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Tips For You To Wear Wigs In Hot Days

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La Niña phenomenon generated by the global climate has become very abnormal, Such hot weather, no doubt the wig wearer is a challenge, is likely to be accompanied by a series of itchy skin, etc. with frequent flooding in many parts of Brazil, while the United States and Spain frequent high temperatures, and even reached more than 40 °. Today's issue of the blog takes you to understand how wearing a wig in the summer can also be refreshing.

wear wig in hot days

Tip 1. Choose the right hair length and density

The reason why summer will make you feel very hot, is most likely because your wig is too thick, too heavy wig will make you feel very stuffy, but also damage your scalp, so in order to keep cool, in the summer you choose the wig to reduce the volume of hair as much as possible. For example, a bob wig will be a good choice for you, bob wig has a good look but has a very refreshing styling effect, bob wig is a short wig, and will not have too heavy hair volume, in our mall bob wig is a variety of lengths and hair volume for you to choose from. If you are really afraid of heat, you can choose a straight bob wig, because a straight bob wig has a reasonable length, it is recommended that you buy a bob wig with a density of 100% or 130%.

hair length and density

Tip 2. Choose a lighter color

I often hear people talk about wearing lighter colors in the summer, so wigs are actually no surprise. Because according to the principle of heat absorption, dark-colored clothes will absorb heat more easily, and dark-colored wigs will also absorb most of the heat, which will make you feel very hot. So I suggest that you choose a wig for yourself in the summer and choose a light-colored wig, such as gold, pink, and so on such light-colored wigs.

lighter color

Tip 3. Choose the right cap structure

Know wig people must know, wig hair cap has a lot of different materials, a lot of nylon wig cap some is lace wig cap, in the middle of all the wig cap, to say which kind of wig cap most comfortable that must be lace wig cap. lace material has excellent breathability, if you pursue better quality, like HD lace is almost all invisible, with particularly good breathability, even if you wear a thicker wig, a lace wig cap can also make you feel comfortable and breathable. And will not make your skin allergic or get some acne because of the sweltering heat, it is made of an ultra-light and cool material. When worn on the head, it always provides a cool feeling - a must when wearing a wig in the summer.

cap structure

Tip 4. Choose the right material for your wig

I believe you know, wigs also have different materials and structures, the latest more popular v part wig and u part wig, some of these wigs can let your own hair out, in the top part of your head is a spare place, is also more breathable, but v part wig and u part wig in the back part of the structure or machine-made wig cap, so Breathability will also not be as good. What really makes you feel cool should be the place wig, this series of wigs will let your scalp get a full breath. If your budget is higher, my most heartfelt advice or recommend you to buy a full lace wig, because this full lace wig the entire wig is woven from lace, and each hair is prepared by hand on top of the lace holes, which very natural and very comfortable!

The above is a summary of how to wear wigs in the summer cool for you, now Donmily for a comprehensive upgrade, our products have very high quality, and dedicated to bringing you the best wearing effect.

How do you wear a wig in hot weather?

Having a moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and wig can help with the heat in summer. Consider either wearing a wig cap, or alternating between wearing wigs and light head wear (like headscarves) when the weather gets warm to give your scalp regular breaks.

Can wigs handle heat?

Heat-friendly wigs can take temperatures up to 240-350 degrees Fahrenheit when introducing a new style. This is useful for curling or straightening. Things like blow dryers can go up to 350 degrees safely, but just as with real hair, you should constantly check for overheating.

Are wigs hot to wear in the summer?

Overall, synthetic wigs are better to wear during the summer months. Synthetic hair is lighter than human hair, so it should keep you cooler. In comparison, human hair wigs will react to the hot weather in the same way natural hair would. It could lose shape and style or go frizzy with the humidity.

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