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How to Revive Your Curly Wig


It can be quite annoying when your curly wig get tangled, fuzzy or lose its bounce after being used for a long time. What would you do with it? Will you just throw it away or try to bring it back to life as possible as you can? Well, for those who can easily afford a fancy wig, they would probably discard it. But there is always a way to be more thrift. With proper maintenance and care, your curly hair can retrieve those bouncy curls back and last longer. This article is a guide on how to revamp your curly wig.

curly wig

For starters, we need to understand a fact that hair wigs can get dry or stiff after long time use. Unlike natural hair which has natural oil that our scalp produces to keep it moisturized, this is the very element that hair wig lacks, so it inevitably gets dry or fuzzy. In this post, you will get to know the guide on how to revamp your curly wig.

Detangle The Curly Wig

Spray a little bit of water or detangling mist throughout the wig before detangling. Separate the hair into small sections and use a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair, in order to remove the tangles. Do remember not to brush it too hard, or you may ruin the curls.

Dip The Curly Wig In Hot Water

Boil water with a pot and then pour the boiling water into the basin. Put in some conditioner and coconut oil or any other natural oil, and mix them together. Dip your curly wig in the water and let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse it off when the water gets cooler.

Wash The Curly Wig With Shampoo

Deep cleaned the wig with some shampoo to remove the dirt and residue on the hair. Also brush the hair while washing to detangle. But please keep in mind not to pull it hard because the hair in in fragile state when wet.

Deep Condition Your Curly Wig

Apply some moisturizing conditioner on the hair to keep it moisturized. Let the conditioner stay on the hair wig for 3 to 5 minutes to use its magic and then rinse the it off thoroughly. This step can be repeated depends on how awful your curly wig is.

Revive The Curls

We officially come to the last step also the most important step. Apply some curl enhancing smoothie on the hair and gently message the hair to make sure the smoothie goes thoroughly on every hair strand. And then put the hair wig back on the wig stand. Use some hair styling gel on the hair and twist the curls gently, so that they can fall back into their original pattern.

The curly wig revamping work is now completed. What left to do is to let the wig to be air dried and restore it with more discreet. And your crusted, matted curly wig will be all new and shiny again. To bring your old curly wig back to life needs more patience and discretion, but it also can be very interesting to make the old wig usable again. There are quite a lot affordable curly wigs on Donmily. All of them are shiny and pretty, more importantly, affordable.

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