the back-to-school season, and it’s time for major wig brands to do promotions. It is highly recommended that you purchase Remy hair at this time. I recommend the donmily website, because recently they can directly see the best deal Remy hair on their homepage, there is no doubt that you can buy the best Remy hair at the most cost-effective price.

Is Remy hair better than human hair?

When it comes to quality, Remy hair always wins. Human hair has been processed and dipped in silicone, which may make the hair feel soft and look shiny to begin with, but it loses its silkiness quickly.

What is Brazilian Remy hair?

Brazilian Remy Hair is often said to be sourced from the rural regions of Brazil, this virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy. Compared to Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths and is often much shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair.

Is Remy or non-Remy hair better?

REMY hair is a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than NON-REMY. This hair feels amazing even after multiple times being washed. Most of our clients can get a year or two of wear with REMY hair still looking great. The investment is great but well worth it.

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