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The Coolest Wig In The Party - Pick A Boo Highlights

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Peek-a-boo highlight hair is a hair coloring style that became massively popular in Europe and America, and then in Asia and more parts of the world. Many celebrities led the way with this trend. In the early 2000's countless top stars began to popularize the two-toned hair aesthetic, including Avril, Shakira, Nicole Richie and many more. In the last decade of the 21st century, a few more celebrities have started to bring it back into the mainstream.

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What is Pick A Boo Highlights?

You may have seen American dancer Charli D'Amelio (90 million followers and counting) flaunting the peek-a-boo hair craze; it's a thick patch of bright color (pink, blue, green, or any other color) that coats the underside of your hair, hiding underneath your natural color. Starting in 2016, she started using pink peek-a-boo highlights on her Youtube channel, and until now, many dancers, famous or not, have joined the peek-a-boo coloring bandwagon, and around 2017 this hairstyle became one of the hottest trends, marking the big comeback of this two-tone hair coloring technique in the new century.

Peek-a-boo highlights are highlighting styles that are placed on the back half of your hair so that when you have all of your hair hanging down naturally, they are covered by your dark (or native) hair, which is equivalent to you hiding the highlights from view, which to the untrained eye is equivalent to no coloring.

But when you tie your hair up - or lift the back half of your hair off the surface - they'll come out in full view.

Facts of Pick A Boo Trends

The most common look is the juxtaposition of your hair's natural color with a very bright color. In this way, the second color acts like an accessory that can be seen when the hair is pulled up or styled in a particular way - although there's no wrong way to rock a two-toned look. This trend can be achieved in many different ways and strategies, all to add a high-contrast pop to your existing base color, whether it's a playful hue or a literal black and white tone.

Hair color gurus commonly recommend consulting a color expert for this dye job. Visit a professional, such as your stylist, as handling is key to the final result. Pay special attention to "high-contrast color matching", so it's important to have a deep and effective conversation with your stylist, who will consider not only the right color choice, but also how to properly match it with your hair!

Always remember that any shade that is darker than its natural color may need to be bleached or lightened first. If you want something lighter or brighter [for your dodgeball color], you'll need to prelighten it a bit first, explains. It's much easier to darken, but be careful - very dark or black tones can be difficult to remove in the future. If you're bleaching, toning and/or coloring, it's important to use hair-care and color-preserving products in your daily life.

 Pink peekaboo hair, Peekaboo hair

You can use Pick A Boo Style Wigs

For those who are not too fond of coloring their hair themselves, or are afraid of damaging their natural hair with perms and coloring, or whose hair is in a form or condition that makes it difficult to achieve this hairstyle, Pick A Boo highlight wigs should be the best solution. For this more obvious hair color (Yes, actually this hair color is quite obvious, you can imagine it blowing with the wind to reveal the vibrant color underneath), it is actually more suitable for occasions like prom, house parties or weekend getaways. For this reason you can prepare a wig like this to deal with the carnival occasions in your life.

Peek a Boo Highlights

In fact, you can also have another option is to choose a temporary wig piece embedded in your native hair, this wig is easier to operate and can easily achieve the effect of this Pick A Boo highlights. However, you will need to purchase a sheet wig that matches the texture of your natural hair to achieve the effect of highlighting the color hidden underneath the surface of your hair. Also, in wigs, Omber color or Balayage dyeing technique can be easily achieved.


Which Haircut can Pick A Boo style can apply on?

In addition to regular long straight haircuts, it can also be applied on straight haircuts such as bob haircuts. If you have curly hair (either your natural hair or a wig), peek-a-boo highlights may not work as well on curly hair that has a lot of layers. 

Pretty Peekaboo Highlights

But curly hair, if you do peek-a-boo highlights, will show a special effect other than the "hidden hair coloring" thing, more like a special layout of the highlights. In addition, braids and semi-braids, as well as bangs hairstyles, all have good compatibility with this peek-a-boo highlight.

Can you hide peekaboo hair?

Who hasn't always wanted to be a mermaid? These dreamy multi-color peekaboo highlights allow you to be just that. The purple and blue colors look beautiful next to dark hair, although this look would be just as magical on lighter hair as well. You can wear your hair down to hide the color—but why would you want to?

Is Peekaboo hair high maintenance?

High Maintenance They're Not Not to worry with peekaboo highlights! They're both insanely cool and insanely low maintenance. In fact they're one of the easiest, most convenient ways to make any hairstyle stand out.

How do you get peek a boo hair?

when she pulls her hair up you're not going to see that her hair has grown out or you're not going to see those highlights. They just peek through hence the peekaboo.

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