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2022 Pink Hair Trends - Things You Need to Know About Pink Hair

This entry was posted By Bailee

Perhaps it is the growing number of millennials active on social media that has made pink hair a big trend.  Pink has been a popular trend in recent years, not only for hair but also for your closet, with more and more pink pieces being loved by everyone. There is no doubt that pink hair is a trendy hair color that incorporates a lighter shade of pink on lighter-colored hair. It's what every millennial girl desires today. For pink hair, we can see that it can work well with all skin tones. Whether you have tanned or white skin, this fantastic color looks amazing on them all. If you're dying for pink hair too, check out these popular and pretty pink hair colors! 

Below we have prepared 6  different pink hairstyles, from bright to light ombre to shiny rose gold hair.

1. Pink highlight

pink highlight dye

For those who are not ready for a full head of pink, pink highlight dye is a great option. Rather than bleaching your entire head, opting for a pick dye doesn't hurt your hair and gives you a sense of style at the same time, and pink and black or blonde look fantastic together! For the most subtle pink in your hair, try a rose-colored pick on top of an ash blonde. The cooler tones interlock perfectly, so the blush highlights have a "blink and you'll miss them" feel to them.

2. Light pink hair

Light pink hair

Light pink hair is pink in its purest form. It can make you both gentle and fair-like.

3. Pink rose gold

3. Pink rose gold

Rose gold is all the rage-rose gold hair color is an amazing blend of red, pink, and blonde tones, creating the perfect combination of rose gold hair color that really complements any skin tone and is also quite wearable. Whether you want to dye all your hair or just add a few highlights to enrich your natural color, rose gold is exceptionally versatile.

4. Pink Hair Tip

4. Pink Hair Tip

Check out these bejeweled pink tresses. Pink is threaded through blonde hair, and a hint of pink hue at the ends looks playful and vibrant. If you haven't tried pink yet, this tip dye is preferred for clients who need playful, low-risk hair coloring failures. This sheer, matte shine gives hair a temporary touch of pink perfection.

5. Pink and blonde hair

5. Pink and blonde hair

Pink is not just for light, almost platinum hair. It's also great for your honey blonde hair, which can add a touch of sugary fun to the blonde look.

6. Purple-pink hair

6. Purple-pink hair

Is it mauve or is it ice pink? This reflective hue changes with every swing and sway. The combination of pink and purple gives a multi-tonal effect that is mesmerizing and flattering on all skin tones.

How to Dye Your Hair Pink?

Step 1: Lay the groundwork for your DIY pink hair.

Having the perfect base color is the most important step in dying your hair pink. The lighter your hair is, the better your chances of having flawless pink hair.

Step 2: Prevent skin stains by applying petroleum jelly or coconut oil.

Professionals always apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly to the hairline, ears, behind the ears, and neck to prevent skin staining.

Tip: If you're worried about staining your bathtub or sink, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your tub or sink!

Step 3: Separate your hair into 4 sections and get to work!

Make sure your hair is clean and dry. After separating your hair into four sections (two in the front, two in the back), pin them up with bobby pins so you can focus on smaller areas of your hair. Wearing gloves, take one part and apply your desired shade of pink from root to tip, 1/4 inch from the scalp to avoid staining. We recommend using strands about an inch wide to apply the color evenly. Make sure the hair is completely saturated by massaging the color with your fingers or an applicator brush. Repeat until all parts of the hair are completely saturated! Wait approximately 30-45 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse your hair.

After waiting a while, rinse your hair with cold water. Some people skip the shampoo and go straight to the conditioner for long-lasting color (but it's up to you!) Make sure to rinse your hair until the water no longer has color in it. Then, you'll see your pink hair!

How to maintain a pink hair color?

Since pink is a soft shade, it tends to fade faster than brighter shades. Therefore, proper care is a must if you want him to keep it longer. You can use a shampoo that keeps the color and be sure to use a conditioner to complement the color. By using a conditioner at least once a week, you can maintain the color and nourish the ends of your hair with a 10-minute nourishing treatment that envelops the hair in a pinkish hue.

Finally, take care to protect your hair from damage caused by UV rays and heat styling. Whether it's from hair tools, hot water faucets, or the heat of scorching weather, it's one of the main causes of color fading. That's why wearing a hat and washing your hair with warm water on hot days is key to keeping your hair color vibrant.

How long does pastel pink hair last?

Pastel pink hair ages more quickly than other hair hues. The lifespan of your semi-permanent hair color can be prolonged with a number of tips and tactics, though.

What hair color works best for pastel pink hair?

Because pastel pink hair must be bleached before coloring it, lighter colored hair complements pastel pink hair the best. Of course, you can still pull off this look if your hair is naturally darker. Just be aware that the maintenance will require a little more time and effort.

How do you maintain pastel pink hair?

This look is a commitment, so be aware of that if you're set on it. "The maintenance requires time with your colorist, money, and work," explains Elena. However, you can customize these "fashion hues" for bleached hair according to your time and financial constraints. These specifics can be reviewed at any time, according to Aviles, a specialist in pastel, bleach, and creative colors.

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