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The Process of Human Hair Wigs Are Being Made


You probably wear a wig either for cosmetic reasons or convenience reasons. People may wear wigs to achieve different length, hairstyles or even colors. No matter what reasons are, people all want their wigs to look beautiful and stylish, as well as natural. There are wigs made out of synthetic hair, animal hair and human hair. Wigs made out of human hair are the most natural type, and also the most expensive. For those wig wearers who wear wig all day long, but they still don’t have a clue how wigs are made. In this article, we are going to show you the process of human hair wigs are being made.

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It is very time-consuming and labor-consuming to made a human hair wig. This is also the reason why human hair wigs are so expensive. The raw material of human hair wigs is 100% human hair, the hair of high-end ones comes from a single donor, cost much more. Human hair of wigs are mainly sourced from countries including, China, India, Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia and so on. So how are human hair wigs are made?

Step1 Get Human Hair Prepared

Firstly, the human hair should be prepared. Holding a small bunch of hair in hand and rubbing the ends to make sure each hair strand is in the uniform direction. If there are hairs running in different directions, sorting them into different bunches. Then recombine them into organized bunches. Wash the hair gently but thoroughly with soap water and disinfects. And then the hairs can be dyed into different colors, curled, straightened or waved into desired styles.

Step2 Deciding the Wig Pattern

The foundation of a wig is pretty important because it directly affect user’s wearing experience. Pay attention to the circumference and measurements of several aspects of usual shape of the head to make the foundation fit the shape of most customers’ heads.

Step3 Making the Wig Foundation

Before making the wig foundation, make the edge and the crown with fine mesh-silk netting that matches the color of human scalp and sew them together with silk ribbon or lace that has the similar color to the foundation. And then , sew spring into the foundation to make the wig stay in place on customer’s head. Now the wig foundation is completed.

Step4 Hair Knotting

Hair Knotting is the process of attaching hairs to the wig foundation net. This is the most time-consuming part of making a wig. There are around 30,000 to 40,000 knots on a full wig. Knots along the parts and front edges are made with single hair, and knots along the crown part are made with up to 8 hairs.

Step5 Wig Styling

Now we’ve come to the last step. The wig is pinned into a soft block to enable it to be dampened by combing through with a wet comb. And then styled it into desired look, curly, wavy, straight or cut, dry it in a warm oven. Cover a net on the finished style to keep the shape.

So, that’s who human hair wigs are made. Once the wig is completed, it is ready to go. Are you looking for real human hair wigs? There are a variety of human hair wigs on Donmily with affordable prices, you will definitely find your style.

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