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The Monica Haircut Is Going Viral on Tiktok

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Friends is a smash hit TV show with a remarkable cast that has captivated millions of fans since its debut and has become a favorite family staple for many. Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green is famous for inventing the "Rachel" hairstyle, and the rest of the cast is excellent, with Courteney Cox playing the lovely Monica Geller, herself a fashion and beauty icon. Monica's hair is a trendsetter, but it doesn't get the credit it deserves because it has all the elements of an explosive hairstyle: layers, slender length, and voluminous volume.  Monica's style evolution has been fascinating over the course of ten seasons. Add to that the 90s nostalgia that still dominates beauty trends, and it truly promises to be astronomical.

 Monica's style

Monica's hair has been trending on TikTok, but what is "Monica's hair?" Monica's hair transitioned from a rough-textured "bixie" - a mix of bob and pixie with a chin-length cut and layers at the top of her head - to a longer, center-parted, tie-length version between the first and second seasons of "Old Friends." It also pays homage to the coastal hairstyle trend, which some professional hairstylists predict will be popular in the fall." The center-parted bouncy shape is inspired by the current coastal grandmother trend in the United States. When blow-dried, this medium-length hair has a housewife-like lightness to it. It's a nod to the tousled blow-dry seen earlier this year. It is usually styled with "clavicle length, brushed at the bottom, flipped at the top, lots of volume, and very vibrant."

Countless celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, and Meg Ryan, wore this style from the mid-1990s to the early 1900s. The 90's bixie (or Monica) almost surpassed Rachel in popularity as the short hair style became more popular and took off on TikTok.

Hairstyles of Monica and Rachel

Hairstyles of Monica and Rachel

Monica's hair and Rachel's hair differ primarily in length and direction. Rachel's hair is typically worn to the shoulders and contours the face due to her tapered frame. The Monica hairstyle is a shorter, textured cut away from the face that is more layered at the top and back of the neck, giving the appearance of a more open face.

Those who want to slim their cheeks or hide their forehead should go for the Rachel hairstyle, while those who want to show off their features should go for the Monica hairstyle. Both hairstyles can be modified to accommodate almost any hair texture. Regular trims will keep both Monica and Rachel's hairstyles stylish and easy to wear.

Monica's top five hairstyles from "Friends"

Here are our top Monica hairstyles, in no particular order.

1)Bob hair

1)Bob hair

Monica wore her hair short in a voluminous bob with heavy bangs in Friends season one. Her hair was a deep black color that complemented her pale, smooth complexion. It emphasized her cheekbones and the shape of her face.

2) Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Monica grew out her hair and kept it pin-straight in season 6. Her hair was a dark, oily black texture that contrasted beautifully with her porcelain-like skin.

Her hair was medium length and accentuated her facial features nicely. This was possibly her best style after the bob.

3) Get rid of the bangs.

Get rid of the bangs.

Monica's petite face looks great in bobs, and she wore them again in season 3. But this time, she ditched the bangs in favor of a shorter haircut. Her face was more prominent without the bangs. It drew attention to her flawless features and pale skin.

4) Side sweep

4) Side sweep

Monica cut her hair to shoulder-length and added a side-swept bang for season 9. This hairstyle was also voluminous and added depth to her prominent features.

5) Layers with highlights

 Layers with highlights

Monica highlighted her hair for Season 8. She kept her hair in layers, which restored some of the volume from previous seasons. It was a shame she didn't keep her dark hair because it really accentuated her features. However, the cut gave her a more sophisticated appearance. the 90s nostalgia that still dominates beauty trends, and it truly promises to be stratospheric

Is Monica Geller brunette?

Monica's hair is not one-dimensional, the brunette beauty let her locks flow in Season 6, when she rocked this straight and sleek cut. Our personal favorite.

What season is Monica's hair short?

Season four, AKA the season of the super short bob.

Why did Monica get a haircut in season 2?

While playing Monica on "Friends," her character famously got a botched haircut from Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). Instead of the sexy Demi Moore-inspired cut she requested, Cox's character got a choppy mess of a cut that resembled Dudley Moore instead.

  • Colt Grice
    Colt Grice
    Monica still rocks with any hairstyle.
  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing
    Chandler always teases Monica
  • abien Coze
    abien Coze
    Monica's " I KNOW !!! " are always epic ^^
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