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How To Make Straight Hair Wavy

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Variety is the spice of life. Having straight hair always might be a little boring sometimes. With a little effort, you can spice up your straight hair to wavy hair. If you are not a big fan of heat, that is not a problem. There are several ways to achieve the wavy hair, with or without heat.

Curling Iron

By using curling iron, you can make your straight hair wavy in just a little time. This is a process that requires heat. The waves of your hair will stay till your wash your hair.

• Start with moisturizing your hair.

• As this process requires heat, it might be harsh on your hair.

• Massage the hair properly with any serum or mousse you prefer. The product really matters here. Prefer using the cream, which protects the hair from damage and also stays throughout the day.

• Now, use a curling iron to create waves in your straight hair. Curl your hair by separating the strands.

• After curling the chunks of hair you want, loosen them up. Work your fingers and loosen them to create a soft and subtle look.

• Finish the process by using a hairspray.

Wearing Braids

You might wonder how to make straight hair wavy without heat? Well, we have got the answer for you. Wearing braids overnight will make your straight hair naturally wavy.

• Begin with washing and conditioning your hair. Make sure the hair is dry before you start braiding it.

• Use a towel and rub off the excess moisture from your hair.

• To make your hair even smoother, apply mousse or texturizer to the hair. The mousse will give great volume and smoothness to your hair. The texturizer will help your hair keep the wavy texture you are aiming for.

• After having the mousse throughout your hair, try to scrunch the hair up.

• After making the hair completely dry, divide it into several chunks.

• Take the chunks of hair and braid it. If you want, you can also twist the hair. Tie the braids properly with rubber bands.

• Now comes the easy part. Leave the braids just like that overnight.

• Undo the braids the next morning. Scrunch up the hair a little, and you will get the wavy look you desire. To get this wavy hair to last long, then you have to continue this process for a few nights.

Salt Spray

Using salt spray to your straight hair to make it look wavy is very effective and completely safe. Salt helps the hair to make it wavy. You can make the spray at your home. You will need one cup of warm water, one to two teaspoons of sea salt, one tablespoon of argan oil or coconut oil, and a little conditioner.

• A wig brush.

• Mix the ingredients well. Take a spray bottle and shake the solution several times. You need to make sure that the sea salt is mixed up properly.

• Before the process, you have to wash your hair and condition it. Use a towel to get the excess moisture out of your hair.

• After drying up the moisture, spray the salt solution to your hair. Do not miss to spray on the parts of hair you want your waves the most.

• Divide your hair into several chunks and make braids. If you keep the braids for a few hours, you will get natural wavy hair!

Pin Curls

Using pin is another way to get elegant waves on your hair naturally. At first, you have to prepare your hair. Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos and also condition it. Use a good towel to soak the excess moisture.

• Make sure that your hair is still damp. Use a styling cream or a mousse to your hair. It will add more volume and smoothness to the hair.

• Separate your hair into several chunks or strands. Each strand should be around one to two inches thick. If you want your hair to be wavy and loose, then separate the strands with more hair. For getting more curls, thin strands of hair will work.

• You have to roll up the chunk of hair and twist it using your fingers. After rolling them up, tie them properly with pins to your scalp. Continue this process with all the hair strands. You will have many pins on your head. Try to stick them against your scalp. This is to prevent the pins from poking your scalp. Keep the hair like that overnight.

• Take the pins out the next morning and Voila! You will have perfect wavy hair. Do not use a brush to comb the hair, as it might break the waves. Use your fingers to detangle. Finish off the look by using your preferable hairspray.

It is always fun to change your hairstyle. Straight hair turned wavy, doesn't it sound interesting! The tricks and tips mentioned in this article can be your life savior. Do not forget to nourish and condition your hair. Make straight hair wavy products are available in the market. Get ready for every occasion with straight hair turned wavy.

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