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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Ways To Choose Lace Front Wigs For Greenhand

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lace front wigs are exactly as you know. A wig with a lace front will blend more realistically into your hairline and scalp, especially if you want a bang-free look. In fact, most people won't even be able to tell you're wearing a lacy fringe wig, which is usually the expected look. When it comes to human hair lace wigs, the most popular types are 13*4 lace wigs and 13*6 lace wigs. The lace front wig is one of the super easy wigs to install and is perfect for beginners. 

If you're a greenhand to human hair wigs, this article will help you get to know the best lace wigs.

I. what is a lace front wig?

A lace front wig is a wig or wig built on a piece of transparent lace. Lace front wigs are not to be confused with a full lace wig, as they give two very different looks. The lace front wig, as the name suggests, covers only the front hair, while the rest of the wig is built on top of other sturdy wig caps. 

 lace front wig will give you a more natural look

A lace front wig will give you a more natural look, and if mixed properly, no one will believe that your hair isn't growing on your scalp. The hair used to make lacy front wigs can be synthetic, human hair or a mixture of both. The hair is individually attached to the lace hand step by step process, gives you a perfect, natural look. 

II.Types of lace front wigs 

lace wig will provide the most natural-looking style

As we all know, there are all kinds of wigs on the market. For green-hands, many kinds of wigs may be confusing, but here's a brief overview of the different types of lace wigs. However, you can use at Donmily if you're still not familiar with them. Such as wave lace front wig、straight lace front wigand curly lace front wig. The colored lace front wigs may be a good choice for you. 

III. Ways to choose lace front wigs

When deciding which lace wig will provide the most natural-looking style, but you don’t know how to choose the suitable types, you're worried about that you won't be able to choose a wig which is fit you. Do be anxiety, there are several factors to help you choose the best lace front wigs.

1. Lace material

Lace frontal wigs can be made of regular lace or high definition lace

Lace frontal wigs can be made of regular lace or high definition lace. The obvious difference between regular lace and high definition lace is the color and softness of the lace. HD lace front wigs are more comfortable and invisible than regular lace front wigs.

2. The cap construction

The most important factor in buying your first lace wig is the structure of the cap. You can choose a 13x4 center parting to your own requirements, allowing you to create a natural long deep parting, or a 13x6 deep parting lace front hat, allowing you to change your parting freely.

3. Size

The key to wig installation is the size of your wig

The key to wig installation is the size of your wig. If the size doesn't fit you, you may feel tight or slip off your head uncomfortably when you wear it.
Choosing the right size will match your face and will have a new attractive look. If you don't think petite, normal or large is for you, offers a hairstyle option to customize your size.
Once the size really fits everyone! With an adjustable shoulder strap and a carefully crafted hat, you can rest assured that the wig you choose will fit you perfectly. 

4. Wig color and hair texture

You can choose the color or texture according to your appreciation. We have already mentioned the color and texture of hair above.

IV. How to wear a lace front wig?

it is important to consider how you will wear the wig most of the time

But in order to choose the best lace front wig, it is important to consider how you will wear the wig most of the time.
To be honest, it is particularly easy to wear lace front wigs, there's very little you need to do before your new hairstyle wobbles. Check out these customizations that will give you the perfect look. In the first place, you can give your wig a section you like by simply tweezing off some hair. Holding this part with tweezers can lengthen it and help determine its length. Tweezers hold the hairline to help the wig match your natural hairline and give it a perfect finish. Once the excess lace is cut off, then your wig is ready to wear. A lace front wig is one of the best investments you can make for beauty. Not only do they last forever, but they also look beautiful. With a lacy front wig you can cover up baldness, hair loss, or change your appearance for as long as you like.

V. Tips for maintaining lace front wigs

The most important thing for the lace wigs is to know how to wash your wig. Lace wigs do not need to be washed as usually as your hair, if you wash it too much time, I am sure that you will damage your wig. 

However, too little washing will cause hair knotted. So it is important to look after you lace front wig. Here are some tips for you.

1. Choose the right water temperature.
2. Using “damage-free” shampoo and conditioner
3. Use the cool air set instead of hot air.
4. Place the wig on the balcony, avoid the sun direct shine on the wig.

What is the lace on wigs for?

The lace front wig allows the wearer to choose a hairline. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, to allow the wearer to part the hair any way they want. Modern day lace wigs can be worn while doing activities like swimming and exercising, which make it a popular choice among alternatives.

Is a lace wig better?

In terms of breathability, a full lace wig allows more air to enter your head because the entire base is made of lace. However, if you don't like using a wig cap, then perhaps a lace front edge wig is a better choice for you.

How long does lace wig last?

Lace front wigs with synthetic hair can last up to one year while 100% human hair lace front wigs can last up to three years, with proper care.

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