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The 9 Best Low-Cost Makeup Brands for Students

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When it comes to low-cost cosmetic brands, we tend to be skeptical about their quality. After all, you don't want to end up with a caked-on foundation or a mascara that's not waterproof. That's why most of us are willing to spend more money just to achieve the perfect look. However, today, there are several great options on the market that happen to have affordable prices and also great quality. So, if you're looking to buy new makeup for the upcoming back-to-school season, try the following brands and hold on to your wallet.

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Maybelline has become one of the leading cosmetic brands over the years, particularly for offering products that are not cheap. However, regardless of the price, you can be confident that the products are of high quality. Furthermore, you can find a variety of Maybelline products at your local campus drugstore. However, relying on Maybelline for all of your makeup requirements can be risky. However, you can test out all of these low-cost brands to find the best products for you.


When we included Maybelline in our list, it was impossible to ignore L'Oréal. This brand is already well-known to you. And you will be able to find almost all of this brand's products. Because they last longer, some products, such as the L'Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow line, are even favorites of top makeup artists.


This is a well-known brand. And chances are, we've all got that $3 concealer somewhere in our makeup stash. It also sells fantastic skin, eye, lip, and nail care products. And, yes, L.A. Girl sells inexpensive accessories such as brushes. After staying up late to finish your term paper, you can rely on this low-cost brand to conceal dark circles under your eyes. However, no makeup is a sufficient substitute for a good night's sleep, so everyone should get some rest.

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Although NYX is slightly more expensive than L.A. Girl, the makeup is of higher quality. The brand provides a fantastic palette to work with. Whether it's lipstick or eyeshadow, NYX has a wide range of neutral and vibrant colors to choose from, so you can find something that complements your personal style.

NYX also sells a range of low-cost multi-purpose skincare and makeup products. So why waste money when you can use one item for everything?


Before dismissing Wet N Wild as just another drugstore brand, you should give it a shot. We particularly like its powder highlighters and liquid lipsticks, which can outperform those found at Sephora. The Photofocus foundation line is also excellent for creating a smooth appearance. Wet n wild sells seasonal items in addition to its regular ones. You will be able to find products that fit your budget and make you look great at the campus party because these products are trend oriented.


COVERGIRL is a drugstore line that is often overlooked, but it has recently undergone a transformation to make all of its products cruelty-free. This dedication was well worth it. Covergirl products are now Leaping Bunny certified, the beauty industry's gold standard. Covergirl, like most cosmetic companies, has launched a skincare line. When it comes to makeup, we especially like mascaras that provide lash extensions at a low cost.

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Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty is probably best known as Drew Barrymore's brand. Her primary goal, however, is to make cruelty-free cosmetics available to everyone. While the selection is not as extensive as that of some of the other brands featured here, they are of high quality and a good value. Flower Beauty also sells skin care products like masks and serums.


E.L.F. promotes itself as a cruelty-free, preservative-free, vegan brand. If that isn't enough to convince you to purchase E.L.F., the low price will. The brand embodies both elegance and sophistication, while also providing high-quality products at an affordable price. Yes, it will work well even on a student's average budget. If you buy from the website, you can also take advantage of some great promotional offers.


PIXI Beauty was founded in the United Kingdom and had a solid reputation there before expanding into the international market. Pixi's great pink packaging is enough to entice people to buy it. Not only are their products appealing, but they are also cruelty-free. Pixi not only has a makeup line, but they also have great skin care products. Pixi Glow Tonic has become an iconic primer product, and because it is alcohol-free, it will nourish and moisturize your skin.


As previously stated, we recommend that you do not rely on a single brand for all of your makeup needs. It may take some time to determine which products are best for you. While trying new products may not be the best strategy for a student budget, you should be able to find some small samples to try on the website or even at your local drugstore. Just because these products are available at a price that makes them affordable to you does not imply that they are of lower quality than luxury brands. Solve your makeup, hair must also pay attention to oh! Come to Donmily to find the wig of your choice! Have fun with your back-to-school season!

What is the basic rule of makeup application?

A good rule of thumb is to begin with your face. A flawless face means you'll probably need less eye makeup or lip color, and we all know that when it comes to makeup, less is more. Move on to the eyes and then the lips after the face.

What are the 3 Uses of makeup?

Cosmetics designed to improve or change one's appearance (makeup) can be used to conceal blemishes, enhance one's natural features (such as eyebrows and eyelashes), add color to a person's face, or completely change the appearance of the face to resemble a different person, creature, or object.

What happens if you wear foundation everyday?

If you apply makeup on a regular basis and leave it on your skin for an extended period of time, your skin pores may become clogged. This prevents your skin from breathing, making it prone to acne, bumps, and other facial skin issues. You may also notice bumps around your eyes.

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