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The Easiest Way To Get Female Short Wolf Cut Like Billie

This entry was posted in Style By Jessica

Girls cut short wolf cut really handsome! Do you want to have a short wolf cut as handsome as Billie? How to get short wolf cut in the easiest way?

short wolf cut

Ⅰ. What is short wolf cut?

Have you ever seen what a wolf looks like? The short wolf cut is just like its name, by creating different layers of hair, it looks like a shaggy and messy wolf hair. The Wolf Cut was originally inspired by the Korean hair trend of the same name, known for its wild layers, bouncy volume.

short wolf cut

A textured fringe cut at brow length is layered on the sides to outline the face. It resembles the fur of a graceful wild wolf. The short wolf cut is a shorter wolf cut that retains the layering of the wolf cut, but with a shorter length. Generally men will try this hairstyle, but it is not against women at all, but it adds to the feminine temperament.

The cut is a hairstyle with shorter and thinner sides and shaggy bangs. It emphasizes face framing layers and rough textures

Ⅲ. How to get short wolf cut easily?


Step1: Layer the hair into a ponytail

short wolf cut

The short wolf cut requires short hair, if you have short hair, you can tie your hair in a half ponytail to the front of the forehead.

If your hair is long, tie it into a high ponytail above your forehead. Tying your hair into a high ponytail is an easy layered cut, especially if you're not a pro. By leading all the hair forward, you can cut it once, creating different lengths throughout the hair.

Step2: Shorten the first layer of hair

short wolf cut

Cut off approximately 2 to 4 inches (5.1 to 10.2 cm) with barber scissors. Pull the hair forward over the forehead and keep it there as you cut. The first piece of hair you take off will determine how long you keep it.

Cut to about 4 inches (10 cm) for a short wolf cut. This is roughly the overall length of your short wolf cut.

Step 3: Cut the hair upwards and thin the hair layer by layer

short wolf cut


The short wolf cut requires a messy and layered cut, which means that your thinning can't be too rigid. It can be finely chopped so that your cutting scissors point upwards into the hair, turning the scissors on and off frequently to cut a small amount of hair.

Step 4: Put down the hair and cut the layered bangs

short wolf cut

Take your hair down and part it down the middle. The base layer of wolf cuts you already have!

Take your hair out of the ponytail and part it down the middle. You'll notice that the section under the hair is the longest, and the section near the ears is the shortest. Start cutting curtain bangs.

● Cut a small section of hair above the forehead

Place the comb on your forehead and find where the curve begins right above your forehead. Gather the hair from the forehead to where the head begins to curve, forming a small triangle. Use the arch of the brow as a guide for the edge of the triangle.

● Point the left side of the bangs to the right, then cut diagonally

Grab the hair on the left side of the face, then pinch the hair with two fingers and point it to the right. Run the scissors diagonally below the ear and short hair wolf cut a small amount of hair. This will create layers to frame your face.

Start by cutting 1 inch (2.5 cm) of your hair and see how you feel. It's best to divide your hair into small sections so you don't accidentally cut it too short.

● Point the right side of the bangs to the left, then cut diagonally

Do the same for the other side of the bangs of short wolf cut: grab the hair on the right side of the face, point it to the left, and cut the ends diagonally down from the ear. Try to make the sides relatively even.

● Trim bangs as needed

Shake your hair out and make sure it's parted in the middle. Look at the bangs of short wolf cut: are they as short as you want? If not, trim them with scissors so they stay diagonal so they outline the face.

Tailored curtain bangs complete the wolf cut look. Once all the layers are done, you can refine them and trim them around the face for more volume and shine.

● Design wolf cuts with texturizing spray

Your short wolf cut is now complete! Spray a little texturizing spray on your hair to give it extra volume. Then, let it air dry or use the diffuser attachment of your hair dryer to dry quickly.

What is a short wolf cut?

"A wolf cut is a playful combination of a shag and a mullet," says Amy Abramite, Creative Director and Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. "It's a shaggy style with short layers up top that blend into curtain bangs that frame the face. The longer lengths are wispy with soft, airy ends that flick out.

How do you know if a wolf cut will suit you?

While it works on most types and textures, since the cut relies heavily on layers and volume, those with thicker hair that has a bit of a wave or curl will look best with a wolf cut, Johnson says. “Straight hair will likely require a bit more styling time to create movement or volume at home,” she adds.

Is wolf cut good for everyone?

While the wolf haircut is trending, it's not for everyone. If you have thick hair already, it might be best to skip this cut.

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