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Take Best Trending French Fringe To Your Hair And Wig

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Now that it's August, summer is probably almost over in the northern hemisphere, and soon it will be time for a very pleasant autumn. The top trend to have on your radar? The French Girl fringe. It's a smash hit amongst the chic Instagram set, and also amongst hair stylists. In this Article, the interviewee Hannah Munford, Advanced Stylist and Colourist at MAYFIVE Hair, has flagged it as the style to look out for in 2022. Here we briefly introduce the French Fringe style, and who it suits, how to style it, etc. There are also ways to style its wigs.

French Girls Always Have the Best Fringes

I've made no secret of my obsession with French-girl hair. There's just something effortlessly chic about the strands of our continental fashion friends that I can only ever hope to replicate with my. own five-minute work hairstyles. However, I think there's one style in particular that French girls lead the way in above all others: the fringe. A tricky thing to get right, fringes are notorious for being both high maintenance (in terms of regular trims and hair washing) and difficult to pull off. French women, however, seem to have discovered the perfect fringe formula, and trust me—it looks good every single time.


What is the French-girl fringe?

Hannah maintains that this fringe should be shorter than the more traditional style. It's slightly cropped, with the point cut in just above or sitting on the eyebrow, rather than skimming lashes. The trick is to ensure it doesn't look too neat. Insouciance suits this style.

"This look is so chic it transports you straight onto the streets of Paris," she told GLAMOUR. Exactly the sort of beauty escapism we need.

Who suits a French-girl fringe?

"It's best suited to those with short hair that is above the shoulder," says Hannah. "Anyone who has ever looked for bob inspiration on Pinterest will have more than likely come across Taylor LaShae, who wears this fringe fabulously."

"The shape of this fringe, with a bob to match, will flatter small faces with pixie-like features," says Hannah. "If you have a natural wave to your hair, this look will sit soft and pretty but can also be straightened for a smoother finish."

How to style a French-girl fringe?

To blowdry the hair, use a small round brush to round off the edges and add a serum into the ends to tame any frizz and give ultra shine.

"Dry shampoo is now your best friend - as your fringe falls forward onto your face it has a tendency to get oily quicker and you’ll also be tempted to touch it a lot at first," explains Hannah.

"Alternatively you can pin your hair back and wash your bangs separately. Restyle to look as good as new. Have a consultation with your hair stylist when you next can, to find out if it is suited to you and your lifestyle, as regular fringe trims may be required in between your current appointments." If not, you'll need to become a dab hand with cutting your fringe yourself.


Hannah adds: "If you like experimenting with trends this is one for you to try, but keep in mind with shorter hair, the maintenance can be greater. Regular cuts every 8 weeks will allow you to get the best out of your haircut to keep it in shape. Have a thorough consultation and gain advice from your stylist to work out if this is suited to your life style."

Whether you're going to keep your hair long, cut it into a short hairstyle when you get your fringe or keep your 'do either curly or straight, we've got all the fringe hacks you need to know.


Don't worry about maintenance - we've rounded up the very best curling tongs, straighteners and hair dryers to style out your bangs in any which way you like, as well as the best shampoos to stop it getting greasy.

Their secret to fringe success? A center parting that separates their bangs into two sections. It works for all hair types, but the key to that effortless French vibe is allowing a bit of your forehead to shine through in the center. Keep scrolling for 8 of the best French-girl fringes around.

How to style French Fringes?

When you dry your hair with a hair dryer, use a small round brush to round the edges and apply serum to the ends of the hair to reduce curling and give it the finest luster.

"Now dry her shampoo is your best girlfriend's friend. The bangs fall in front of the face, so they tend to be sticky quickly and you'll want to touch them many times at first," Hannah explains. ..


"Alternatively, you can pin your hair and wash your bangs separately. Restyle and keep it look like new. Talk to your barber as soon as possible to see if it suits you and your lifestyle. You may need regular fringe trim during your current appointment. Try trends It might be a good idea to try, but keep in mind that short hair may require more maintenance. Trimming regularly every 8 weeks will help you get the most out of your haircut. Talk to your stylist for a thorough consultation and find out if this fits your lifestyle. With all the bangs tricks you need to know what you want your bangs to look like, curly or straight,and the best shampoo to avoid stickiness.

Wigs and French Fringes

Similarly, if your hair is not straight enough to meet the requirements of French hairstyles, we can easily make this hairstyle with a wig. If you use a wig, you only need to pick a good color instead of having to endure the hassle of dyeing your hair. For the most crucial part of creating a hairstyle, you don't need to destroy your original hair and hairstyle either.

Of course, if you want to use a wig to present this look, you'd better seek the advice of your barber before buying one and look for a reliable barber when styling.

What is a French fringe?

“The modern French fringe tends to have two key features: Firstly, it's soft on the cheekbones and then it arches just above the brows, tending to be rounded, so the edges blend with the rest of the haircut. Secondly, it is always heavy but with textured ends rather than a perfect line, which makes it more versatile.

What is difference between fringe and bangs?

The words fringe and bangs are essentially interchangeable. Fringe is just another word for bangs. Depending on where you live in the world you may use one term or the other. It's like the difference between soda and pop.

Do French girls have bangs?

French Girl bangs are known for their effortless vibe—they're usually longer than your average bang (past your eyebrows long) and are thicker and fuller than other styles of bangs.

  • Copopo
    I wouldn’t be without my fringe. You look fabulous.
  • Arashi et. Naka
    Arashi et. Naka
    Nothing wrong with a fringe after a certain age, cheaper than Botox too lol
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