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Whether To Go For A Straight Bob Or Curly Bob


Spring is over, the season for short skirts and sunglasses are knocking the door. Why not welcome this summer with a new look?

There is nothing sporty than opting Bob, which lets you enjoy the perks of short yet a bit longer hair. Irrespective of short bob or lob, the argument always exist:

Whether to go for a straight bob or curly bob? The dilemma remains. Can you find a girl who has never gone through such a dilemma? It is quite impossible to find just like searching a needle in the haystack.

Choosing any one of these is not as easy as learning ABC. Having said that, it is not difficult if you follow our blog. We will further discuss the deciding pointers to opt for the right style. Before dialing the hairdresser, let's just sum up all those essential truths for you.


Having a straight bob acts like a canvas that gives you the flexibility of every style.


It is a simple, sleek, defined style.

This kind of locks requires less effort and time to style.

So you get a simple, elegant look with minimal efforts in no time.


Straight hair is classy, elegant, goes along with all events.

However, a short straight hair bob creates an incredible variance.

Every time it grows, it gives a different look, which changes your appearance entirely.

It's great for all the coloring process. For instance, balayage, partial highlights, ombre.

Sorry to say it difficult to get bored with such a versatile hairstyle.

Hair Expert's Opinion :

This can hit your collarbone, grace your chin, touch your jawline.

Irrespective of the length, it accentuates the facial features, adding more focus to your hair, eyes, nose.

It spruces up your feminine features by giving it a charming, stunning feel overall.

Amps up to give a catchy look.

Secrets to Maintain:

Before blowdrying sprint hair texture spray/sea salt spray/voluminous spray to avoid frizz formation in your hair.

Frizz results in a messy, bushy hair texture.

Keep it smooth, free-flowing, soft, glowy with the styling tips.


There is so much to know about curly bob. Curls have it on texture, which adds the body to the bob. Each variety of curl gives a different look to different lengths. Think how incredible it is!


This bob is unique for its bouncy waves, which gives a lift to your hair. The curls, kinks give a playful look making it more youthful. The volume adds lift to the hair, make it gorgeous entirely. It adds a charming, appealing oomph factor to your hair.


This gives a charming girlish feel. Different curls styled in different ways resulting in incredible versatile looks.

You can also give this girly hair a bold look depending upon the type of curl and hairstyle you opt for. You are the own creator of this dramatic look.

If you have side bangs or subtle layers, you can pull it off with any style. Go for a shaggy bob, which is considered to be the summer hairstyle.

Hair Expert's Opinion:

It is very challenging to maintain the style in a curly bob. If you have natural tight curls, then it is very important to give it the best style, shaping it nicely to give a good frame to the hair.

Consult a trustworthy hairdresser so that they give a proper lift by adding the exact layers as per your hair requirement. This is an essential part of giving your curly bob a proper style further.

If you are styling your straight har bob to a curly-wavy bob, then add heat protectant spray before using curling tools. The curly bobs are a super cool, gorgeous, free-flowing, messy hairstyle that frames your face.

Which Is Better

The pros and cons numbers for both the bobs can increase more. We have covered all the regular, frequent problems that we face in our daily lives.

You can change your look in no time, be it curly to straight or straight to curly. The look of each bob depends upon a few factors. Before styling, find it out.

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Wear it all day long due to its additional comfort for the adjustable strap and Swiss lace.

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The Swiss lace gives a natural finish, which gives more confidence to the wearer.

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