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The Best Ways to Go From Curly To Straight Hair


You can kiss your curly hair goodbye. There are different techniques to have curly to straight hair treatment. Your hair carries your style statement. The shift from curly to straight hair is the new hot topic. If you have naturally curly hair, but you also want to rock your look with straightened hair, then no worries. 


Hair perm 

If you are looking for something permanent, then you can always go for curly to straight hair perm. In perms, your hair follicles are permanently changed with the use of the chemical process. The hair gets straight and smooth.

Perm works best for virgin hair. If you have colored or bleached your hair, then perms might not be the best option for your hair straightening. Always consult a stylist in this case. The health of your hair matters a lot. 

Flat Iron

Flat ironing is one of the easiest ways to get straight hair. Flat ironing on hair is temporary. It is the fastest method to control frizz and curls. Flat iron uses heat to straighten the hair. In fact, flat irons are budget-friendly too!

It is necessary to dry out the hair before using a flat iron. To avoid further damages, use heat protecting sprays or serum on your hair. This treatment lasts until the hair is washed.

Hair Re-bonding

Hair re-bonding is a chemically processed treatment. You can get straight and sleek hair with this treatment. The cream is used at first to break down the natural structure of the hair. Then it is followed by another cream or neutralizer to make the hair straight. 

This treatment deals with frizzy and thick hair, but also makes the hair weak. A lot of maintenance is required afterward. It is recommended to do this treatment once a week.

Chemical Straightening

Chemical straightening is also known as hair relaxation. This breaks the protein bonds of the hair to make it straight. The treatment requires a lot of maintenance. Chemical straightening is only done at salons. The process is costly, but it is worth the money.

Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal reconditioning is also known as Japanese Straightening. The treatment includes both heat and chemicals. You will get a straight, conditioned, and smooth hair after this treatment.

The result lasts up to six or seven months. The protein bonds of the hair are reshaped by this process. It takes 6-8 hours to complete this treatment.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a very safe option. The hair is coated with layers of keratin. The treatment gives a naturally straight, smooth texture to the hair. It is budget-friendly and tends to last a while. 


Maintaining straight hair can be a tough job. Many curly to straight hair products are found in the market. You have to use the best curly to straight hair products for great results. 

To fight the frizz and humidity, always use sulfate-free shampoos. Condition the straight hair and also use a serum. During many treatments, the natural moisture of the hair is lost. Using natural oils on your hair can be a life savior. 

Sunrays and pollution can be a curse for chemically treated hair. Covering your hair with scarf or hats can protect your hair from the damage. Trim the hair once in a while to avoid split ends. Try to apply masks or spa on your hair to lock the moisture. Do not be afraid to spend any amount on your hair.



You can flaunt your hair with the hairstyles for straight long hair. At first, comes the high or puffed ponytail. Ponies never go out of style. Comb your hair and tie it high with a rubber band to get a high ponytail. You have to tease your hair and puff it around the crown to get the look of a puffed ponytail.

Twisted Buns

Get a fresh summer look with twisted buns. At first, comb and twist your hair, then form it into a bun. You can lose some locks at the front to create an effortless look. 


May it be front braids or fishtail braids, you can get an elegant look by doing braids. For busy days, front braids work like wonders, whereas you can do fishtail braids for special occasions. These add great volume to your hair.


Get a goddess-like feel with straight hair. Be ready to set everyone’s eyes on you by getting curly to straight hair. No matter what treatment you do to get the straight hair, always nourish it. Straightening the hair is easy and very common. You can make your fashion statement with your straight hair. Achieving straight hair is not difficult. Blow drying or using straightening iron is an option, but not always necessary. Being not a big fan of heat is alright!


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