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Where To Buy Good Wigs Online


You may have just discovered the world of wigs and how wonderful they can make you look when installed correctly. But with the realization that you can actually purchase a wig that will make you look great comes the question, "where to buy quality wigs online." This is a question that we get a lot from so many of women that we thought we'd finally address it.

When you just go to Google and type in "what is the best online wig store?" you will be bombarded with 100 different stores trying to convince you they ate the best. But to be the best a store has to a have a wide catalogue that allow you to choose the best wig for you while being affordable. The following is a list of the top wig stores online that meet these criteria.

1. Donmily

This is perhaps the best rated online wig store and the reason is simple; it stocks a huge collection of both synthetic and human wigs. Whatever type of wig you are looking for from curly, straight, bob, short or long you can find it at Donmily. And their prices are also affordable enough that you can find a weave or wig that is within your budget.

2. Elesty

This is the ideal wig store to choose when you are looking for weaves in bold colors. They stock good quality wigs both human and synthetic and since they are an Amazon store, they are also easily accessible. You can also trust the reviews this store has because of the controls that Amazon exerts on reviews.

3. Wow African

This is one of the most popular online wig stores, made famous by YouTube bloggers who point their viewers to the site. When we checked it out, we found that the store has a wide selection of weaves and wigs that are very affordable with some of the wigs inspired by celebrity styles.

4. Bly

If the kind of wig you are looking for is specifically wavy or curly, then the first place you should look is probably Bly. This online store stocks a lot of different types of wigs, but they are most known for their wavy and curly wigs. The wigs in this store come in a variety of colors and sizes and they are so affordable that we came across a $63 wig.


This site gained popularity in 2007 when the store began allowing YouTube bloggers access to their wigs so they can review their products. Following this rise in popularity, this store became a household name, selling millions of wigs to clients around the world. As a result this is the wig store to choose when you want a wide selection. They have every type of wig imaginable from full frontal lace wigs and even full lace wigs.


This is a great wig store to choose from when you want to buy wigs in bulk. They are a wholesale wig store that can sell up to 10,000 wigs at ago. If you wondering why we included in in this list when you don't have plans to purchase 10,000 wigs, you should know that their prices remain low even when selling a single wig and as such, they may have some of the most affordable wigs in the market.

You will however have a hard time going through the large database of wigs and weaves that they store.


This is another very popular wig store that may have exactly what you are looking for when you are looking for a great selection of wigs to choose from. This store has been around for a while which means that they've had time to build up their catalogue. They have both synthetic and 100% human hair wigs. But perhaps the best variety that they stock is the full lace and 360 frontal wigs that create a very natural look and feel.


This is perhaps the best wig store when you are looking for full frontal wigs. Even though they have other varieties, they specialize in full frontal lace wigs designed to look as natural as your hair. But these tend to be expensive, about $399 a piece.

9. Samsbeauty

In sharp contrast to some of the other store we have seen on this list, Samsbeauty specializes in affordable wigs. We found a wig that is just $39.99. But we must point out that this is an unprocessed human hair wig that may not be the best quality. We recommend looking for Remy hair wigs, although they may be slightly more expensive.

10. Cocoblackhair

The varieties we found on this site are very beautiful and they are all made from unprocessed virgin human hair. This means that they are high quality although they are also very affordable. For example, this site has a full frontal Yaki wig that will only set you back $189. They guarantee that all hair on the site is sourced only from the best virgin human hair. You will however have a hard time finding what you want on their catalogue and they also don't have curly and wavy varieties.

There are a lot of considerations that go into buying a wig especially if you are doing it for the first time. And we would argue that perhaps the most important factor to consider is where to buy good wigs online. The above stores are just some of best we could find and we rank them as the best based on affordability and the number of wigs that the wig store has. The one caveat is you must ensure that the wigs each store sells are of high quality before buying.


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