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Why Do Girls Love Bob Wigs

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Bob wigs are classic hair, specially designed for women who like short hair, why do girls especially female stars all love bob wigs? Talking about this hairstyle, a bob wig is actually a short wig with a bob that was formerly used in the British courts. It has become popular among ladies of different age groups all over the world. It is a unique look that is perfect for those women who want a clean look.

Ⅰ. What exactly bob wigs are?

Bob Wig is also known as Short Bob Wig. The hair length for bob wigs is normally 8-14 inches for bob short wigs. A realistic hairline and baby hair with the same density as real hair are included on the Bob wig. Short Bob wig hair is made entirely of human hair, with no extraneous fibers woven in. There are lace closure wigs with 4x4 and 5x5 lace closures, as well as lace front wigs with 13 x 4, 13 x 6 or full lace wigs, and 360 lace frontal wigs with the majority of the lace inside the wig cap for human hair wigs.

Even if you want long hairstyles, you must choose shorter hairstyles in the summer to stay cool. In the hot weather, bob wigs hairstyles are fashionable. Modern bob wigs come in every 'bob style' you can think of. It provides you with the most natural-looking appearance. Curly, sleek, flirty, and straight bob wigs are among the many styles available.

bob wigs

Ⅱ. What density is best for bob wigs?

Choose a wig we will first consider its style and texture and color and other factors, but many people have overlooked the most important point, that is, the density of the wig. The density of the wig has 50%-250%, these range different densities, and the general density of the wig is between 120%-130%. If you want to choose a long hair wig, and their own needs are to get a full and fluffy wig state, then you can choose a slightly higher than normal density of wigs. If you choose short hair, want a more natural effect, you choose about 120% density of bob wigs can be, donmily mall bob wigs are generally designed according to this density, which is also in line with the needs of the general consumer groups because the hair length is short, too full appearance will look hair frizzy and not convenient to take care of. But if you have special needs, such as you are a TV hostess or judge, etc., these professions are required to have a more fluffy and full hair appearance, then it is recommended that you buy a wig of about 150% density.

wig density

Ⅲ. Why we buy BOB wig

●With bob wigs, you can simply create a new style that is both simple and effective. If you prefer short, wavy hair or a long bob haircut, this function makes it simple to adjust the length of your hair.
Bob wigs, in general, are flattering on all face shapes. bob wigs with bangs will be much more appealing. Choose a bob wig with bangs if you want a lovely look.
●You can save money on haircuts by using this option. A permanent bob wig wearer will undoubtedly save a significant amount of money in the long run on hair salon cutting and styling appointments.

bob wigs
●In any light, the Bob wig is shiny and attractive. Several inches (ranging from 8 to 14 inches) can be chosen; simply follow your fashion trend. No tangles, no shedding, and no shorter hair. From beginning to end, everything was silky smooth. You can dye it any color you want and perm it however you like.
●The middle part of bob wigs are submissive and shining, with healthy human hair. It has a density of 130 percent, which makes it full and appealing.
●The bob wig has been properly bleached. It has a unique feature that increases the density from the forehead to the backward by 80 percent, 100 percent, and 130 percent. Short bob wigs with a natural hairline, bleached knots, and a middle part.

Another great feature of BOB wig is that it is very cheap. Because BOB wig requires less hair to be processed, the cost is also reduced. Compared with other wigs that require more hair to be processed, the price of the BOB wig is much lower. So if you like short hair wigs and want to try short hair wigs, come and buy them at Donmily!

What density is best for bob wigs?

around 120% The most commonly chosen density is around 120%, which is considered medium to thick, and more closely mimics the density of the average human head. Many units come pre-plucked, meaning they are less dense around the hairline and gradually get denser, giving the units a more natural appearance.

How do you make a short synthetic wig look real?

Spray a dry shampoo over the hair to make synthetic strands more matte. Synthetic wigs are often made of plastic, which can have an unnatural shine. Put the wig on loosely and spray the dry shampoo all over like you would your natural hair. Avoid brushing or combing the wig to keep the tousled, matte look.

How long is a 8in bob?

An 8-inch bob wig is straightforward colored or black wigs with lace that are usually short in size. The usual stretched length of the wigs is normally 8-26 inches. As the name suggests, the 8-inch bob wig is only 8 inches.

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