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What Is The Yaki Hair?

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When people first hear about the Yaki hair, their first reaction is, what is a Yaki hair? As a green-hand, it's hard to tell the difference between Yaki hair and Remy hair. Yaki Hair is one of the best Hair extensions that can contribute instant length, thickness, volume, or highlight. This hair will be the best part of your overall look. It is a must for every first lady to have beautiful hair. However, this article will discuss some things you should know about this kind of hair. 

I. What is Yaki hair?

There are many stories about the origin of Yaki hair. Most stories conclude that the hair was originally made from the fur fibers of a terrestrial animal called Yak. Yak belongs to the Himalayan region. The manufacturer of Yaki hair chose this animal for the hair and named it. The hair is chemically similar to human hair. The hair reacts to staining in the same way as human hair. 

Yaki Hair is the perfect choice for you

The word Yaki came about because hair was processed to resemble that of African Americans. This hair is perfect for those who aspire to a more natural look. What a perfect fit for those who like rough or wavy hair accessories! Also, if you like the look of Afro-Caribbean or Caribbean Hair, then Yaki Hair is the perfect choice for you. 
Yaki hair was created from this soft, silky straight hair, with a tiny twist added to mimic African hair. If you want a heavier texture, like human hair, that has not been chemically treated but is naturally dry or slightly compressed, you should choose a curvy straight hair that looks and feels very fluffy, which is Yaki hair. 

Yaki hair was created from this soft, silky straight hair, with a tiny twist added to mimic African hair

II. Types of Yaki hair

Yaki Hair is so versatile that this look is easy to get and works great. If you haven't worn Yaki hair before, trust me, now is the time to start, and there's no time like the present. Here are some different types of Yaki hair.

Yaki Hair is so versatile that this look is easy to get and works great

1. Silky Yaki hair

Silky Yaki hair is the silkiest or lightest texture in yaki hair. It will give you a silky feel. It's smooth, but not in the way you might expect because it has little curls and kinks. This feature gives the hair some fullness. Silk Yaki hair is also known as straight or light Yaki hair. The texture of this Yaki hair type can be straight, and it is a bit like your own native hair, and looks as if it has been straightened, smoothed, or just relaxed. 

Regular Yaki hair looks slightly shinier than silky Yaki hair

2. Regular Yaki hair

This hair is the most popularYaki hair type. This hair looks straightened and relaxed and seems to be slightly different from the silk type. It looks like African-American hair, and it's guaranteed to add volume. Regular Yaki hair looks slightly shinier than silky Yaki hair. Also, if you want it to do more for you, this hair type needs a little careful maintenance.

3. Kinky curly Yaki hair

This hair has the typical appearance of natural African hair. Kinky curly is the perfect hairstyle for most black women. This kind of hair keeps you away from the heat and requires blow drying or flat ironing. It has not been treated with chemicals and may have a curly rough or wavy rough type. It often looks like you're wearing tight, curly hair that hasn't been treated with any chemicals. If you're a black woman who likes to protect her hair but wants to keep it the way it is, this hair type is your best choice. 

Kinky straight hair

4. Kinky straight Yaki hair

This hair type is more like African hair or African American hair than regular Yaki hair. Kinky straight hair has a thicker texture and looks exactly like natural hair that has been flat-ironed. The curl of this hair is not too tight, t too curly and too straight. Once you blow dry it, it looks exactly like natural African hair.

III. How to distinguish between Yaki hair and remy hair

Remy hair is one of the most commonly used terms in the hair industry, it difficult to understand what it is or why it is so important. The remy hair is cut from a donor, the cuticle is intact, and all the hair is oriented the same way from the root to the top. 
Yaki hair refers to the texture of hair. Yaki hair can be human hair, non-human hair , or a man-made one. Yaki hair is cut by the donor, the cuticle is intact and all the hair is in the same direction from the root to the top. Yaki refers to treated hair that looks more natural, depending on your original hair type. It can be like chemically flabby hair, or it can be wavy, thickened or curly.

IV. Is Yaki hair suitable for everyone?

To be honest, Yaki hair is not suitable for everybody! The hair only suits those of African descent. If you look at the extension strictly, you will found that the hair is wavy, curly and kinky. So if your natural hair have the characters of big waves and straight hair, maybe you cannot rock this Yaki hair. 
In my opinion, most people who buy Yaki hair styles, they also want to make their hair look more natural, rather than those who want their hair to look smoother. Yaki hair is chosen by people who prefer wavy or rough hairstyles, as well as those who prefer Caribbean or African Caribbean styles. If you are looking for natural hair extensions to enhance your natural hairstyle, Yaki hair is the one for you.

Is Yaki hair belongs to human hair?

Yaki hair refers to the texture of hair. Yaki hair can be human hair, non-human hair , or a man-made one

How many types of Yaki hair?

There are four types of Yaki hair, which are silky Yaki hair, regular Yaki hair,kinky curly Yaki hair and inky straight Yaki hair.

Is difficult to care of Yaki hair?

Yaki hair is relatively low-maintenance and fuss-free, making it very easy to care for, unlike a lot of hair extensions and wigs out there.

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