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Tight Perm Or Loose Perm: What's The Best Option?

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When you choose a perm, tight perm or loose perm is the question you face, how to choose and what will be the difference between tight perm and loose perm? In fact, both perms have to be combined with your own style and curl texture shape to make a specific choice, but before making a choice let's take a look at what this two perm actually mean.

Ⅰ. What is tight perm?

tight perm
The tight perm is a tight retro perm that has a stacked layered look to it. The perm adds several times the volume to your hair, and with one stacked perm, the tight perm gives you an unbelievable amount of volume and makes your hair look voluminous. In terms of length, it has about the same length as a bob haircut, but its curls are almost very fine, and when you choose a tight perm, the result you get from the perm may have a very similar texture to African American native hair. But before you choose a tight perm you should talk to your hairdresser and consider what kind of texture it will give you to ensure a better perm result.

Ⅱ. What is a loose perm?

loose permThe loose perm is closer to the modern perm, which is more in line with the modern aesthetic of most young people and is a looser wave. Accordingly, the volume of the hair is not as pronounced as in a tight perm. Generally, when designing a loose perm, the stylist uses fewer or larger curlers and makes them normal to large in size in relation to the length of the hair. If you prefer a more trendy loose perm and don't want to spend too much time every day on curling and are worried that the curls will slowly lose their original look over time, then a loose perm is the best option for you, as you can perm the middle length of your hair to the ends.

Ⅲ. What is the difference between loose perm and tight perm in terms of appearance?

loose perm
These two types of perms are easy to see in terms of appearance. tight perm is hair that rolls over each other and are very full and voluminous throughout the head, regardless of the size of the curls, tight perm has hair that overlaps together. Many of the girls we see with very tight perms are probably because they are permed very tightly and the hair is stacked tightly on top of each other. Loose perm is also a type of curl, but it is a loose wave, the curls are not as tight but have a nice curve, they don't overlap but are in layers to give your hair a more natural look.

Ⅳ. Key differences between loose perm and tight perm

1. For different people

tight perm is suitable for those who like rock and roll style or African-American people, it is a very African-American perm that can show the cultural characteristics of the ethnic group in the hair, if you are a rock and roll lover or like this style, then this is also worth trying. The loose perm is suitable for those who catch up in the fashion front or dress in a very sexy style, you can refer to the Hollywood retro hairstyle, like Marilyn Monroe-like hair, you look and feel sexy and glamorous.

tight perm2. Choose different tools

Different degrees of curly hair to use different curling equipment to create, tight perm to use an inch or less of the perm rod so that the curls can look compact and show the volume of hair, if your hair is shorter, you can properly reduce the size of the curling iron. loose perm need to use the size of more than an inch of the curling iron, so as to achieve the effect of loose.

3. Different hair types

The type of perm you can choose is different depending on the hair type, for example, if your hair is coarse, you are actually more suitable for tight perm because too fine and soft hair may not be able to perm the volume and fluffy texture.
Above we have summarized the difference between tight perm and loose perm, no matter what style of perm you need to communicate well with your hairstylist before deciding to do it, according to your own preferences and hair texture for hair design.

What type of perm is the least damaging?

The ceramic, or cold, perm uses no heat and a less damaging alkaline solution. Cold perms will give tight, vintage-looking curls, while hot perms tend to look more natural.

What kind of perm lasts the longer?

The straight perm (also known as a reverse perm) is a Japanese style of hot perm which applies heat (often through a flat iron) and chemicals to straighten hair. The results of a straight perm are long-lasting which is why some people go for this option as opposed to other hair straightening techniques.

What are the two types of perm solution?

There are two chemicals that are being used for a permanent wave or perm, Alkaline and Acid. They are both effective at making a hair permanent but they produce different types of curls. Alkaline perms, also known as cold perms, are the most commonly used of the two.

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    Becki Juarez
    I genuinely think curly hair is one of the prettiest styles for hair ever
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    Alyssa Kreber
    Girl you’re literally so gorgeous. Straight hair, tight curls or loose waves doesn’t matter, you can rock anything and everything! ❤️
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    I instantly subscribed with her explanation of how she isn’t afraid of being judged and her rant about it, it was so real and so is she. Loved it and she’s so iconic
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    Gabrielle G.
    It looked better before you relaxed it. You were probably shocked with the dramatic change in your look. Thinking of perming my hair curly again.
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