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Pixie Cut Wig What Are The Pros And Cons?

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It is not uncommon to change your overall look with a wig. Long hair wigs are beautiful, but they require maintenance and care, and in the summer heat long hair wigs can make you feel stuffy. In contrast, short hair wigs are very well taken care of and can keep you fresh in the summer heat. Short wigs also come in a variety of styles, bob wigs are more playful and cute but pixie cut wigs can accentuate facial features and are becoming more popular among African American women, pixie cut wigs can help you achieve a more special and fun look, keep reading this blog to learn more about pixie cut wigs!

Ⅰ. Pros and cons of pixie cut wig

1. pros of pixie cut wig

•Not easy to be blown around

Summer is a time when the wind is hot and sweaty, and when you go out for less than 10 minutes, a gust of wind not only blows your long hair out of place, but also pastes some of the hair on your greasy face. This kind of trouble must have bothered you for a long time, why not try pixie cut wig, no long hair also means you will be less trouble, windy days are no longer worried about blowing the hair around. More importantly, a fresh and cool head of hair in the summer can reduce the damage to the wig from oil secretion.

pixie wig
•Change of style

The pixie cut wig is definitely not a single, not the stereotype only for successful working women, it can have a different styling experience, but also very fashionable. The pixie cut wig is not stereotyped as being only for successful working women, but it can also be a different styling experience and very fashionable. Putting a shiny hair clip or wearing a hair band next to your pixie cut wig is an easy and simple way to make the pixie cut wig a versatile style and change your look easily.

•Save time and effort

The whole process of washing long hair, blow drying, conditioning and styling can take an hour or more, and washing a long wig can take even longer because you need to take more care of your hair. The pixie cut wig allows you to complete these steps in as little as ten minutes, and you can spray some spray or apply a layer of conditioner during the blow-drying process, and you can complete the entire process in as little as ten minutes. pixie cut wig is definitely a time saver!

pixie wig
•Good maintenance

Shorter hair means less maintenance time and costs, and more importantly, even if you have to get your hair cut or pixie cut wig colored, it will be much cheaper. The longer the hair or the thicker the hair, the more it will cost you to wash or color it at the barber store, and pixie cut wigs can actually save you a lot of money!

2. cons of pixie cut wig


Summer is of course perfect for pixie cut wig because it is very short and cool, but once the weather changes or in the fall and winter, pixie cut wig may make your neck or ears feel cold. Because the pixie cut wig is very short and usually above the ears, your neck and shoulders will not be covered by the hair and you will feel cold in cold weather.

pixie wig
•Styling does not have variety

Although we can change the appearance of the pixie cut wig with various types of hair accessories, the wig itself does not have that much variety in terms of features. Longer wigs, you can also straighten or curl to change its own texture, but pixie cut wig is difficult to change the essence of the texture, which means you can only keep the look when you buy it, usually through some nice hair accessories to increase the pixie cut wig styling diversity.

•Some other factors

Because pixie cut wig is very short hair, may be many people who do not understand or do not understand this fashion hairstyle will question your styling, some may question your sexual orientation some may feel that your hairstyle is missing the feminine beauty, but what about it? The hair style is the most suitable for their own liking, others feel that this hairstyle is not good enough more likely he has never been exposed to this wig, the standard of aesthetics is never which one person said, a wig can bring you confidence is the most beautiful.

Is a pixie cut low maintenance?

As they talk about it more, they realize that it's going to be a high-maintenance cut." Unlike long layers, which can survive for months without a trip to the stylist, pixies and bobs actually require those touchup visits every 4–6 weeks.

Does a pixie cut age you?

Though a closely-shorn cut may seem like a low-maintenance alternative to longer pixies, this style can dramatically emphasize the signs of aging. With virtually no hair to distract from fine lines, skin discoloration, or wrinkles, this cut can instantly age you.

How do you know if a pixie cut looks good on you?

“My rule of thumb is if you can scrape your hair back into a tight ponytail, you can consider anything, even very, very short,” Breuer said. “If you look better with wisps around the face and a softer ponytail, then you have to tailor the haircut perfectly to your face shape.”

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