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Peruvian Hair vs Brazilian Hair

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By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-11

Peruvian hair is also known as multipurpose hair. It's a prevalent kind of hair. Peruvian hair comes from Peru, which in the West of South America. The hair is either brown or black, and usually, it is very thick too!

Brazilian hair is one of the best choices among hair weaves. It is very soft and has a brilliant shine. Also, Brazilian hair extensions have a very natural texture added to it. Both the Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair are 100% natural human hair, also known as virgin hair. So let's see what Peruvian Hairvs Brazilianhairhas to offer us.

brazilian vs peruvian hair

1. Difference between Brazilian and Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair both are excellent choices in today's market. But which one to choose and why? Here are some differences among Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair.

Remy Peruvian hair is actually thicker, but it is also very soft and lightweight hair extensions that we get to see in today's market. They are usually straight or a little wavy, perfect choice American and African women.

Brazilian hair comes with versatile styles and looks beautiful. The original Brazilian hair is wavy. But its also offered in straight and curly textures. Brazilian hair shines more than Peruvian hair.

Peruvian hair comes in light brown, deep brown, or darker colors, whereas Brazilian hair does not have color variation, but it is easy to apply color on Brazilian hair.

If you talk about Brazilian vs. Peruvian hair's volume and body, both are excellent options. But Peruvian hair has got more body to the hair. Even though it is lightweight, it has got a lot more volume than Brazilian hair. It looks and blends in more naturally with normal relaxed hair.

On the contrary, Brazilian hair holds the curls better. It is easier to style it, curl it, or color it in just the way you want, whereas Peruvian hair comes in the wavy texture, so styling it might be a little more complicated.

Peruvian hair is very manageable. If you don't take care of the hair extensions, it will still last a while. Brazilian hair demands a lot of care, but if taken proper care, they last long.

2. The Similarity of Brazilian and Peruvian Hair

As we talked about the differences, there are also many similarities between Peruvian Hair and Brazilian hair. When talking about hair extensions, we think about Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair because both add volume to your natural hair. They are smooth and shiny and also soft. They both go very well with African American Hair.

Brazilian Hair and Peruvian hair come tangle-free so, you can manage the hair with extreme ease. If you think that which kind of hair will last long, both Brazilian and Peruvian Hair will, only if they are taken care of. Do you like curly hair? Then no worries because both the Peruvian Hair and Brazilian hair come in curly hair textures.

3. Which One to Choose?

Is Brazilian Hair or Peruvian Hair better? Well, that is a big question, but we have got the answer for you. You can get very confused about what to choose, but it comes down to what you need.

In this article of Brazilian hair vs. Peruvian hair, we can say that both are great and are going crazily popular in the market. Both the hair extensions will add volume, but if you are suffering from extremely fine and thin hair, then Peruvian hair is the answer for you because it is heavier and thicker.

But if you want to experiment with different gorgeous hairstyles, it's better to go with Brazilian hair, as it comes in straight nature and is easy to style on. People love dark colors on hair like brown and black if you are just in love with dark colors.

Black women who want beautiful and natural-looking back hair will prefer Peruvian hair better. It is also very popular, especially in American-African black women. They look so very real and blends so naturally with the original hair. Peruvian hair is also available in other shades of brown.

Lastly, there will always be a factor of expense and budget. Peruvian hair and Remy Peruvian hairs are long-lasting, natural looks, so they also cost a bomb.

Peruvian vs. Brazilian Hair confuses all women thinking about hair extensions. It largely depends on the person who is willing to use it. Both the type of hair has its share of pros and cons.

So, when you decide to think of why kind of look suits you and how do you like to style your hair. But you have to figure out what goes with your natural hair, and your mood.

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