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What Is The Distinction Between 4B And 4C Hair?

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Of all the curly hair, distinguishing the curl of 4B and 4C can be one of the most challenging. While Type 4 hair can usually be classified as curly, there are some differences that make the curl pattern of 4B and 4C hair slightly different. Becoming familiar with the various hair textures may help you understand wigs better, and while 4B and 4C hair have similarities, they differ from each other in some important ways. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to different types of hair. So before you invest in new hair products, let us help you tell the difference and learn how to care for the 4B or 4C of curls so you can bring out your natural beauty every day.


I. What is 4B hair type?


So, how do you tell 4B hair from 4C hair? It can all be determined by the hair strand pattern. 4B hair has an easily distinguishable herringbone pattern. Unlike 4a or 4C, if you grab a strand of 4B hair and gently pull it down, you will see that it forms tight "Z" shaped curls vertically. 4B hair has denser curls than 4a hair, but 4B hair tends to dry out because the oil on the scalp has trouble reaching the ends, and dry hair may be more prone to breakage and tangles.

II. What is 4C hair?


The most common hair type among black women worldwide, 4C hair has the tightest curl and finely rotated look of all curl types. 4C hair tends to tangle more easily at the ends and shrinks even more than 4B hair. Like 4B hair types, 4C hair types are prone to dryness and require regular moisturization to achieve most styles and keep hair healthy. You can keep this type of hair in good condition with regular use of some shampoo and conditioner or essential oils.

III.What is the difference between 4B and 4C hair?


Many black women can have a hard time distinguishing between 4B and 4C hair because they both have similar features. So what exactly can we tell them apart?
First of all 4B and 4C hair types look very similar, the main difference between 4B and 4C natural hair is the curl pattern and the tightness of the coils. For example, 4C hair has tighter coils. 4B hair is easily distinguished by its herringbone pattern. 4B differs from 4A or 4C in having tight "Z" shaped strands with little to no curl definition. 4B hair is easier to style and manage than 4C hair. 4B and 4C hair types both have high shrinkage while 4C hair shrinks and curls more than 4B hair. 4B hair can see curls 4C hair has no definite curl pattern.

IV. How do you know if you have a 4B or 4C hair type?

Characteristics of 4B hair:

Tightly curled hair pattern
Prone to dryness and breakage
Shrinkage of up to 70% when wet or humid

Characteristics of 4C hair:

More curly than 4B hair
Extremely susceptible to dryness
Can be coarse or fine
Higher shrinkage, up to 75% of the length

V. How do I care for 4B or 4C hair?


Caring for Type 4B hair

According to what we have described above, you can know that 4B hair tends to be dry. So the most important thing we should take care of is moisturizing and conditioning.
1. Use castor oil or coconut oil before washing to provide extra moisture to the hair.
2. Apply a wash and conditioner to your hair daily to add moisture.
3. Instead of washing your hair with shampoo every time you shower, you can occasionally rinse it with conditioner. Or you can try using a leave-in conditioner for long-lasting hydration.
4. Given the delicate texture of 4B hair, it's best not to comb your hair with a comb. Try running your fingers through your hair before washing or styling to minimize breakage. This will minimize breakage and frizz and keep the hair soft and bouncy.
5. Use protective hairstyles such as box braids and twists to keep 4B natural hair safe and tangle-free.
6. Try a pillowcase made of silk for sleeping at night. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will retain maximum moisture.

Caring for Type 4C hair

If you have a natural 4C hair type, then you may need a lot of hydration to help keep your hair healthy and silky.
1. Try a hydrating avocado kiwi moisturizer, avocado kiwi blend, coconut oil, olive oil, or shea butter cream to retain moisture.
2. For 4C hair, it is recommended to extend the time between shampoos, avoid frequent use of shampoos, choose a mild sulfate-free shampoo, and avoid shampoos containing sulfates. If your hair often becomes dirty and oily, try to use a shampoo with apple cider vinegar rinse.
3. Comb your 4C hair regularly with a wide-tooth comb to avoid tangles and breakage. During the combing process, do not pull but gently pull the hair out of the knots with your fingers.
4. Give your 4C hair a deep treatment at least once a week to make it healthy, bouncy and shiny. More importantly, it is effective in avoiding tangles.
5. Avoid over-styling and use styling products sparingly.

Will 4B and 4C hair grow?

Because 4B and 4C hair is curled more tightly, growth is not always as immediately noticeable as with straight hair. And, shrinkage can make hair look shorter than it really is! However, if you straighten your hair to see it is possible to see an immediate change in length.

Are the 4 types of hair difficult to manage?

Taking care of 4B and 4C hair can definitely be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it always has to be a struggle. You need to understand what works best for you and your lifestyle. Once you get the hang of caring for your hair, hitting you it will feel easier than you think.

Can I straighten 4B or 4C hair?

Some people believe that Type 4B and 4C hair cannot be straightened because it causes irreversible damage, but this is not a sure thing. While hair can be damaged if not handled properly, taking proper care of your natural hair can prevent it from being severely damaged.

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