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Steps to Remove Glue Residue Off Your Lace Wig Safely


We all know that hair wig can offer us different and versatile styles. The flexibility and beauty it comes with makes our life more convenient. But convenience always comes with a price. For instance, you will have to put up with the tedious process of installing and uninstalling it. It is not only a matter of time. Some details must be paid attention to. When you use glue to install your lace front wigs, you will have to be very cautious when remove the wig from your head. If not, not only the wig will be damaged, but also your scalp can be hurt. So, there are some tips to note on how to remove glue residue off your lace wig, in order not to damage the wig itself.

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How to remove glue residue off your lace wig step by step

1.Wipe away the glue residue from previous wear

Damp a cloth or towel in warm water and then use it to rub the glue with your fingernail gently. Scrape the edge of the glue or tape and start lifting it away. Be very careful when you peel the tape away, otherwise you may damage the lace. If the glue can not be wiped easily, don’t do it and wait until step 2.

2.Use alcohol or adhesive release spray

Soak a small piece of sponge with alcohol and then rub it over wig tape or glue bonds or spray some adhesive release spray on the tape or glue bonds. Do not soak the entire wig with alcohol, or you will damage it. Peel the tape of glue gently with your fingernail 2 minutes later.

3.Clean your lace wig with warm water

Fill in the sink or basin with warm water and dip your lace wig entirely into it. Soak the wig for sometime and then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the residue away. If there still are stubborn sports, you can spray some adhesive release spray again or some chemical solvent. This step should get rid of all remaining residue. Rinse off the lace wig after a few minutes of brushing.

4.Shampoo and deep condition your lace wig

After rinsing off the wig. Use mild shampoo or any wig shampoo to wash the wig. Gently run the hair through for fingers and message the wig. After washing it, use hair conditioner to deep condition the wig. This step shall bring all the luster back to the wig.

The key point of the process is to be very careful and patient. Lace wig can offer your versatile styles and that’s true. But the lace base is quite fragile and needs tender care. Removing glue residue off can last long the longevity of lace wig and makes next wear more convenient. Also regular care basis can bring the wig back to life again and makes it shiny, glossy as a new one. During the care, you can always use some baby oil or coconut oil to make the hair get smoother. If you are wondering where to get a quality lace wig, here we would like to recommend Donmily, where you can get affordable human hair lace wigs with different styles.

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