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What Is Hair Weave?

This entry was posted in Construction By Bella

Welcome to the Donmily blog, today you will learn what is hair weave, after all, before you consider buying hair weave, you first need to know what is hair weave and what kind of products are available in the market. This article is to take you through some of the things you should know before buying a hair weave.

1. Who suits hair weave

hair weave

First of all, I would like to state that this article is for those girls who are really looking for hair weave, this article will take you to a clearer understanding of hair weave to make sure that you are spending your money in the right place, especially for girls who like Donmily hair weave, read the next article carefully. Because whether you are a professional hairstylist, a girl who loves beauty or a barbershop owner, or if you are simply interested in new trends and fashions in wigs and you don't need to make permanent changes to your wigs like bleaching or coloring, this blog is for you.

2. Origin of hair weave

hair weave

Hair weave, which we usually call a weave, is designed to add fullness and volume to human hair. hair weave is generally a clip or other tool that is used to clip on the hair, and we are more used to calling it the integration of artificial hair, by using hair weave will make your wig look very natural. Because you can have a perfect hairline, you usually can't tell you are wearing a wig.

Hair weave has a very long history, if you want to trace its origin, then you can see that in 3400 BC the ancient Egyptians, there was a man called Cleopatra, this man was very important because he was the first person who was found wearing hair weave. The ancient Egyptians used natural things for hair ornament fixation, they used to fix hair ornaments with resin and beeswax. In those days, the most popular colors were bright blue and black. in the 17th century, European and American women wore sewn hair pieces, wigs and braids, which were made of dyed sheep's wool and human hair.

With the rapid development of the hairdressing industry, in the 1980s and 1990s, more and more African-American girls liked to use hair weave as well as weaves to create a different hairstyle for themselves, until later, men and women started to wear wigs. hair weave also became more and more popular.

3. What is hair weave?

hair weave

4. How to install hair weave

hair weave

Before installing hair weave, please prepare your natural hair. That is, please wash your own hair, must be clean, because if not clean, your scalp secretion of oil will soak into your hair weave above, thus shortening the life of your hair weave. But if you wash your hair and then install the hair weave, your hair weave will last longer and you can be sure that it is in a healthy condition so that it will not affect the long-term wear.

Please note that some terms appear here, the natural hair we mentioned above means your own hair that grows on top of your scalp, whether it is permed or dyed it is your own hair, and hair weave is the one that belongs to wigs as we introduced at the beginning, it has a strong protective nature to your natural hair and can also bring you a very natural effect.

After washing your hair, please braid it and use some bobby pins to hold your braids in place. It is important to note that as long as you can secure your hair well, whether you are creating cornrows or ponytails for hair weave, it is fine. Then after you have created a good base for the hair weave, then use a needle and thread to sew the weft into the braid.

The stitching should not take longer than 8 weeks. The stitching time is usually better at 6 weeks. Sewing for more than 8 weeks can cause the hair to break and even mold at the end of the day. This can quickly turn your hair weave hairstyle into a hair damaged hairstyle - and we don't want that! I feel sure you don't want that either

Consult a professional hairstylist in the event you need to stitch, or if you're a particularly experienced wig wearer, you can try to do it yourself at home. Also, before preparing your hair weave: you want to make sure that your own hair is in good condition before wearing the weave, so that it will provide a better wearing environment for your hair weave and thus prolong its use.

5. Why choose hair weave

hair weave

I want to talk to you in several points why choose hair weave it? First of all, hair weave is very easy and fast to use, it can protect your own hair to a great extent without the risk of hair loss, and it can change your appearance to a great extent. hair weave is woven with 100% human hair to give you a most realistic effect.

Hair weave is a great way to relieve your hair loss problem by adding some hair to your original hair. If your hair is particularly sparse on the top part of your head, hair weave can help you solve this problem by covering the sparse part of your hair to create a natural, voluminous effect for you, in addition to providing you with a hair growth cycle. In addition it can be very good at protecting your original hair from chemicals and your scalp, and the different textures can give you a different styling effect. In short, choosing to wear hair weave is exactly that, a choice.

At Donmily Hair, we believe you must be the most noble customer and you deserve the most gorgeous and best quality wigs, so today we highly recommend hair weave and give you the answer to how to install hair weave.

At the end of the article I want to remind you that for hair weave shampooing and conditioning, please use a mild shampoo that does not contain sulfates because sulfates will strip your hair of moisture and make your hair weave very frizzy and poorly manageable. After washing your hair use a moisturizing, anti-breakage conditioner to deep condition your hair weave hair.

Do hair weaves damage your hair?

While a weave or extensions can be a great way to switch up your hairstyle, they can damage your natural hair and even cause hair loss if proper precautions and care are not taken.

How long do hair weaves last?

If you're showing your sew-in love and taking proper care of it—more on that in a bit—it'll last up to six to eight weeks, says Nash. If you try to keep it in longer than that, you're risking damage to your hair and scalp (aka irritation, excess oil buildup, and breakage).

What is the difference between a weave and hair extensions?

Weaves are sewn into the hair, unlike hair extensions that are clipped, taped, or bonded to your hair. Weaves come in the form of a hairpiece or single unit designed to cover your entire hair. It's a good idea to visit your hairdresser to install your weave.

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