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Permanent Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Last year, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie's appearance in a movie promotion had caused a lot of controversy. The point of the controversy was that Jolie, who was a goddess, had ruined her look with her hair, and her long hair had been cut into two pieces. You can obviously see the traces of her hair extensions, which look at odds with her look. However, there is such a hair extensions, permanent hair extensions, which can achieve a traceless effect.

hair extension

What are permanent hair extensions? How long do permanent hair extensions last and do they last forever? Are they made of real hair or synthetic hair? Can I get permanent hair extension for short hair? How to choose a permanent hair extension for short hair? Ok, everything you want to know about permanent hair extensions will appear here.

Ⅰ. What is a permanent hair extensions?

Interestingly, permanent hair extensions does not mean that it can be maintained permanently. Here, "permanent" means those hair extensions that work for months on end and you don't have to put them on and take them off as often. If you have a full head of fusion extensions, banded extensions, flat hair extensions, or hand-tied extensions, you have permanent hair extensions. There are three types of hair extensions, each similarly maintained for a different amount of time, with regular fusion extensions being replaced every 3-4 months, banded extensions 4-8 weeks, or hand-tied extensions going 3-4 months. The difference between permanent hair extensions and general hair extensions is that the extensions are more seamless and invisible general hair extensions, is that the hair extensions blend better with your own hair. However, at the same time, it is more difficult to operate. Well, I think you are as confused as I am about whether permanent hair extensions use real hair or synthetic type wigs.

Ⅱ. Permanent hair extensions: Basics.

1. real hair vs. synthetic hair

Permanent hair extensions are the same as regular hair extensions, and the types of hair extension materials available are also real hair and synthetic hair, which is made by imitating synthetic fibers of the hair. Of course, real hair is the most desirable and "real" looking type of hair extensions, but it also faces the same problems that any real hair faces - frizz issues, etc. Hair extensions made of synthetic fibers are more durable, but can have a plastic look that can look less premium by comparison. And how long hair extensions last depends a lot on the hair type you choose for your extensions. Synthetic hair is usually cheaper than most human hair varieties, but lasts for a shorter period of time. That being said, while real hair extensions are more expensive, they will last longer as well. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so choose the best one for your situation.

Ⅲ. how to choose permanent hair extensions for short hair?

Don't worry, you can choose permanent hair extensions for even the shortest of short hair. We know that with permanent hair extensions you can grow the length of your hair while making it appear more voluminous, which makes permanent hair extensions an increasingly popular choice.

1. The perfect length to add hair extensions for short hair is the bob. You are allowed to go for any type of clip-in hair extensions you choose. The minimum length of hair extensions you can choose is 3 inches

2. If your natural hair reaches has a length of four to five inches, you can add tape to short hair extensions so that it blends in more easily with your natural hair, hiding the tape and making it look seamless.

3. To achieve a natural look, it is best to choose mixed length layers. This means that the length chosen for the hair extensions for short hair should not be exactly the same as the length you want, which will look veneer. For example, if your desired length is 18 inches, then you should consider mixing it with 16, or 14 inches of hair. This helps balance the shorter lengths with the longer lengths so that your overall look doesn't look uneven and contrived, as adding really long, heavy extensions to very short hair can damage it by pulling.

hair extension

4. The best type of hair extensions for short hair is the permanent range, and the options are still wide. You can choose glued permanent short hair extensions by gluing pre-bonded sections to your own hair, half an inch away from the scalp. The same is true for keratin-bonded types, which are considered healthier. However, while keratin is good for your hair, it doesn't hold as well as glue. Alternatively, you can opt for tape hair extensions, which use tape instead of glue to hold the hair in place. They are also great for straight hair because they sit flat on the head and are barely noticeable. The best hair extensions for thick, short hair are micro hair extensions and pre-glued extensions.

5. Artificial hair extensions for short hair can be treated just like your own natural hair. You can straighten, curl, blow dry, color, and use hair products. With synthetic hair, you cannot color the hair because most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which will damage synthetic hair. Also, you cannot style synthetic hair in the same way as real hair because the heat will damage them, so curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers are a no-no because they will melt or severely damage the hair. Other factors, such as sunlight, friction, or harsh hair products, can also damage synthetic hair extensions.

What are the side effects of hair extensions?

Extensions can cause hair tangling, matting and loss of shine, itchiness, and yes, pain, like my patient experienced. They can also cause contact dermatitis and, in rare cases, life-threatening allergic reactions from sensitization to glues, rubbers, or other chemicals used for extension application and removal

How much does it cost for real hair extensions?

The average cost of hair extensions is between $200 and $600. On the low end, clip-in and tape-in hair extensions range from $100 to $200. Professional glued-in extensions prices are between $600 up to $3,000 for a full-head of extra-long, permanent, cold-fusion extensions with virgin hair.

Can you brush your hair with extensions?

Hair extensions are at their most fragile when your hair is wet, so be careful and patient when combing through wet extensions. Using your hair extensions brush, slowly work your way from the ends to the roots of your hair, combing slowly as you go.

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