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How To Stop Lace Front Hair Wigs From Shedding


Nowadays, wigs are becoming more and more popular with the ability to offer people more hair style solutions. With the increase of people’s income, they are more likely to choose hair wigs, in order to keep up with the latest hair trend, instead of changing their own hair all the time. However, there may be an issue that bothers some wig wearers who wear wigs frequently, wig shedding. This is usually caused by careless maintenance, which will make the wig thinner and thinner, especially lace front wigs. But, there are actually some tips to stop the hair fall. In this blog, we will discuss how to stop your lace front hair wigs from shedding.

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Wig shedding is one of the main concerns for wig wearers. But shedding is quite normal and can be expected. Minimal shedding is acceptable, while excessive shedding may mean that the wig is poorly made. With proper maintenance and daily care, shedding can be stopped, and the lifespan of the wig will also be prolonged.

Tip 1 Don’t Not Scratch Your Head and Use Knot Sealer

Lace wig is hand tied, which means its hair at the lase base can be quite fragile. To keep the hair from shedding, the wig needs tender care. Try not to scratch your head while wearing a wig, this may loosen the hair knots on the wig, contributing to hair loss.

Moreover, you can also use knot sealer to tighten the knots to prevent hair loss. It is suggested that you should reseal the knots on the wig after every wash.

Tip 2 Proper Combing Technique

Combing is quite important to keep the hair tangle free, but over combing or using the wrong comb can also lead to hair shedding. When combing the hair, the best tool to use is the paddle-type comb with wider teeth. When combing the hair, the direction is crucial as well. It is recommended to comb the hair in small sections from tip to root. What’s more important, never comb the hair wig when it’s wet. Be sure to comb the hair thoroughly and gently, but never excessively.

Tip 3 Minimize Heat Styling

Although many human hair wigs are made to be acceptable with heat styling tools, it is always right to make sure these tools are on low temperature. Also, reduce the frequent use of heat styling tools, like curlers and flat irons. Excessive heat will increase hair shedding or even worse, damage the hair wig.

Tip 4 Use Mild Hair Care Products

Except for moisturizing your lace wig on a regular basis to keep it from dryness, you should aslo be cautious on choosing hair care products, go easy on chemicals. Avoid using products that contain chemicals or alcohol, these products do no help to hair care, but only leads to hair shedding and dryness. They can destroy the hair cuticles or even damage the lace base of the wig.

Tip 5 Do Not Wear A Wig to Sleep

Sleeping in your wigs is generally not recommended, it will cause tangles, frizz or dryness to the wig. So, remove your wig before go to bed is the right choice. There are a few ways to allow you to sleep in your wig without damaging your wig, but, the process is much more tedious than simply taking off your wig.

You can totally stop your wig from hair shedding if you are more careful with the wig. If you don’t have any idea which hair wig to buy, there are a lot of fashion options on Donmily.

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