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Way To Make Your Split Dye Hairstyle, The Hot Trending

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Split hair dye is a trendy hairstyle that splits the hair down the middle and dyes each half a different color. Split hair dye is dyeing one half of your head one color and the other half another. Some people prefer flashy colors like neon pinks and bold blues. Others prefer a softer look with combinations like peach and blonde, or gray and black. But no matter what color you choose, this hairstyle is a fun, stylish and cool. This is a step-by-step guide on how to DIY a split hair die at home. There is also an overview of popular split hairstyles and tips on how to prevent color bleeding.

I. How to split hair at home

Yes, it is possible to split your hair at home! You need to be a little careful, especially if you are flying solo. But if you want to avoid expensive salon fees, or just have fun, we'll show you how to dye your split hair yourself at home.

1. Choose your dye

Once you have selected the color you want, decide whether to use a permanent dye or a semi-permanent dye. Permanent hair color may be your best bet if you are really ready to commit. Semi-permanent dyes last only 4 to 6 weeks. However, temporary dyes are not without their benefits. Faster fades allow you to switch colors more often. Also, if you don't like the color you choose, you don't have to live with it for a long time.


2. Preparation of our gears

In addition to the dye, you will also need the following:
• mirror
• Vaseline
• Comb
• Old towel
• Hair color clip
• Disposable gloves

3. Make good preparation of your hair

Unless you naturally have super blonde hair, you may want to bleach your hair before coloring it. This gives an empty surface to soak into the lighter hair color. Some dyes work without first bleaching the hair, but you may not get the exact results you are looking for.
Be careful with bleached hair. So if you're not sure what you're doing, you'll have to go to a beauty salon. Bad bleach can really hurt your hair. When your hair is ready, make sure it is completely loosened before applying the color. Believe us Combing the dye through a knotted lock is A's great pain.


4. Separate the hair

Use a pin comb to separate your hair where you want it to be colored. Most people go in the middle to give it a symmetrical look, but it doesn't have to be very accurate about it. Tie or secure one side out of the way. 5.5. Vaseline
Vaseline is a magical secret ingredient in DIY hair dyes. It prevents those bold and beautiful colors from flowing into each other. Simply apply petrolatum (or another brand of petrolatum) along the scalp where the hair is split. Also, rub along the hairline, neck and ears to prevent paint from soiling the skin.

5.Let’s get split dye!

Let's go step by step, take things one step at a time.

• Wear gloves.
• Part the right side of your hair back and put the left side down.
• Use the Color Applicator Brush to apply the color to the left side of the hair.
• When the hair is completely colored, use a comb to brush the entire hair.
• Use the mirror to look for spots that you may have missed. Secure the left side of the hair to the scalp.
• Repeat on the other side. Always wear new gloves in the new color. Pro tip: work from the bottom up. Your roots develop faster thanks to the heat emanating from your head.

6. Wait

Check the dye package to see how long it takes the dye to develop. While you're waiting, clean up your bathroom, post funny selfies on Instagram, and eat snacks.

7. Rinse off

Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure the water is clear and colorless before stopping. Then trap the water with a deep conditioner. And ... it's done! You dyed your separated hair.


II. Split die hairstyles

Now that you know how to do it, here are some split die hairstyles that take your look to a whole new level. Pony
Instead of coloring the entire head, you may want a more delicate (but still completely terrible) look. To split the bangs, follow the normal dye farewell procedure.

1. Balayage

Balayage + split color = 10/10. OK, good math. But in fact, combining both hairstyles gives you a really unique and stunning style. Keep in mind that doing this alone can be too difficult. If you have an experienced hair colorist in Rolodex, it's time to call them.

2. High contrast

A high contrast look can give you a high fashion look instantly. These solid colors can dare to be vivid.

Some popular combinations are:

• teal and dark gray
• Neon pink and orange
• Bright purple and blue
• Violet and pastel green
• Orange and Black (Hello, Halloween!)

3. Black and white

Who wouldn't want an occasional Cruella de Vil? This classic split hair color combo is simple yet stunning. Stand out while maintaining an air of class and sophistication. Please be nice to the Dalmatian, okay?


III. This Tips will prevent color bleeding

Bleeding of color from hair dye is a major drawback. It can stain clothes, towels and pillows. Pooh. But don't worry, I got them. Here are some tips to prevent color bleeding:

1. Stay in cool Condition more

No, we're not talking about you - you're cool. Hot water does not like hair dye. If you choose to wash your hair, use a lower temperature to help set the color. If you have just dyed your hair, you should avoid water for a few days. You can always use dry shampoo when it starts to get a little greasy.

2. Avoid heat

The faucet isn't the only thing you need to pay attention to. The heat will open the hair cuticle and allow the color to bleed. Sad pillow, sad you. Avoid curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers to keep this color where it belongs.

Is split dye worth it?

If you like easy, breezy color jobs, split color isn't for you. If you want to maintain the look, it does take time, money and a stylist you trust! However, it can be a super fun trend and if you love the look, you should rock it!

Is split dye hair a trend?

Split Hair Is the Coolest Color Trend of 2021. Hair color trends come and go, but there's one bold dye job that continues to come back—and for good reason: split hair. There are so many variations to the two-tone hair color trend, and that's what makes it so interesting.

What is split-colored hair and is it a trend?

This hair trend has been flooding our Instagram feeds and we are here for it! Cruella de Vil did it first and if you’ve ever seen her then you know exactly what split-colored hair is. It’s when you split your hair equally down the middle and color the right side one color and the left side a different color.

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