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Soft Locs Vs Goddess Locs

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Both soft locs and goddess locs are two popular protective hairstyles, how do they differ in style, installation process, maintenance, and duration? You might not be able to tell the difference between the two. Today we will compare soft locs with goddess locs.

Ⅰ. What are soft locs?

Soft locs are faux locs that use crocheted locs hair and afro (worn) to wrap hair at the roots, it is a variation of faux locs that are soft to the touch and look. Like distressed boho and butterfly styles, soft styles are achieved by using a mixture of hair textures. Soft positioning can be accomplished using knotted and knotless or knotless methods.

soft locs

Ⅱ. What is goddess locs?

Goddess locs are a more bohemian form of faux locs. Hairstyles can vary depending on the hair type chosen. It's common for this style to have a little curl all over the place or at the ends. It is usually made with curly Marley hair or synthetic extensions. Instead of every hair being perfectly placed in place, this style emphasizes the unfinished effect of curls.

goddness locs

Ⅲ. Soft Locs Vs Goddess Locs

1. Contrast of duration and maintenance

Soft locs can last up to 2 months with touch-ups in the middle depending on whether you prefer a neat and fresh look or a natural "aged" look.

And goddess locs can last up to three months if properly cared for. For its maintenance you need to moisturise your scalp and protect your hair before bed, spray or spray on your hair daily; it absorbs into extensions and keeps your hair hydrated. But don't wash them as it can lead to frizz and saggy areas.

2. Contrast of appearance and styles

Goddess locs It is a variant of faux locs, it usually has curls in its position and tips, and its appearance does not emphasize neatness. Goddess locs is a bohemian style perfect for a beach vacation.

goddness locs

And soft locs belong to faux locs, faux locs is the general name of fake locs and soft locs. It does not add more than curls. Compared with goddess locs, soft locs are softer in texture and will be neater overall. Stylistic is not as strong as goddess locs.

soft locs

3. Installation process comparison

Soft locs can be done individually by wrapping hair around natural hair or by crocheting pre-made soft wraps into cornrows, crochet wigs, curly curls or curly curls or water wave passion twists are recommended.

soft locs

Goddess locs will be more complicated, to install the braided hair after the locs are installed. Divide the hair into imprecise sections and braid the entire hair into boxes. Add loose, wavy extensions to the ends, then wrap braided hair (usually Marley hair or sometimes human hair) around each box braid in a goddess position. It is very time consuming.

goddness locs

4. Comparison of installation time

Goddess locs are more complicated as they are usually long and require curls to be installed after a loc has been created. A shoulder-length Goddess locs style takes about four to five hours, while a waist-length goddess loc takes seven or eight hours.

goddness locs

In contrast, Soft locs can be very fast, they take anywhere from two to five hours to install, depending on the length and size of the locs. If you have box braids or any other protective style, it will take longer.

soft locs

5. locs removal comparison

For goddess locs removal, you will use grooming and astringent. Detangling agents help soften, detangle, and moisturize hair while removing loc, while applying a little astringent at the roots to break down oils that naturally build up over time. The comb cream is massaged into the hair while removing the extensions, and what's left is the client's natural hair.

Removal of the soft locs will be easy and it will prevent your own hair from breaking or tangling. Mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Snip off the end of the soft positioner to be removed. Gently untie the hair from around it.

Are goddess locs the same as soft locs?

“Goddess locs and faux locs look almost the same, but the difference is that goddess locs usually have curls in the loc and on the tips,” says Koudou. “Faux locs typically look like real locs with no added hair to it. Think of goddess locs as a bohemian look, perfect for vacation on a beach.”

Are soft locs better than faux locs?

Less tension – Compared to faux locs, soft locs are much less stiff and rigid. While soft locs can give you the movement and agility of natural locs, it might take several days of care and styling before your faux locs lose their rigidity.

What's the difference between goddess locs and faux locs?

What's the difference between goddess locs and faux locs? Faux locs have sealed ends, meaning the ends are burned or heated to seal, whereas goddess locs usually have open and wavy ends.

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