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Side Part Bob Blunt Cut: The Most Modify Face Framing Haircut

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No matter what your face shape is, the side part bob blunt cut is for you. Don't doubt, side part bob blunt cut is the most modify face-framing haircut that combines all the advantages of blunt bob cut and side part bob. It makes all the face shape flaws disappear.

I. What is blunt bob cut?

The blunt bob cut is a shorter hairstyle with a straight cut at the end. It does not emphasize layers and looks neat and sharp from the back. It is one of the most popular bobs.

blunt bobo cut  

II. What is side part bob?

A side part bob is any bob hairstyle that features a parting on one side. This parting can be small or very strong to open up the other side and can feature a weave or seam. A blunt side part bob cut, usually with bangs, looks perfectly at home with a beret.

side part bob

III. The most modifies face frame hair: side part bob blunt cut

1. For long faces, it will make your face look smaller

Side part bob blunt cut will make your face look smaller. This is because the side part bob comes with bangs to reduce the white space on your face. At the same time blunt bob cut it is short and will move the visual center of the person upwards, making your face look smaller and shorter.

blunt bobo cut side part

2. For round face, it will enhance the dimensionality of the face shape

A round face will give a cute and affectionate feeling, but at the same time it reduces the recognition of the face because there are not too many angles to enhance your personality. The bottom of the blunt bob cut, on the other hand, is a straight cut, very short, and resides above your chin. The straight line will enhance your round face and give you a more personalized look.

blunt bobo cut side part

3. Trim the face with large cheekbones and make it softer

Side part bob blunt cut, which has a strong face wrap. It does not need to bare your face flaws, the curvature of the side part bob overall complements the strong cheekbones and good bone structure. It will not draw attention to your cheekbone area and will soften your face flaws with this combination of parted bangs and blunt angles. Your cheekbone area will all be hidden inside this bob.

blunt bobo cut side part bob

4. For melon faces, enhance the dimensionality of your features

Melon face should be the least picky face shape for haircut. All bob cuts are definitely suitable for melon face. But side part bob blunt cut can make your features stand out more than other hairstyles and gain others' favor. Because it will look smaller on a melon face, then people's visual center will be more focused on the five features on the face. At the same time, it will enhance your aura and through the makeup and bob hair modification, it will make your features be remembered at once. 

blunt bobo cut side part bob

5. For square faces, it will soften the jawbone and make the face look softer

The problem of square face is that the jaw bone is wide and the bite muscle is too big. This is very much in need of a bob hair trim. No matter what kind of bob, it will keep the cut and curve near the jawbone, especially side part bob blunt cut is such a haircut. The blunt bob cut will cover the cheekbones of the square face and make the face line more smooth.

blunt bobo cut side part bob

Ⅳ. Other advantages of side part bob blunt cut

1. Covering hair loss areas

Why this is so, because a side part bob it will have a natural cut and you can cover your hair loss area with the other side of your hair, while a side part bob allows you to cover the hair loss area by wearing wig pieces, sewing weaves, etc. Because your part hair is able to hide all traces of it.

blunt bobo cut side part bob

2. Easy to build and maintain

blunt bobo cut side part bob

The bob is one of the best hairstyles to take care of because you hardly need to maintain its shape and hair color with professional washing and conditioning products. Because it's simple enough, you can create one-size-fits-all and parted effects all by yourself. Simply cut your hair flat with scissors, before flicking one side of your hair towards the other. If your hair is usually frizzy, you can use straightening pins to clip your hair, which will accentuate the curvature of the blunt bob. When parting, you can also just use a curling iron to slightly iron the top of your hair to keep the fluffiness of the side part bob. You can also use a styling product to set your hair at will.

What is a blunt bob haircut?

A blunt bob haircut is a shorter hairstyle that's cut into a straight line at the ends. Bobs have proven themselves to be transcending time with its endless variations. One of the more popular versions of this is the blunt bob because they're haircuts without layers.

What is a side part bob?

A side-part bob haircut is any bob hairstyle that features a parting to one side. The parting can be small or very strong to open up the other side and can feature a weave or sew-in with a closure

Should I get a blunt or layered bob?

If you have: One-length hair with a few face-framing layers. Try: A sharp, blunt bob. Good news for anyone who has a few face-framing layers on their generally one-length cut: You'll transition beautifully to a sharp, blunt lob.

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