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Short Hair You Can Choose in 2022

This entry was posted in Trend By Bailee

Congrats! You've made the decision to cut your hair. Yes, it might be difficult to make that choice (especially if your hair grows slowly), but getting a new haircut can be one of the most exciting emotions. You'll need to bring some images to your stylist to demonstrate to them that you've opted to cut your hair short. Not sure of your course of action? Think about getting short, layered hair. The experts claim that layering has long been fashionable.

Of course, there are a variety of ways to layer short hair. Own a distinctive pixie cut, but not just any pixies. The style is possibly more adaptable than ever, ranging from the "Pixie" (also known as the pixie bob hybrid) through contemporary variations. If you adore the bob, check out the list of short haircuts we've carefully chosen for you below.


A modern woman on the go can look amazing with a pixie cut. It is practical, attractive, and suitable for all types of hair. Pixie cuts for thick hair have manageable volume and a lot of texture. If your hair is fine, you can also choose the ideal pixie hairstyle to give your short locks more thickness and dimension. Modern pixie cut hairstyles are not just reserved for demure boyish looks. You can experiment with a number of short pixie haircuts for curly hair, asymmetrical retro 'dos, unique Faux Hawks, and slicked back or tousled pixie hairstyles. The most trendy short hairstyles today are pixie cuts, both short and long with bangs. The "Pixie" - that's part bob, part pixie - is seeing a huge market. The look has a circa-90s Meg Ryan feel to it, with a taper at the back of the neck and a razor texture in the front making this haircut very playful and very sexy.

Italian bob

Italian bob

Following the British bob and the French bob, the Italian bob takes the full and luxurious polished texture that characterizes Italian film actresses and fashionistas like Monica Bellucci and adds a few extra inches of plush to the length. Basically, it's more glamorous because it's long enough to tie up, but short enough to make a statement. The bulky blunt ends and minimal subtle layers add a voluminous weight to the hair, making it feel thicker, fuller and more expensive - an acceptable beauty. Simple and natural. It seems to work regardless of hair type, age or volume.

The Layered lob

The Layered lob

Lob hairstyles with high layers to balance out the curlable weight are a big trend right now. This look has both a retro feel and a future-oriented feel - it is very much in line with current trends. Actually, short hair really isn't that scary! In fact, we've been seeing a lot of layered bob hair lately, and for this particular cut, layers of hair hitting the cheekbones and creating different textures is the perfect wash-and-go hairstyle.



The coolest thing about the stacked hairstyle for short hair is its versatility; you can wear it on your head or on the side, tucked in your ears. Watch the video above, in which Kim shows off the trendy hairstyle.

Lots Of Shags

Lots Of Shags

Three haircut - the wolf cut, the traditional 70's pompadour cut, and the mullet - are the most recent popular short, tousled styles. Both the wolf cut and the 70s haircut do a good job of flattering the face shape. As for the mullet, this edgy hairstyle has come back into trend in the past year and it looks like it will continue for a while. I've seen men and women, as well as celebrities and all sorts of regular people, sporting mullets. When done right, it's an interesting trend!

Curtain-style bangs

Curtain-style bangs

Curtain bangs with short, layered hair is definitely a popular hairstyle right now because it has a lot of flexibility when styling, and hair look great curled or straight. Bangs with multi-layered lob is a real trend this winter. Bangs and layered front pieces contour the face well, especially when the hair is swept.

Hairline Layering Bob

Hairline Layering Bob

The 90's hairline layered cut offers all the texture and perfect unruly movement for a girl with a low profile. I think it's a fresh approach to short hair that gets rid of the super-sleek straight hair. It's refreshing to see a slightly different shape.

Rachel from "Friends

Rachel from "Friends”

Rachel Green's hairstyle, a cult favorite in the early seasons of "Friends," is definitely making a comeback. This style is fun and voluminous, especially when the hair is turned down at the ends, which is another trend.

What does the Pixie haircut look like?

A pixie and a bob cut are combined to create the Pixie haircut. This fashionable cut combines the adaptability of a bob with the volume of a short pixie. Women of various ages can wear it because the cut can be altered. Teryn Tucker, a talented stylist from Orlando, Florida, offers helpful advice on this fad.

What kind of haircut suits me?

Avoid short haircuts for this facial shape if you have curly hair. This kind of face shape looks well with long, straight hair. If you want to try out a short haircut and have glossy, straight hair, go for a defined pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs that end at your cheekbones.

Does short hair make you look fatter?

Some short hairstyles may give the appearance of a wider face. Some short hairstyles can draw attention to your facial features in a way that distorts the shape of your face. Continue reading to learn about these hairstyles and how they gently alter the look of your face.

  • Alberta Michael
    Alberta Michael
    The short hair here does look good
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    Pete Ulysses
    Thanks to the author for such a detailed introduction
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    Leif Benjamin
    As a lover of short hair, I have almost cut all the short hair in this article
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