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Types Of Straight Hair Bob Wigs

This entry was posted in Types By yang hang

Does the thought of chopping your hair scare you? Well, I can smell that terrifying fear! Are you among those ladies who keep scrolling Dua Lipa's feed for her dramatic bob cut?

I know you cannot stop zooming out her pictures. But you don’t dare to panic dial the salon expert due to your love for long hair. Do you crave for that extra length and the short edgy hair which touches your chin simultaneously?

Remember Kylie Jenner proved in Met Gala 2016 that long hair doesn't stop you from enjoying the bob. She gave us a lesson to rock and flaunt your bob with the help of a wig.

Ease your worries with these lovely bob wigs, which adds volume to your hair. Scroll down our blog to keep faith in bob wigs. Get ready to find the thick and thin about bob wigs.


A wig with sleek, straight hair that has been chopped from just above the chin or below the shoulders. This straight bob wigs come to the rescue for ladies with thin, fine hair or the women worrying about their long hair.

What I like about this wig is that the length of the hair minimizes the cost and maintenance, gives you breathtaking hairstyles. Also, you pair this new cool cut with some added styles to it. Try this banged, asymmetrical, wispy, inverted look for great natural results.


With the rise of intense heat in summer, we get tired very often with our workloads. With much less time for styling hair, women prefer bob wigs that require less time in styling.

An added advantage for a straight bob wig is that you tie it up with a ribbon or clip on a lazy, tiring day. You style it in no time. Always the hair is above the neck, easily maintained during office hours, a messy bun for your beachy weekends.

So, this summer, choose a wig styled with/without bangs, make everyone go crazy with your look.


After every movie, each season, there is a new hairstyle. But since Vidal session ages, this stands out among all those till today. Ladies bid goodbye to the societal long hair and welcomed the short edgy, bold look.

Now it has become the official hairstyle for every hair texture. Check out the different types before you grab one.

1. short bob wigs:

It's the best choice for ladies planning for a new crop. It has been an obsession among celebrities. This classy, sophisticated look is a wonderful choice even for elderly women.

The edges give a youthful, playful vibe. Spice it up by adding some highlights to the edges to make it pop out.

This short bob wigs give a polished look, adds density, bounce to your thin fine hair, increasing the visual interest to the next level. This short length makes it easier to manage and simple to trim.

2.Longer Bob Wigs(Lobs):

The lob is the versatile one if you are in a dilemma of having a bob/ slightly longer hair. Tiptoeing, at times, results in a new solution.

Midlength lob gives you the flexibility of styling it as per your preference. Don't forget now the length is just below the shoulders. Things can't go wrong because of your midlength. Pull your hair to make a ponytail/half-bun.

This exactly defines how less can look more. It brings the beauty of sleek straight hairstyles that defines the edges that fall off on your chin. There is not much length; still, it adds so much volume. So now, if you are going out on a night, you can style it freely.

Highlight it with some unique shades like sliver. Because you chose to be an inspiration for trendy hairstyles.

3. Layered Bob Wigs:

Pull of your bob with ultrafine layers for choppy texture. It's a must for straight hair bob wig. The ultrafine layers with one side shorter and the other longer glows up the look you need.

This simple, minimal, sleek, smooth look creates a dynamic effect to the new trends. Adding layers into bobs can never put you down. The shorter hair with more layers amps up your look. The face-framing layers define your look more. Add hints of highlights and lowlights to add more dimension to it.

The Best Straight Bob Wig


Check out this Donmily 13x4 lace front wig straight Bob 150% Density change the color.

Such a flexible glue-free wig comes in different sizes that vary from 8 to 14 inches.

This 100% human hair with no shedding, zero tangles comes at an affordable price.

This zero synthetic hair allows you to dye as per your wish.

In a nutshell, this middle-parted, smell-free straight bob wig gives you a manageable look every day.

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