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What Makeup To Match Burgundy Hair

This entry was posted By Bella

Whether you buy a burgundy wig or dye your hair burgundy, you must learn how to match the burgundy hair, including your makeup and outfitGirls want to be the most unique in the crowd and try to look as individual as possible in their hair and makeup. They are used to the traditional brown and black hair, and in the past couple of years, new hair colors have become increasingly popular. Ginger hair, popular in fall and winter, and burgundy hair, suitable for any time of the year, are the new hair colors that allow the girls to look more individual and make them more attractive. Below I will provide some tips to help you easily match your hair.

burgundy hair

Ⅰ. What is the color burgundy?

In the ancient Germanic tribes, there was a man named burgundy, so the color was named after him, and later, in the French wine estates, there was a dark reddish-brown wine with an exquisite flavour and color, so this wine was also called burgundy. Burgundy is a mixture of brown and purple, but its basic hue is red, and most people may confuse burgundy with maroon, but they are quite distinct. Chestnut is a reddish-brown shade without any purple tones. But burgundy is a deep red with purple tones. Burgundy has a different glow when exposed to the sun, it is a dreamy color that offers a chance for girls of every complexion to become beautiful.

burgundy hair

Ⅱ. Why did burgundy hair become so popular?

In the earliest days, people didn't like burgundy, whether it was the color of their clothes or the color of their hair, because, after the end of the gold rush in America in the last century, people preferred the color of gold. The appearance of the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe also made people more fond of blonde hair. In the modern world, burgundy hair is seen as a noble color, purple is regarded as a symbol of nobility and royalty, and burgundy hair incorporates a lot of purple elements but has a red tone as a fusion, more relevant to life, there are many celebrities and princesses of various countries will choose burgundy hair. Burgundy hair has become popular among many girls.

burgundy hairⅢ. What makeup to wear burgundy hair?

The makeup to wear with deep burgundy hair color is very important because this color of hair, without the right makeup, will lose its original charm and may look very old. You need to find a color that echoes burgundy hair and doesn't look harsh and exaggerated so that you can maximize the charm of burgundy hair.

1. What eye shadow can match burgundy hair

First of all, your eye shadow should suit your skin tone. Choose an eye shadow slightly darker than burgundy hair on top of your skin tone so your makeup will have a subtle and soft aesthetic. If you are usually used to heavy makeup, try using dark brown or blackish eyeshadow to create a smoky effect.

eye shadow for burgundy hair

Try this super practical eyeshadow palette from Maybelline, which includes earthy colors, darker shades and sequins, a plate of eyeshadow to achieve various looks.

eye shadow for burgundy hair

2. What color lipstick can match burgundy hair

Because burgundy hair itself is a color concentration is relatively high, so we can not choose too bright colors when choosing a lipstick, it is best to choose nude tones or lighter shades of lipstick, which will make you look supermodel senior sense. But you are usually the girl who is used to heavy makeup, then you can try a very bright color like berry red.

lipstick for burgundy hair

However, your lipstick will not be suitable for too bright, a light or nude lipstick will be perfect. If you want a natural look, keep the whole makeup clean.
We recommend you to take a look at the nude lipstick swatches. Among all the brands, Nars lip pencils can help you outline your lips perfectly with a pretty nude color, in addition to considering brands like CT.

lipstick for burgundy hair

Use a light pink or nude eye shadow along with a thin coat of mascara to give a natural look and to draw better attention to your burgundy hair.

lipstick for burgundy hair
3. How to match burgundy hair with different skin tones

There are different ways to match maroon hair color for different skin tones. If you are a girl with a darker skin tone, then you can use full coverage foundation and berry-colored lipstick with burgundy hair; try bolder eyeliner, the rest of the look, you need to keep it simple and focus on your eye makeup and lip makeup. If you are a white color skin girl, you can try to try simple and advanced makeup, that is, as much as possible to reduce the colorful makeup and replace it with lighter color products, such as nude pink, beige, etc., so that your makeup looks advanced and simple.

Overall, burgundy hair is a noble and very individual color. We have summarized much how-to-match burgundy hair makeup for you, including eye makeup and lip gloss, so hopefully, you can better match your hair and become more beautiful.

What color dress looks good with burgundy hair?

Best clothing colors for redheads Dark auburn and true red hair is complemented beautifully by earth tones — beige, brown, green and camel. Navy, pink and bright red aren't your best options.

What eyeshadow goes with dyed red hair?

Your Color Palette Green eye makeups are great on redheads, as is purple and any color you might find in an autumnal forest.

Is burgundy hair color attractive?

There are tons of hair colors in hair fashion world, the most popular hair color is burgundy hair color. No one can say no to burgundy hair color in any season. Because burgundy hair color is so attractive and you will fall in love with this color and design.

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