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Where Is Face Framing Highlights Placement?

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Have you tried the highlights that can make your face smaller? Do you know Where do you put highlights in face framing? Are the money piece highlightss of the face framing highlights? Please read on with these questions.

Ⅰ. What are face framing highlights?

While the highlights themselves are a shading technique painted on the hair, the face framing highlights focus on the hair on the sides of the face to subtly bring out your most attractive features. It has the effect of modifying the face shape. It is highly recommended for people with uneven face shape, it will make your face look smaller and more refined.

In fact, the money piece highlights we often see belongs to a kind of face framing highlights. Because of its low manufacturing cost, it saves money and time, and it is named money piece highlights.

face framing highlighs

Ⅱ. Where is face framing highlights placement?

For creating face framing highlights, face framing highlights placement is a key issue. Only by determining the prominent position of face framing highlights can you create the perfect look. This approach requires

Place the foil under the left side of the hair and apply the product, keeping it away from the scalp. Use the same application to fold your colored hair in foil and move to the next row. Keep your highlights few and far behind your hair. Continue until each section is completed. You can watch the video below, because highlights often appear with balayage, etc., so we often see the entry money piece highlights balayage. This is for balayage, the most prominent position is still near the sides of the cheeks.

face framing highlighs

Ⅲ. Best framing face highlighting in 2022

1. Balayage with Money piece highlights

Balayage with money piece highlights does not require coloring all over the hair, so it is an affordable and affordable style. The way the highlights are placed is also very flattering, drawing attention to the features and framing the face, typical of face framing highlights. You can brighten your balayage hair color, which in turn makes your face shape better. Balayage is done by hand-painting the color into the hair, creating a sweeping effect. The color has a more subtle effect and leaves your hair beautiful and sun-kissed.

face framing highlighs

2. Money piece highlights with brunette hair

Add highlights to black hair, that has to be the most special. Because brunette hair is glossy enough, highlighting the highlights around the cheeks will add more appeal to your brunette hair. And the appeal of the money piece highlights coloring technique is that it can be added to hair of all colors, textures and styles. The color is concentrated around the hairline, which is very flattering and draws attention to your features. The appeal of the money piece highlights is that it's affordable and much quicker to add to your hair than a whole head of aluminum foil. It still creates a subtle contrast between highlights and natural hair color.

face framing highlighs

3. Money piece highlights with blonde hair

You think the blonde is light enough, what color highlights should you add to complement your face. We say that we can use the contrast of colors, but it is not bad to have similar colors. Because there is no doubt about the luster of blonde hair, but there are many colors of blonde hair. We can add platinum to the sides of the cheeks. Platinum is lighter than your real blonde and is enough to catch the eye and flatter your face. You can create a sun-kissed glow with money piece highlightss that focus the highlights around the hairline. This color technique works for everyone, and it's easier to wear because blonde hair has less contrast.

face framing highlighs

4. Black hair with money piece highlights

face framing highlighs

Pure black must be the most challenging golden money piece highlights, because black is difficult to color. If you want to create framing face highlighting, you must choose a very light color as the color of the money piece highlights. Of course, you also need to do a bleaching on your money piece highlights, and the price will naturally be right. But once the color of your money piece highlights is in sharp contrast with the black hair, the better the effect of modifying the face. You try light gold for a high-contrast effect, or opt for dark brown or caramel for a more subtle approach. There is an option to suit every preference and complement your hair texture and style.

What are face framing highlights?

Face-framing highlights are a coloring technique that cleverly brings out your most attractive features. Explain to your hairstylist that you are looking for strategically placed waves and carefully selected coloring clues that will offer hints as to where the eye should be drawn.

How much is a face frame highlight?

For four face-framing accent highlights at the front of the hair, the cost starts at about $20. For partial highlights that are a little more extensive (about 12 highlights), the cost will be around $45 to $55.

What is a money piece highlight?

So, what is it exactly? The money piece is a bright frame around the front hairline personalised after foiling or lightening. This technique lifts your complexion and will grow out very softly with minimal upkeep or maintenance.

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