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Why Do You Choose Box Braids With Beads Instead Of Common Braids?

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There are many types of hair braids, cornrows, dirty braids, boxer braids, etc. Why should you choose box braids with beads over otherbraids? Maybe it is more beautiful? Do you want to try it? Today, give you the best reasons to choose box braids with beads.

Ⅰ. Why do you choose box braids with beads instead of common braids?

1. Common braids causing damage to our hair

As we thought, the heavier the braid and the tighter the braid can lead to hair loss. This is because the braiding process can pull on one's human hair and even damage the roots. This is very common for common box braids. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that more than one-third of African-American women will experience traction alopecia at some point in their lives. Traction alopecia is defined as hair loss caused by pulling on the hair. This type of hair loss can be caused by too-tight ponytails, buns and braids. The symptoms of traction alopecia start as small bumps on the scalp. As the condition progresses, the hair begins to fall out and break off. The hairline (or "fringe") along the front or sides of the scalp is usually the most affected. In the most severe cases, scars will appear on the scalp and the hairline will actually recede. If we have a poor grasp of maintaining our own hair braids, it is highly likely to cause hair loss.


2. Box braids with beads is a protective way to make braids

The box braids with beads is a protective braid, a gentler braid. This is because the thinner strands of hair selected for normal braiding are braided and will be very tight. While the box braids with beads process divides the natural hair into box-shaped sections. The hair extensions are then braided into the natural hair then . This allows you to add length and thickness to your hair. In other words, it will be looser. This you especially helpful if you have thin or fine hair. And, since installing braids means you don't have to do your hair every day, you can let your natural hair grow with minimal damage. And, depending on how your stylist distributes the hair for your braids, minimizes the damage that braiding can do to your scalp to help cover up areas of traction alopecia.

3. Box braids with beads represents black culture

The installation of beads on box braids originated in ancient Egyptian times. Women in East and West Africa have also long been popular for attaching ornaments to box braids. These beads represent a natural beauty. At first it was just for practicality, as it was long lasting. As it continued to evolve, it showed the growing recognition of black culture. This is a progression of the times and making box braids is a popular trend and a tribute to black culture.


4. Very long lasting time 

No exaggeration, there is a braid called Micro Box Braids. it lasts up to three months, the longest of any braid size, without having to go back to the salon - a gift in itself. With smaller split ends, you have more access to your scalp, allowing you to cleanse and moisturize your hair more thoroughly. While wearing box braids with beads will require more scalp support, it will also last at least three to four weeks, if you take good care of it. This can be a huge time saver for you.

5. Fashion sense

Nowadays, black music or hip-hop culture is popular all over the world and has brought many braided hair styles. Box braids with beads are clearly trending in fashion and this beaded accessory enhances the collision of ethnicity with modern fashion. Fashion is always changing, but the classics never go out of style. The box braids with beads that has been handed down from the last century will not be lost in the

Ⅱ. How to make your box braids with beads for lasting longer?

1. Wash and treat your box braids with beads

Ask yourself before your regular wash day: Do I need to worry about my scalp being particularly prone to flaking, dry ends or endless knots that need to be untangled? If so, it's important to address these issues prior to your appointment when washing before installing braids. As with all box braids with beads care, you need to wash your box braids with beads regularly. Condition your box braids with beads with conditioner to prevent dryness.

2. Disassemble the box braids with beads in step-by-step fashion.

First, put the beads on the box braids with beads curxia. Then unravel each bundle of braided box braids with beads. I know this process will be tough and you will need to be patient. Otherwise there will be pain.

box braids with beads

3. A nighttime protection investment for your box braids with beads

A satin cap/turban for sleeping, or even something like a silk pillow, can help extend the style of your box braids with beads.

4. Add moisture only and avoid over-cleaning

Avoid over-washing (no more than once every two weeks) the length of your braids unless it is completely necessary, as this can dry out both your extensions and natural box braids with beads. Also, due to the complexity of your braids, getting moisture through the strands to reach your natural box braids with beads may be difficult. This is a good time to choose some box braids with beads oil to lock in moisture and enhance the elasticity of your braids. You can also opt for a moisturizing spray to say no to prolonged water immersion to keep your braids looking almost brand new.

What are the braids with beads called?

Fulani braids are probably the hottest Black hairstyle of 2017 (sorry crochet braids, looks like you've had your moment).

What is a butterfly braid?

A butterfly braid is made up of two large braids on each side of of your head that feed into one single braid in the back of your head. Once you create the off-center part, feed-in braiding hair to the right side of your head and continue braiding.

How much are knotless braids with beads?

The price can average anywhere from $160 to more than $600—longer braids with less thickness are at the higher end of the price range.

  • Karen M Shelton
    Karen M Shelton
    I know more about box braid, it is proud of black culture.
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    Lexi Gilmore
    I hope box braids can more popular.
  • Superhairpieces
    Common braids is so normal, I want to try box braids.
  • Karen M Shelton
    Karen M Shelton
    Box braids are so cool! I want to try.
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