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In Vogue For Fall 2022: Glamorous Underdye Hairstyles

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The underdye hair color trend is making a big comeback, and modern technology is making it better than ever. Check out the different ways to wear this fun trend and learn how to apply this popular hair coloring technique to your look.

Thinking about Underdye Hair?

Tired of seeing the same hair color over and over again (For example, ash blonde?) and coloring techniques (oops, balayage)? You may be ready to broaden your horizons and start researching emerging hair color trends that haven't quite saturated the Internet yet. Also.

Underdye hair color is one of these emerging trends. It's a truly unique coloring technique that gives you these fun and unexpected colors at the base of your hair. In this technique, the dye is not applied to the top layer of the hair. Therefore, the color will only show up when you move your head or pull it up. This makes it appealing to many women who want to try a new color instead of committing to it completely by killing the entire head.

Underdye hair depicted in a graphic with an explainer of what the hairstyle is

It also reduces overall damage to the hair (less dyed or bleached hair), is less maintenance than full body color, and gives you the freedom to be more experimental with your color choices.

If you were alive and aware in the 00's, the underdye hair trend is nothing new to you. You may remember celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne and Nicole Richie rocking dodgeball colors underneath their hair during the heyday of alternative makeup.

Today, underdye hair color looks less messy, more elegant, and more modern. As hair coloring techniques and methods continue to improve, we're seeing a resurgence in women coloring the underside of their hair.

You may be considering trying out the underdye trend soon. But before you commit to this unique method of coloring, you'll want to see plenty of examples to get some photo inspiration. We've got you covered!

It's also a good idea to learn about underdye hair color and your options. Finally, we'll finish up with some things you should consider before your appointment. Let's take a look below and see what the following color trends are all about!


What is Underdye hair color?

PS: Underdye hair color is a hair dye that is not applied to the top layer of the hair, only to the bottom layer.
Underdye hair color (sometimes called hide and seek hair color) is the dye applied to the bottom of the hair, usually the part of the hair closest to the collar. However, variations are common, and different hair features and applications can change the entire look. Here is how underdye color can vary.

1. Depth of dyeing

Undyed color can be done at any "depth" of the hair. The color can be applied to the part closest to the collar. But we often see parts done very uncoarsely near the surface, so they peek out more.

2. Placement of dyeing

The undyed color may be symmetrical and applied to the entire layer of hair. Peek-a-boo color may be applied with highlights or lowlights below the top layer. It can also be applied to specific sections only (such as bangs or one side). A popular look is a shaved undercut that is then dyed a different color to make it stand out more.

3. Color of dyeing

Any color can be used for the undercut color technique. While traditional hair colors such as blonde, brunette, red and black are commonly used, using vivid, vibrant colors to catch the eye is really popular.

4. Length of dyeing

The length of your hair will change the appearance of the uncolored part. If you have very short hair (like a pixie cut), your under bun will always be visible. If you have longer hair, your color may be hidden until the wind blows and you part or move your hair, or pull it up.

With all these variations, you can create many different looks using underdye color. We will discuss in more detail how to choose how you want your underdye to look in the "Things to Consider" section.


Things to consider

Yes, it's a gorgeous look. Yes, there are many variations so you can get the look you want. Yes, it's a little different and more unique than other hair trends we're tired of seeing. However, there are some potential downsides to hair color, and it's important to understand them before you commit. Here are some things to consider before you make an appointment.

1. Color can fade or grow over time

Don't expect your undercolor to be a permanent part of your new look - maintenance is required to keep it looking good. If you choose a semi-permanent color, it will fade after a month or two.
If you choose a permanent color, it will have to grow out because the color will not fade. Fortunately, if you have long hair, you can usually hide unwanted roots or fading color. For ladies with short locks, more maintenance is required to keep the color looking vibrant.

2. Consider how it will affect your daily life

Workplaces, schools, churches, and even the volunteer organizations you belong to may have rules about what hair color is allowed. If you are involved with any organization or group that may not allow non-traditional colors, you may be forced to wear a wig every day.
This will hide dyed parts or prevent you from wearing certain styles that display the new hair color. Think about this and find out what hair color rules (if any) you must follow before spending money on this service.

3. Consider cost and maintenance first

Hair coloring is never a one-and-done service. It requires little-expensive maintenance and upkeep to continue to look good. Therefore, consider how the cost and time will add up over time if you choose to get under color. Your first appointment may range from $50 to $200 (depending on the average cost of hair color), while a touch-up appointment may cost between $30-$60. If you get this service and have two touch-ups before choosing another look, it can cost $110 to $320 total!


4. Choose a complementary color

The color you choose for the bottom of your hair is important and needs to be well thought out. You need to consider how the color will look with the rest of your hair and skin tone. If your hair is warm, like a coppery red or a caramel blonde, avoid cooler tones for the bottom part of your hair and vice versa. Make sure the color you choose also works well with the undertones of your skin.

Warm tones are best, blondes look best and you should stick to warm tones. Cool undertones that look best in cool colors and silvers should be consistent with cool colors. Neutral undertones look great in both warm/cold and blonde/silver and can be any color you choose - as long as it looks good with the rest of your hair color.

5. If you're not sure, start small

You don't have to commit to coloring the majority of the underside of your hair right away. If you're feeling a little unsure about it, try starting small. Have your stylist do some highlights underneath your hair that will subtly peek through. This gives you the opportunity to see your favorite dodgeball color without the cost and commitment of a dead full underneath.

6. Just have fun

Hair is one of the best ways to express yourself, so if you like the underdye look, don't be afraid to have some fun with it! If you never rock a vibrant color through and through, you might like the way an unexpected purple pops up and illuminates your look as it peeks through the top layer of your hair.

Is split dye worth it?

If you like easy, breezy color jobs, divided color isn't for you. If you wish to maintain the look, it does require time, cash and a stylist you trust! However, it can be a very fun trend and if you love the appearance, you must rock it!

Is split dye hair a trend?

Split Hair Is the Coolest Color Trend of 2022. Hair color patterns come and go, however there's one strong color task that continues to return-- and for good reason: split hair. There are many variations to the two-tone hair color pattern, which's what makes it so interesting.

What is split-colored hair and is it a trend?

This hair trend has been flooding our Instagram feeds and we are here for it! Cruella de Vil did it first and if you’ve ever seen her then you know exactly what split-colored hair is. It’s when you split your hair equally down the middle and color the right side one color and the left side a different color.

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