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Tiktok Is Being Taken over by Dramatic Layers

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Straight, one-length hair is all about personality, but TikTok has declared that dramatic layers are the only hairstyle you should focus on for fall (and summer, too). Matilda Djerf, a Swedish model, influencer, and all-around It-girl, is responsible for the style's popularity. For years, Matilda's tousled, '70s layers were her trademark, but her hair aesthetic really took over the lock (ironically, when we couldn't get this cut). However, it has continued to stratospherically evolve since then. Matilda is more than just an influencer; she's a hashtag, with over 157 million people searching for her name and 29.9 million TikTok viewers. "The #matildadjerfhair Matilda Djerf's hair went viral on TikTok and is here to stay.

dramatic layers

Layered hairstyles have arguably been a huge success for the fall, and The Shag has us convinced that short, rockin' layered hairstyles could be the way of the future. But if you're not ready to have such short and radical hairstyles, "dramatic layers" can bring the drama in another way entirely, thanks to thick, swoopy, long bangs and plenty of longer layers to add rich-looking texture.

The good news is that longer layers are easier to style. They're less likely to spread out in different directions like palm leaves, and your face line will dictate the direction of the hairstyle. Thick curtain fringe will give it a cool vintage appeal, while long chin length and collar length layers will give it a sleeker, more modern vibe. And the lighter weight will encourage your natural textures to do more. But the blow-drying also works well. Dramatic layers combined with face-covering bangs and a huge, extra, voluminous wave look are perfect for any fall cafe date.

Here are a few of our favorite dramatic layered hairstyles

Long Layers

If you want to keep the length of your hair while introducing nice movement, collar-length layers and chest-length layers add texture. They have a cool, relaxed feel, and they're also super low-maintenance to tie up after hours.

Long Layers

Pink layers for the French

Frenchie from Grease meets 70's Disco. we love this fun pink Fawcett hairstyle.

The "Rachel" layer of the 90s

Another dramatic layered cut we can't forget? Rachel, which blends long hair and medium layering with non-binding face adornments. It's understatedly dramatic and totally moody.

Chin-length layers

It's the perfect mix of 70s layers with the sleek glamour of a 90s blowout (plus you can go right beyond the crunchy 80s perm).

Chin-length layers

Shimmering Gradient Layers

Ella Balinska's layered cut manages to bring the drama with a sultry, swoopy fringe without feeling out of place. Some subtle tie length layering ensures beautiful movement in the silhouette.

Modern drapery layers

These overlong drapery layers complement the subtle, longer layers of hair scattered elsewhere.

Chin-length layers

Chin-length hair can help define the face and add movement and definition without the hassle of fringe. It also brings versatility to the hair, creating a mid-length look from the front while maintaining length in the back. Flip the rest of your hair over your shoulder and you've got options.

Bardot Layer

This is a mix of Brigitte Bardot and 60's fimbriation, then made modern with an ultra-chic look. The layered fringe is everything.

Medium Layered

A beautiful mid-cut with lots of cheek and chin length layers.

Understated Layers

Proof that subtle layers can be dramatic when crafted into a "push-back sexy" look. If you look, there are shoulder-length layers scattered throughout, but they are effortlessly incorporated into a seriously dramatic look blow-dried with all the volume and movement you could possibly need.

What is the purpose of hair layers?

Layered hair incorporates shorter strands into the length to add movement and eliminate weight. Layers create shape in the interior of your cut and are the defining personal expression in many styles, from light, non-uniform detail layers that show off your hair color to extreme layers that remove the most weight.

How do you grow out layers fast?

Trim the layers, not the ends.
The layers should be shaved.
Hair should be cut one length.
Get rid of the flat iron.
Change the shape.

How long does layered hair last?

Approximately every eight to twelve weeks. This is due to the fact that layered hair does not grow evenly. "Every follicle grows at its own frequency, so you have a lot of different lengths going on," says the stylist. Longer layered hairstyles can go a little longer between trims.

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