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What Is Money Piece Balayage?

This entry was posted in Knowledge By Jessica

Yes, money piece is still very popular now. Do you want to get the hottest hairstyle? Do you want to have sun-kissed hairstyles? Today, let's meet money piece balayage

money pieces balayage

Ⅰ. What is money piece?

Money pieces, aka face framing highlights, are named after the expensive and glamorous look that this technique gives you. Its overall look is a face-framing look when the front strands of hair are dyed in a lighter shade, adding dimension, brightness and enhancing your complexion.

The great thing about this coin look is that it can be used with any color or style, any skin tone. It is versatile and can be customized to your face shape, cut, style and all types of colors, even dramatic and vibrant ones. Like all balayage techniques, it's designed for minimal maintenance, so you can keep adding money or let it grow to your color over time.

money pieces balayage

It can be seamless, natural and give off a special "sun-kissed" glow. A money piece can be subtle or strong. You can use other balayage highlights to mix with the money piece. Also opt for caramel blonde for a beautiful blonde look. Money piece colors can be silver gold, golden gold, copper, chocolate brown and various shades in the spectrum.

It works with many hairstyles - lob, bob, shags, curtain bangs, long, medium or short! Money piece is still very popular today, don't worry, it will be around for a while. It has been a darling of the fashion world since 2019 and is still going strong in 2022.

money pieces balayage

Best of all, this technique works with any hair color and really works for everyone, whether you're a warm blonde or a deep, cool chocolate brown. Coins can be popped by choosing between three or four shades that are brighter. For full effect, it is usually necessary to bleach specific areas of the hair beforehand. "

Ⅱ. What is money piece balayage?

Money piece balayage is a fusion of money piece and balayage. A balayage will contain many protruding strands throughout the head, while a money piece focuses on protruding the front of the hair. This process does not cost much money, but the process can be relatively complicated, so it requires a professional hairstylist to operate.

money pieces balayage

This hairstyle will create a chiaroscuro, more dramatic than a simple balayage, and a few more subtle hints of color than a simple balayage. The color seems to "melt" into the rest of the hair like the sun kisses your hairstyle.

Money piece balayage doesn't cost a fortune. The average cost of balayage highlights starts at $70 for partial coverage on short hair, and from $150 to $200 for a super-long haircut in several different shades. By comparison, a full highlight can cost $60 to $150 in a salon.

Ⅲ. The styles of money piece balayage

1. Money piece balayage with bangs

This hairstyle is actually adding some bangs next to the money piece balayage. There are many types.

Such as money piece balayage curtain bangs, this kind of bangs is distributed on both sides of the face to modify the size of the face. Please note that under the money piece hairstyle, this kind of bangs is light-colored and curved, which is very special.

Money piece balayage side bangs. This kind of money piece is not neatly distributed on the cheeks, but the hair is divided. Of course, the money piece part will also be in this shape. This hairstyle adds more tenderness.

Curly money piece balayage bangs. Yes, money piece can also be rolled, and the overall volume will not be monotonous, because balayage will add some color to the overall hair.

Blonde money piece balayage bangs. Money piece can also be golden, the golden color contrasts with the overall dark tone, and it is like being kissed when the sun shines. This will be described in detail later. This kind of bangs is also normally distributed on both sides of the cheeks.

2. Money piece balayage blonde

money pieces balayage blonde

The money piece balayage blonde is a very popular type of money piece. Money piece is blonde, money piece highlights, a happy medium between two-tone hair and super soft balayage highlights that instantly brighten and frame your face. The balayage in the back will be a little darker, but it will be lighter at the end, and for every strand of hair, they are almost not exactly the same color. There are many layers of hair color.

3. Money piece balayage short hair

money pieces balayage short hair

Experiments with balayage on short hair can sometimes look more spectacular than on long hair. Three-dimensional highlights make haircuts expensive and elegant. Balayage is a freehand technique - the stylist applies color to the hair as an arbitrary pattern so that it looks similar to natural sun-kissed strands. Such as short black hair with blond highlights. Gives your tan skin a natural glow without over-bleaching. Beach waves with coins give a cool modern vibe.

4. Money piece balayage highlights

money pieces balayage

money piece highlights are an emerging trend, as evidenced by their popularity on TikTok. Money sequins provide clients with a more natural color, allowing them to instantly update their look with little effort. Money shards can be a quick add-on to your already existing highlights. In the balayage color, only the highlight position and the hand-painting around the face are enhanced.

The level of lightening associated with the money flake highlights means you should use a mild, natural shampoo to avoid flaking hair or affecting color.

Can you have a money piece with Balayage?

If you have a client with long, grown-out roots looking for an easy dyed to natural hair transition, a soft balayage with a money piece is a great option.

Why do they call it the money piece?

The reason why it is called the money piece has nothing to do with the coloring technique, but it refers to the money-saving and minimal effort to achieve a maximum highlighted hair. If you scroll on the old posts back to the 2019 summer on Beyoncé's Instagram page, you can have a glance at this beauty trend.

Is money piece Still in Style 2022?

Whether you call this look e-girl hair, money piece highlights, or face-framers, this is a trend that's going to keep going strong in 2022. That trend is the act of highlighting just the front section of your hair, to add some brightness around your face.

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