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Skunk Stripe Highlight Wigs Recommendations

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As the emphasize face-framing hair goes popular in recent years, the skunk stripe hair is entering into the eyes of the general public. When people are tired of natural black and brown hair, the brighter skunk stripe human hair wig stands apart from the typical styles, it does not like the pure color wig or pure natural black hair, not typical however can capture your eyes. In this post, we have actually gathered some different skunk stripe wig examines for clients to refer to. So that wig styles of the Skunk Stripe is leading the brand-new fashion in 2022. 

what is a skunk stripe Wig?

You should have noticed the word: Skunk. Yes, as in the charming black and white animal which has its unique color fur-- and you'll see how skunk stripe hair got its name. It has its unique color fur. The pattern color obstructs 2 contrasting colors together, in some cases as stripes on either side of the face, in some cases as a clearly divided half and half, and in some cases as a top and beneath layer.

Skunk Stripe Honey Blonde Highlights Loose Wave 13*4 Lace Frontal Wig

And when it comes to hair, it's pretty much the same thing-- a bleach blonde, light brown, or brightly colored emphasize patch that contrasts the rest of your hair. You can see pink skunk stripe wig, green skunk stripe wig, and other colors when you try to search wig with skunk stripe from google. In today's wig fashion trend, the skunk stripe hair wig has actually taken a crucial being in influencers' preferred hair.

This hairstyle is able to work well with their face shape for many users, and many of them are starting to notice the advantages of this hairstyle and coloring style. Product recommendations are derived from our sales data, reviews are shared by customers on and we will share them with you to assist you in your selection.

The Recommendations of wigs with skunk stripes of Donmily

1. Blonde Highlights Skunk Stripe Brown Lace Front Wave Wigs

Brown is the ever popular hair color that has been popular for an unknown amount of time and is a very appropriate presence both with and in the manifestation of your temperament. This wig has a brown base with a 613 light blonde Skunk Stripe front to fully define the contours of your face.

Over the last few decades, brown and blonde hair have actually been duking it out for the title of preferred hair color. For many years it seemed as though the stating "blondes have more fun" proved out, and blonde reigned supreme as the most coveted hair color in the land. Just recently, however, brunette babes have actually been acquiring traction on their blonde rivals.

If you like both colors, however, and can't picture picking one over the other, we have just the option for you: brown hair with blonde highlights. This delicious color combination produces more depth, movement, and contrast than you ever believed was possible.

Very nice wig

This hair is so soft and true to length with no shedding,i love this hair and will definitely be purchasing again soon it also came earlier than i expected
From User N*****

2. Loose Wave Skunk Stripe Highlights T Part Wig Blonde Ombre

Ombre is a hair method that includes 2 hair colors that slowly mix together for a natural look. While many women select to use an ombre hairstyle as a chance to rock bright colors, such as blues and pinks, there are plenty of ladies who like to keep it stylish and neutral with blonde. Blonde is an exceptionally versatile hair color. Whatever from caramel and auburn to black and silver can be added to produce a beautiful blonde ombre look.

No matter the hair texture, cut, or length, ombre is one hairstyle any female can magnificently show off. We're pretty positive you'll soon be convinced to call your hair stylist to set up the earliest appointment! This loose curly wig will give you the best body contouring effect, and will very well define your shoulders, neck and face curves, and the Skunk Stripes on your forehead will be a beautiful scenery by your cheeks.

loose wave skunk stripe t part wig blonde ombre

Love this hair

The hair was so beautiful the curls. were nice fluffy silky texture. I love to hear so much I would buy it again.This wig is beautiful. I curled and the curls were beautiful and when I washed it went right back to its soft loose deep wave, don't hesitate buy this wig!

From User Y*****

Love the hair

I got my hair installed I absolutely love it the texture is great it feel so soft little to no shedding it blended really well with my hair I would definitely order again

From User R****

3. Skunk Stripe Honey Blonde Highlights Loose Wave 13*4 Lace Frontal Wig

Honey blonde hair is a blend of dark and warm blonde with light brown. The rich blonde hair color gets its name by having a similar hue as genuine honey made by honey bees. This is a fantastic hair color since it compliments nearly every complexion.

You will find that the dye structure of this wig is very special, it is only dyed on one side of the forehead with Skunk Stripe highlights, I am sure this wig will make you the most dazzling one at parties and proms.

Skunk Stripe Honey Blonde Highlights Loose Wave 13*4 Lace Frontal Wig

Love the hair

I ordered the 24 inches, true to size and really full. The wig is beautiful and it looks very natural. Right color and doesn’t shed much. It looked great on me. I absolutely love this wave pattern. I have no complaints about this hair. So far so good !
From User P*****

Perfect wig

It’s very soft, bouncy, and the real is true to length. Had no smell. Can’t wait to install it. Will post pictures when I install it. The seller was very active and follow up with me with my order. I will definitely order from this seller again. Hope this feedback help someone.
From User A*****

4. Brunette 13x4 Lace Front Loose Wave Wig With Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Brunette hair is brilliant hair and embodies more varied tones and textures than just the faded mouse brown. This rich and dynamic hair shade has just as much, or even more, fun than blondes, remaining popular among celebrities for decades.

When you see the model picture, you will see how elegant this wig is. This sense of elegance comes from the dark brownish blonde color of this wig base, the atmosphere and yet understated temperament can make you very elegant in and out of the party and formal occasions, the forehead of the Skunk Stripes can also be very good to trim the curve of your cheeks.

Brunette 13x4 Lace Front Loose Wave Wig With Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Good Quality

Good quality, wore it for 2 weeks no bad shedding. would purchase again! highly recommend!
From User F****

If you want to browse more wigs for various occasions, please visit Donmily Hair home page.

Who started the skunk stripe trend?

"This hair trend is definitely inspired by Cindy Crawford's high contrast, face-framing balayage she had in the 90s," says Heller of this color trend, "as well as the legitimate stripes and chunks of color that a lot of the pop stars had in the early 2000s.

What does a skunk stripe look like?

Here's the basic skunk stripe style that has social media talking. It's characterized by a dark foundational color, usually black or dark brown, and a contrasting white or grey stripe that frames the face. It's similar to a curtain hairstyle, but the curtains are dyed to achieve the skunk stripe effect.

When was skunk hair popular?

The skunk stripe is the next generation of chunky highlights, a popular hair trend pioneered by girls of the late '90s to early noughties.

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