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Wet And Wavy Hair How To Maintain?

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How to keep your curls looking wet and wavy is always a question many girls want to ask. After a period of wearing a purchased wig or your own native hair, the curls will lose their original shine and become very frizzy if you don't take care of it regularly, so wet and wavy hair is the effect many girls want. Whether going to the gym or going out to a party, how to maintain a perfect wet and wavy hair has become a common issue among girls, and more and more girls are choosing shiny wet and wavy hair in their daily life to increase their beauty and give off a different temperament.

wet and wavy hair

Ⅰ. What is wet and wavy hair?

Recently we often see this kind of hair on TikTok and other media sites, wet and wavy hair represents a trend and represents people's love for trends and catching up, there are many wig manufacturers have developed wet and wavy wigs, so that people can wear it better and greatly reduce maintenance time. Curly hair after wearing a period of time will lose the original curvature and shine, so we increasingly like to spray something on the curls or to keep the curls wet, thus, wet and wavy hair was born, there are many different wet wigs for people to choose, more common are curly wave wig, headband wig, etc. 

I wonder if you have observed a more interesting phenomenon, is that when your hair remains wet, will show a very obvious curl arc, but when the hair is dry curl is no longer so obvious, and even your curls look like no arc like the very straight hair. This is not something that any girl who loves curly hair would like to see. If you have medium thickness hair, the weight of your hair will definitely weigh it down, so your waves will be flattened. To maintain the most natural and curly look of curly hair, wet and wavy hair has become the choice of more people. Here I will take you through how to maintain wet and wavy hair.

Ⅱ. 4 steps to maintain wet and wavy hair

●Step 1

Use a wide tooth comb or just your fingertips to smooth out your hair, try not to leave any tangled parts and don't use a fine tooth comb as this will tear your hair and wig

●Step 2

Prepare a small spray bottle, fill it with water and spray water on your hair several times, please spray evenly and do not spray too much water. After spraying the water then apply the usual conditioner or hair oil evenly, here also need to pay attention to the conditioner and hair oil also need to be applied evenly on the hair. Each time after spraying wet hair should be scratched from the top of the hair, so as to create a better curl.

●Step 3

Use the same broad-tooth comb you used at the beginning to work your curls from top to bottom again to make them more attractive and natural.

●Step 4

Finally, you will need to apply some styling or conditioning products to your hair before it dries naturally to extend the life of your wet and wavy hair.

wet and wavy hair

Ⅲ. Some tips to maintain your wet and wavy hair

First, you can soak your wet and wavy hair with water and spray it from the roots to the ends. In addition, you can go in with a leave-in conditioner and spray that part all over. And you should make sure that you penetrate a lot of product in the ends of your hair, because the ends are very important and they tend to get drier. Finally, the last product you should use is mousse. It keeps the curl in place and it really helps if you're going for a wet look.

What does mousse do for hair?

Hair mousse is a super versatile foam that you can use to give some hold and definition to strands, as well as protect and tame your hair and give unruly curls some control. Mousse helps keep frizz in check and helps make your curls bouncier. Using the right amount of hair mousse can really make a difference.

What product is good for wet looking hair?

Emerge Style Goals Gel is a great option for anyone with natural hair who wants to achieve the wet-hair look. We love this gel because it used almond milk, pequi oil, and fair-trade shea butter for frizz control while giving your look a medium hold.

What helps with wavy hair after a shower?

After showering, use a technique called “plopping,” where you bend over and twirl the fabric around your head. This is a no-heat way to decrease dry time and enhance your natural waves and curls. Hands off! Once you're done styling your hair, keep your hands (and brushes) off.

  • Ilene Thomas
    Ilene Thomas
    Thanks for the tips sis! Love it
  • Bernetta Brown
    Bernetta Brown
    I have some really great hair that would start to frizz after wearing it for so long and never thought of using foaming lotion, thank you soooo much!
  • Lakesha Hooks
    Lakesha Hooks
    Amazing tutorial thank you
  • Deja Davis
    Deja Davis
    Finally a combination that actually works and last all day ❤️
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