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How To Make Violet Hair Color Full Step-By-Step Tutorial

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For those who dare to express themselves, violet hair color with a balance of red and blue tones can fully express a girl's energy and personality, and salon experts would like to call it the most popular hair color for spring and summer. Vibrant hair colors are often difficult to obtain and maintain, so take a look at the following article to find out how to get the perfect violet hair color and get some tips on how to maintain your hair.

1. Steps-by-step tutorial to make the perfect violet hair color

Step 1 part your hair and apply purple dye

apply purple dye
Wear a layer of plastic wrap or unwanted clothing around your neck and shoulders to prevent the dye from getting on your skin during the dyeing process and causing skin problems such as allergies. Part your hair evenly, tie or clip up any hair you don't need for the moment, remove a small part of your hair and smooth it out with a fine tooth comb. Starting with the part of the hair that will be adjusted to the brightest color which is around the face, brush the hair evenly with the dye and separate the hair from the hair with tin foil.

Step 2 Apply the red hair dye

Apply the red hair dye
As we mentioned earlier, violet hair is a color that balances red and blue together, so what you need to do in the second step is to brush your hair with red hair dye. This step will make your hair look very healthy and shiny, adding a nice shiny red violet hair color to your hair. this part of the coloring needs to be applied in a large area and the hair dye needs to be applied more evenly and wrapped in tin foil.

Step 3 Adding highlights

Adding highlights
This step involves adding highlights to the hair to make it look shinier, but what you need to know during the application process is that it is best to choose highlights on the darker-colored hair around the hair, which will also save a lot of time it is just a simple process to achieve the effect you want easily. Don't forget to pay attention to the roots of your hair and make sure that they are evenly brushed with color as well.

Step 4 Wash and Style

Wash and Style
Once all the coloring steps are completed, let the hair sit for 35 minutes to allow the dye to be fully absorbed into the hair, and then rinse with water. After making sure the hair is clean, blow dry and style the hair at a gentle temperature, and you will have a perfect deep violet hair color.

2. Who suits violet hair color best?

Who suits violet hair color best

First, determine your basic skin tone, hold out your wrist and observe the color of the blood vessels, if the blood vessels are green then your skin belongs to warm tones, if the blood vessels at your wrist appear blue or purple, then your basic skin tone belongs to cool tones. If you have difficulty determining the color of the blood vessels in your wrist, then your skin tone is most likely neutral. Purple alone does not bring out how good this hair color looks on your hair, you need to combine violet color in hair with other colors.

Who suits violet hair color best
For example, for cooler skin tones, blue-violet and gray-violet would fit better. If you find it hard to choose a color, consider putting your hair under your chin to see if it suits you. For warm skin tones, violet and magenta will look better together.

3. How to keep violet hair color from fading?

Any colored hair will face a common problem is fading, here are a few tips to deal with hair fading.

3.1 Faucet filters

Faucet filters
Many hair care blogs don't mention this, but installing a filter is important. Installing a filter on your faucet will filter out some of the minerals contained in tap water, and the minerals contained in the water can build up on your hair and cause some irritation.

3.2 Avoid sulfate shampoos

Avoid sulfate shampoos
Sulfate is an ingredient contained in more cleansing shampoos and it can cause hair discoloration. From a long-term perspective, it is not recommended that you use shampoos containing sulfate as a long-term product. Please choose a color-care shampoo, such as purple shampoo, and pair it with a moisturizing conditioner.

3.3 Wash your hair after three days

Wash your hair after three days
The process of coloring your hair opens the hair cuticle to receive artificial colors, so one of the most important steps you can take is to keep your hair colored and allow enough time for the cuticle to close completely.

purple hair

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4. Conclusion

Violet hair color has a very attractive color, but you need to pay attention to the color matching between different colors to get the perfect violet hair coloring, and you need to take care of your hair!

What causes hair color to fade fast?

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight break down the chemical bonds in your hair, making the color fade. Besides fading your color, UV damage can also make your hair more dry, brittle, and dull. Save your hair and color by limiting your exposure to the sun.

What does violet do in hair color?

Violet: It's made by mixing two parts blue with one part red. It's great on darker hair, and very useful on blonde to counteract yellow tones. Violet on light hair makes it look cleaner and clearer.

What skin tone does violet look good on?

Bluish purples and ashy lilacs usually work well on deep and cool skin tones. On the other hand, warm skin tones look great with violet, orchid, and magenta shades.

  • xoxkimmxox
    Ahh I love this hair colour! I would love to try it at some point when my hair is healthier. Last year i was Brown, blonde and now back to red hair so think i need to give my hair a break. This looks so good on you, also the two tone makes it look fabulous!x
  • biancavieira1345
    This is gorgeous! It looks like a subtle ombre from black to violet. Beautiful!
  • nikilime5660
    I have a sudden urge to dye my hair purple
  • Delena631
    I've been a purple addict for a few months. I loved my purple hair but the colour fades so quickly and it is so difficult to keep a bright colour... Nonetheless I loved it and I felt so badass. Dark hair is DA BEST on you girl. You're definitely rocking slaying nailing every single hair colour. But dark hair? Ok girl, you're a living goddess.
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