How To Make A Wig Soft Again
By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-15

Human hair wig stays soft up to one year with proper care. But after a while, the texture and smoothness of the wig will fade. It happens because the wig does not do have the scalp oils like our natural hair to keep it moisturized.

This might literally make most of us crazy! Do not worry if your wig gets dry and tired. We have the perfect solution for that. By the end of the article, you will know how to make a human hair wig soft again.

how to make a wig soft

What Damages The Wig?

To know how to make your wig soft again, you have to know what caused the dryness and damaged it. All the reasons mentioned below affects the life of the wig. The more you maintain the wig, the longer it will last.

  • Poor hair quality of a wig tends to gets damaged very easily.
  • Not enough moisture causes dryness of the wigs.
  • Lack of essential and natural oil.
  • If the wig is exposed to excessive sunlight or heat, it gets dry very easily.
  • Excessive bleaching and dyeing of the wig can be a curse.

How to Make Your Wig Soft Again?

Apply shampoo to the wig

At first, detangle the human hair wig. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it. The large bristles of the comb do not pull the hair avoiding hair loss. If you are facing problems to detangle the wig with a comb, then use your fingers. Before detangling the wig, use a wig detangler or spray some water to make it smooth.

Fill a place with lukewarm water. Mix shampoo with the water to form a soapy solution. The amount of the shampoo depends on the length of the wig. Stretch your wig a little and place it in the soapy solution for 5 – 10 minutes. The shampoo will clean all the dirt and make the wig soft.

Rinse the wig with cool water after applying shampoo to it. Rinsing the wig will remove the shampoo from the hair.

Conditioning and softening

Fill a place with lukewarm water. Then pour 4 – 5 cups of conditioner and fabric softener in it and mix the water well. The conditioner will help the wig to stay detangled and also add softness and shine. The fabric softener will make the hair super soft.

Submerge the wig fully in the water for 25 – 30 minutes. If the wig you are using is damaged, then keep it for a few hours. Stretch the wig gently so the conditioner can reach every strand. After removing the hair from the water, do not rinse it. Let the conditioner stay in the wig.

Drying the wig

Squeeze the excess water out gently. Use your fingers to press the strands of the wig. Do not twist the wig to take the water out—Pat the wig with a towel. Try to avoid rubbing the hair with a towel. Just pat it to take the moisture out.

Place the wig on a wig stand or a place to let it completely dry. Blow dryers and different heat based tools damage the hair on a great level, so generally try to avoid them.

Maintaining the wig

Try to use the products which are specifically made for human hair wig. A wig and natural hair are very different. To keep the wig clean and soft, you have to purchase different products. Try to find shampoos and conditioners for wigs that do not contain harmful chemical ingredients. If you cannot find them in supermarkets, try to visit beauty shops or salons.

Detangle the wig with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb after completely drying it out. To make sure that the wig remains soft, wash the hair every week. It totally depends on your usage. Try not to over wash the wig.

Using too many hair products on a wig makes it weaker with time. Minimize the number of products you are using. Stick to the products which are sulfate-free and helps the wig to remain soft.

Keep your human hair wig away from hot temperatures. Avoid using blow dryers, curling irons, or straightening irons regularly. When you are going out in the sunlight for a long time, use hats or scarf to cover your hair. This prevents the permanent damage of a wig. Avoid sleeping with your wig on as it completely damages the texture.


Be ready to feel like a goddess with a soft wig. With proper care and maintenance, the wigs last long. Wigs make you feel beautiful, adds volume to your hair without changing the natural look. Make your human hair wig flawless again with all the procedures we have mentioned.

Avoid the damage and save your wig by taking it to the good condition like before. Use conditioner, essential oils, and take care of your wig, and Voila! You will have the perfect soft wig again.