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Pixie Cut Wig And Bob Wig Are They The Same?

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Want a wig that can meet the pursuit of fashion and bring more charm, but also in the heat of the summer to keep cool, I think you must have the answer to such a wig in mind. Meet these conditions must be short hair wig, short hair wig is very popular also in all ages of girls are an extra popular style, in the many discussions on short hair wig, bob wig and pixie cut wig let a lot of girls are beginning to be curious about these two wigs, today take you to understand the difference between these two wigs.

Ⅰ. What is a pixie cut wig?

pixie cut wig is also one of the many short hairstyles, the overall length is very short, such a look is usually the back of the head and both sides of the ear hair is relatively short while the top of the head of hair is longer, and in the forehead, pixie cut wig is with a side part or free part bangs. This hairstyle is a clever combination of the classic bob wig and pixie cut wig itself. pixie cut wig is popular because this wig can make women look competent and fresh. Many women who work in the workplace, especially many successful women, prefer pixie cut wig such as a brief and dry hairstyle, so the pixie cut wig is often seen as a symbol of successful women.

pixie wig
Ⅱ. What is a bob wig?

The bob wig is a style that has been popular in the wig world, and the bob hairstyle has been popular since the gold rush in America in the last century. To this day, many women still choose the bob wig because it keeps them cool in the summer while also making them look young and cute. This is the most classic hairstyle, but it is constantly changing with fashion trends. Many women choose to curl the bob wig or decorate it with a hairband, you can choose to cut a bangs for the bob wig or side parting bangs, both of which are very nice to look at.

bob wig
Ⅲ. Bob wig and pixie cut wig, what are the differences?

When it comes to the difference between the two, the first thing you might think is that they are of different lengths, which is true. The pixie cut wig is a very short hairstyle, above the ears, with bangs on the forehead, shaping the overall look of the head into a more pointed style. pixie cut wig first appeared in the 1920s, a little later than the bob hairstyle, when women had already tried the bob hairstyle and other short hairstyles. The first time the pixie cut wig appeared in the 1920s, it was a little later than the bob hairstyle. In the Great Gatsby, the heroine Daisy is a beautiful blonde pixie cut wig, the social background at the time is also in the United States after the gold rush, people in the infinite love of gold, for the design of hair is also a variety of luxury. Daisy would add gorgeous jewels to pixie cut wig at parties, and then with a shiny dress, pixie cut wig made her look like a mortal angel. In daily life, pixie cut wig does not need more decoration, a simple hairpin is enough to make Daisy look cute and charming.

pixie wig
Ⅳ. Who suits pixie cut wig?

Objectively speaking, pixie cut wig is more suitable for girls with skinny faces, or girls with thin overall bodies, if you have a pointed face then pixie cut wig is simply the perfect hairstyle for you. If your face is thin but long, you may want to add bangs to your pixie cut wig. This hairstyle will really suit women of any age and will accentuate your perfect facial curves as well as amplify your personality.

pixie wig

Ⅴ. Who suits bob wig?

If you are not very happy with your face shape or you want to rely on a hairstyle to cover up your not-so-perfect face, then the bob wig is the best choice for you. Because it can help you cover up the imperfect parts of your cheeks, it can also make you look very young and energetic. If your daily style is sweet and cute, a bob wig is really suitable for you. But it is also suitable for those women who dress up trendy, you may want to try a golden bob wig, or pick a dye bob wig, it will not disappoint you.

Today you have been introduced the difference between bob wig and pixie cut wig and what kind of girls are suitable for these two different hairstyles, I hope this blog can help you. If you still don't know where to shop for these wigs, why not come to Donmily to see it, high quality hairstyles will never let you down.

What is a petite wig?

Petite Size Wigs have a circumference of 21”. Normally, they are an inch smaller than average size wigs. Most wigs have adjustable straps that give up to a half inch either way for a comfortable secure fit.

How can I fix my pixie cut?

Use Quick Tease and a comb to tease hair at the roots and brush back using a flat brush. For extra height, use a 1-inch curling iron to curl hair up and away from the face. Follow up by using your fingertips to apply a pliable styling paste like Rewind to give the pompadour more shape.

What a pixie cut says about you?

While a woman with a pixie cut may be strong and confident, a woman with long, layered hair is considered a sex symbol. Many-a-times, women with lengthy, luscious locks are introverts and a little shy compared to women with a short haircut.

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