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Wear A Wig Cap Is It Necessary?

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bella

Wig cap is the basic component of a wig, it is somewhat similar to a baseball cap, which is designed and made to imitate the shape of the head. About whether to wear a wig before wearing a good sure wig cap, this issue has been constantly discussed by many people, your hairstylist may say to you that the wig cap will cause the wig to fall off and slide, but rather detrimental to our wearing wig. But then there are many people who say before wearing a wig must be your hair in the wig cap wrapped well, whether you are new to the use of wigs or already a very experienced consumer, you may be asking yourself, I really need to bring a wig cap under the wig? These discussions will make you very confused, in this post we will discuss whether you need to wear a wig cap.

wig cap

Ⅰ. What is a wig cap

A wig usually by a wig cap, hair silk, straps, a small comb, and other small parts, and a wig cap is the most basic wig material, other parts of the material such as hair silk, straps, etc. are attached to the wig cap above, so the wig cap is the most basic. It is very much like a small stocking cap and can provide a smooth surface for the wig wearer so that the wig can stay on the surface, but we can control the wig above. The material used to make the wig cap is usually nylon, and lace material, there are many other materials, but lace and nylon material is more comfortable to wear, and lace material is more breathable. In fact, whether it is a short wig or a long wig can use a wig cap, because the wig cap makes the wig more suitable for us to wear.

wig cap

Ⅱ.Do you need a wig cap

Do I need to wear a wig cap before wearing a wig?

To answer this question we will divide the problem into two categories, that is women with hair loss problems and women with full hair. Women with hair loss problems may have thinner hair, which means that the scalp and the wig are closer together, many times in direct contact with the scalp. This group of people many may have skin and scalp more sensitive problems, wig on some material will make their scalp feel uncomfortable, so then wig cap in this case is very necessary, wig cap can provide a good isolation layer between the wig and the scalp layer, increase wearing comfort, reduce discomfort and itching feeling.

do you need wig cap

In addition, our hair and scalp the whole day down will secrete a lot of oil, sweat, and dandruff, if you will wig directly on the head, your wig will become difficult to clean and oil secretion is not conducive to the wearing of wigs, will soon slip off. And wig cap in the middle of this plays a role of isolation, in the cleaning time you also just will wig cap out of the cleaning on it, the wig will not easily fall off. Finally, we can see that some women who even bald are also very good-looking, but no way everyone is so, the head may have different sizes, convex or concave place, a wig cap can make your overall head looks smooth, the wig can also be naturally attached to the wig cap.

For women with full hair, first of all, you have to know that your original hair is concentrated in one place is a difficult thing, in many cases, there will be some broken hair will show, and a wig cap can very well help you to your original hair are fixed in the wig cap also do not have to worry about whether the broken hair will show. Another is that the wig cap can help you create an even surface so that you wear wigs to present a most natural effect, if it is puddled, everyone can see that you wear a wig, then also mention what looks natural.
Finally, if you are the hair itself is very short also no bangs, you can choose not to wear a wig cap, but you still have to consider the scalp oil secretion and dandruff to bring you trouble.

Ⅲ.What Type of Wig Cap Is Best for You?

1. Nylon wig cap

wig cap

If you plan to wear a wig for a long time and is medium-length hair, I would recommend you buy a nylon wig cap. Because the nylon wig cap has a characteristic is very thin and breathable, even in the hot summer also will not feel unusually hot, it can in your own hair and wig in the middle to form a very thin layer of the compartment, more can let you have a very natural hairline. If you are particularly prone to sweating, you can certainly consider buying this one wig cap.

2. Basic wig cap

Basic wig cap

This wig cap is a machine-made wig cap, the material is also relatively thin, and the middle has weft stitching. It has a big selling point is particularly cheap, completely most people accept the price range, basic wig cap is very durable, if you do not have a high budget but very like to cool, then please consider this one.

3. Lace front

Basic wig cap

The lace front is hand-tied to a sheer lace material for each hair, so it is much more elaborate, made 100% by hand, and very costly. This allows the hair to move naturally across the hairline and creates a more natural transition from the forehead to the hairline. Since the lace front is an added feature to the basic wig cap construction, this would be a great option for those who are concerned about staying cool during the day.

Ⅳ. Conclusion

In this blog, we introduce wig caps and discuss the need to wear them or not and some types of wig caps. If we go back to the original question, is it essential to wear a wig cap? My answer is yes, of course, the wig products displayed in Donmily Mall, you can click in and see the types of wig caps on the details page, they are all very good materials and will definitely add comfort to your wig look!

What is the most natural-looking wig cap?

Lace front wigs are one of the most natural-looking wig cap constructions available. An undetectable sheer lace front to your wig will create a natural-looking hairline. The lace front on this also allows you to style your wig away from your face without having to worry that the wig edge is visible

Should a wig cap match hair or skin?

Instead, I recommend a wig cap that closely matches your skin tone. This is especially important for those wearing lace closure or frontal wigs because you want your parting space to look like your scalp, not the wig cap underneath.

Is it necessary to wear a wig cap under a wig?

Of course, it's not necessary to wear a wig cap under a wig, whether or not to wear wigs at all, wig caps are a personal preference. It's up to your scalp and your desired look as to whether or not wearing a wig cap is the best decision to achieve what you want.

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