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Way To Dye A Skunk Stripe On A Wig By Yourself

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Skunk stripe hair is a highlight hair coloring technique that has highlights on both sides of the forehead. It gets its name from its bold, contrasting colors and looks just like a cute skunk. Skunk stripe is a bold hair trend that's all the rage right now. Many girls are constantly changing their hairstyle because it can give a different feeling in a short period of time. However, wigs are the best way to change your hairstyle in minutes. Although, what do you do when you don't want to spend money on a skunk stripe wig, but you really want to have this hairstyle?

Dyeing your wig to be skunk stripe is the only way to satisfy you. So, follow us to learn the details of how to paint a wig with skunk stripe at home. 

paint a wig with skunk stripe at home

I. How to paint skunk stripe on a wig at home?

Dyeing hair seems like a job that has to be done by a stylist, but these days, we can do it easily at home without any trouble. As long as you have all your tools and materials ready, and just follow the steps, you can get a skunk stripe wig in no time. 

you can get a skunk stripe wig in no time

1. tools

1.1 Suitable hair dye

Before we start this work, we need to choose the right hair dye. If your wig is made from human hair and has not been bleached or dyed before, we recommend using light colors such as golden, ginger, or light brown for good results. 

we recommend using light colors such as golden, ginger, or light brown for good results

If your wig has been colored or dyed before, you can bleach it first and then choose a lighter color for good results. You can choose a light dye according to your hobby. 

1.2 Comb, gloves, towel

A comb is necessary and you will need to neatly part the hair you wish to dye as your skunk stripe. Gloves prevent your hands from damaging chemical dyes. To prevent unwanted contact of hair dye with your skin or clothing, take a towel and place it over your shoulder, just in case. 

skunk stripe

1.3 Long tail hair dye brush and water

You can apply the dye directly to your hair from the applicator, but a dye brush will help you spread your hair more evenly. The water is necessary, you would better use warm water to wash the wig after it's dyed.

2. Steps by steps to dye your wig

Step 1: Get the wig ready

Comb it so that it does not knot. If it's not clean, it doesn't matter. Dyeing unwashed hair is the best option because the build-up of natural oils in your hair will protect your scalp from irritation. 

Get the wig ready

Step 2: Mix the dye

Put on your gloves and follow the instructions on the boxed dye of your choice.

Step 3: Choose a part of hair

The magic of skunk stripe is in positioning, so make sure you separate the parts you want to dye with nice, neat dividing lines. You can do a single stripe, bangs, or even the nape of your neck. 

Step 4: Blotted out

You can use the tip of a smearing bottle or your long-tail dye brush to apply the dye from tip to root. Dye according to the treatment instructions on your box. 

Step 5: Clean your wig

Here is the last step, wash the wig and remove loose color to avoid staining your collar. Up to here, your skunk stripe wig is done! After you've treated and moisturized your hair thoroughly, you're now ready to style.
If you don't want to use hair dye or bleach, there are still ways to get the results. Duct tape hair extensions are a quick way to get skunk stripe wig. You can buy these in any color you want, so they're a great way to get this hairstyle without having to dye it yourself.

II. How long will skunk stripe wig last?

We can't tell you a fixed time. It depends on how you implement it. For example, if you use hair dye, it will last longer, from a few weeks to a few months. If you use chalk, it may only last until you wash your hair. If you directly use a skunk stripe wig, with the best care, it will last about 12 months.
Skunk stripe is a cool and bold trend that most girls will love in 2022. That's all you need to know about how to make a skunk stripe wig at home and what you need to know about it. And if you want to buy skunk stripe wig online, you can visit Donmily.

What is a skunk stripe wig?

A skunk stripe wig is a wig dyed with a skunk stripe pattern.

Is skunk stripe hair in style?

Skunk stripe wigs are already in fashion and are expected to be the most popular style in 2023. Today's young women are obsessed with skunk striped wig hairstyles because they are the best way to look young, cool and beautiful.

What is the best color to choose with skunk stripe?

Think lime green and black, purple and blue, gray and black, or orange and brown. If you are interested in hair styles and colors, then you can choose what you think suits you best.

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