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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Short Hair Wigs For Africa American Girls 2022

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With the La Niña phenomenon, the summer season seems to be unbearably long and endlessly hot, and many people have thought many times about cutting their hair short or getting a fresher haircut because of the excessive heat. Are you ready for a new wig this summer or want to get a summer-ready haircut? There is no doubt that buying a wig is far easier than cutting your hair short, so which of the many short hair wigs should you choose? Please read on in this article, I will give you some sound advice before you choose short hair wigs.

Ⅰ. What kind of short hair wigs suit summer best?

The first important thing in choosing a wig to wear in summer is the comfort of the wig. Summer temperature may be as high as 40 degrees Celsius, our body temperature to be much higher than the temperature, in this case, our scalp will secrete more sweat as well as oil, if you choose is not breathable wig cap, then your wig and wig cap will have a very bad smell of sweat at the end of the day, in the long run, if the skin is more sensitive girls, the scalp will be smothered out a lot of acne. So your first priority is to buy a breathable and comfortable wig or buy a breathable material wig cap, followed by you can consider what kind of short hair wigs are more suitable for summer wear, the next for you to introduce a few of the most suitable for summer short hair wigs.

1. Bob wig

bob wig
Classic is eternal, bob wig as short hair wigs in the most representative and characteristic wig, almost for every girl, no matter what skin color or whatever face type, and bob in size will give you a cool feeling, so is very suitable for summer short hair wigs. in addition, from the thickness, the bob wig looks very light. bob wig looks very light and thin and in order to have a better sense of styling experience, we donmily hair in the production of wigs do not choose too much wig density, because too much density will make the bob wig lose lightness and become very heavy. Whether it is from the visual experience or the actual wearing feeling, a bob wig is very refreshing. Now donmily hair has a lot of different types of bob wigs to choose from, if you are a hip-hop style girl, you can certainly try the highlight bob wig, which is an unusual break from the norm short hair wigs, and can definitely match your look perfectly, if you are more mature women then you can totally try the monochrome Straight hair bob wig, for your overall look to provide a different sense of beauty, and then with a pair of baroque earrings, you will be more attractive.

2. Pixie cut wig

pixie wig
If you still feel that the bob wig is too long or you want to be cooler, then the pixie cut wig is a more suitable choice for you. Summer is a season of heavy rain and windy days, when you go out and the wind blows across your face, your long hair sticks to your face, more importantly your face also secretes more oil and sweat because of the heat, the hair sticks to your face, it looks like a thing that makes you embarrassed and a little bit caught off guard, pixie cut wig can help you solve all this trouble because of its length The length of the pixie cut wig is above your ears, so no matter how the wind blows, it won't mess up your hair. What's more, the pixie cut wig allows you to style and go out in no time, doesn't that sound very tempting? Long hair often requires more delicate care, and short hair wigs is to amplify your beauty on the basis of adding more convenience to your life.

3. short curly headband wig

headband wig
The headband wig in my opinion is the most convenient and easy to wear short hair wigs, it not only has a variety of styles to choose from, such as body wave and curly wig, but the style is also very diverse, you can choose according to your favorite style. Secondly, the headband wig can provide you with a very natural hairline because you can wear a variety of styles of hairbands from donmily hair in the hairline section, which will not only help you to make a natural hairline but also add variety to your style.

Short hair wigs will definitely be your best choice for summer, not only to provide you with a different style but also to greatly reduce the time spent on styling and provide you with convenience. But after you buy short hair wigs remember to take good care of your wig so that you can ensure that your wig can be used from the summer of 2022 until the summer of 2023!

What color of hair is good for summer?

Copper Tones Take a cue from the weather and go slightly warmer for the sunny months ahead. “Any shade of copper-toned hair is a go,” says Powell. “This look is perfect for the warmer months. You can ask your stylist for lighter ends and a slightly darker base to create a seamless blend.”

What should I do with my hair in hot weather?

Beach Waves Hairstylist Justine Marjan recommends sleeping in braids, or wrapping your hair around a scarf, socks, or tights. “This helps set your hair in the shape you want without any heat,” she says. “In the morning just remove the braids and add in Tresemmé Texture Dry Finishing Spray for a little added volume.”

What hair is in summer 2022?

Golden Hour Hair If winter and spring were all about dramatic redheads, summer is for gold and bronze shades. Pioneers of the 2022 red hair trend including Barbie Ferreira, Zendaya, and Kendall Jenner are on to their next color, but they're still channeling some of that tonal warmth into their new look.

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