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Perfect Slick Back Ponytail How Can I Make It At Home?

This entry was posted in Installation By Bella

What do you do when you notice that your hair has become unruly and lost its original shine and texture? Will you choose to wash your hair immediately or go downstairs to the barber store and ask the barber to help you deal with it? But these methods do not work when you are in a hurry to go out immediately, a slick back ponytail may be your best choice to cover up the rough hair. There are actually many ways to create a slick back ponytail, and it can be used in a variety of scenarios, from going to the gym after work to a monthly dinner date downtown, a slick back ponytail is an ideal look for all. Can I make such a perfect slick back ponytail at home? We'll answer that in this article.

Ⅰ. How Can I make a slick back ponytail at home?

1. Star with clean hair

Before making any hairstyle make sure your hair is clean at least not visibly dusty, make sure your head is clean because only when it is clean we can make the slick back ponytail last longer and can make it suitable for many occasions. After you wash your hair you can spray some styling spray or shine spray on your hair to ensure that your slick back ponytail looks shiny and full of energy. However, if your hair is not so neat and you are in a hurry to go out, it is also a very suitable hairstyle to cover up greasy roots and it is very inclusive.

slick back ponytail
2. Tie up ponytail

Before tying the ponytail you can choose what kind of ponytail you want, you have several options to choose from. You can choose to tie a low ponytail at the nape of the neck or a high ponytail at the top of the head, or you can tie a ponytail in the middle of the head, in short, there are three ways for you to choose. A high ponytail is more suitable for you to go out to the gym or outdoor sports, a low ponytail is perfect for you to wear your dress out on a date, and a high ponytail in the middle part will make your overall look very intense. Before you want to tie the slick back ponytail, remember to never choose a fine tooth comb, it is recommended that you choose a boar bristle brush or a wide tooth comb, such a comb can make your got hair look smoother, such comb teeth larger comb can help you stay away from static electricity, thus bringing a smooth effect. If you have textured hair, add a little water to the brush to help smooth out flyaways. You can also use hair oil or leave-in shampoo to achieve that smooth, high-shine effect.

slick back ponytail
3. Fix slick back ponytail

A freshly groomed slick back ponytail will inevitably look like a lot of frizz and flyaways, this time you need to use a hair fixing spray or gel to smooth out those flyaways and frizz, if you also like a wetter look, then you put some hair oil on your hair and spray some water on it, this is also a way to make your look more stylish! The method, after finishing this broken hair, you have completed the slick back ponytail.
And slick back ponytail is not just a single hair tied up and nothing else can be done, we can make different changes to this look by following several ways

slick back ponytail
Ⅱ. Different styles of slick back ponytail

1. add hair accessories

Buy some small clips or hair bands, hair ties, and so on are the most simple and easy way to change the slick back ponytail, through these different hair accessories can also make you a different sense of styling experience. The famous hair stylist Miko once said "fashionable hair accessories can create a different miracle", so we recommend some hair accessories worth buying: velvet hair bands, rhinestone hair clips, vintage hair clips, etc.

slick back ponytail
2. Try different hairstyles

slick back ponytail
slick back ponytail not only can be tied up without any changes, but you can also do some special changes to your hair. For example, you can slick back ponytail tied into a twist braid, loose special braid, or you can use a few very small leather bands, in your hairline part of a few tiny braids, these subtle changes are the way to change the look, but also very worth every slick back ponytail girls try.

How do you slick your hair back in a ponytail?

Add a jumbo twist to your sleek ponytail; a loose, whimsical braid; or grab a few mini elastics and turn it into a bubble pony. If you prefer your ends loose but still crave some extra oomph, try adding a texture spray to give your ponytail extra volume

How long do slicked back ponytails last?

two weeks A protective style ponytail can last up to two weeks. This style a low time commitment: Just be careful that the pony isn't pulled too tight, which can cause tension on your scalp

What is the best product for slicked back hair?

The Best Products For A Slick Hairstyle Pomade. Slicking back hair is all well and good but getting it to stay there is a whole different kettle of fish. Sea Salt Spray. An essential creator of texture, Sea Salt Spray is for those that want a slicked back look that isn't so, slick. Matt Mud.

  • Kirti Thakur
    Kirti Thakur
    You're adorable! Straight to the point and incredibly helpful with details that not everyone includes. Thank you Bella!
  • Anastasia Carolina
    Anastasia Carolina
    This looks like Ariana Grande's hairstyle of this year
  • Melissa Liseth
    Melissa Liseth
    Now that's a perfect ponytail
  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose
    This is so easy & glamorous!! Thank you so much! I'm excited to try this!
  • Passion 214
    Passion 214
    This so cute and try it thanks sus
  • Little J
    Little J
    New sub! This might be the best idea I ever seen! I can’t wait to try this method. Thank you.
  • Coco Shanel
    Coco Shanel
    You are such an inspiration when it comes to doing hair love you
  • Ariel Goma Moukala
    Ariel Goma Moukala
    Your blog be on point!!! Definitely inspired to try this style!!!
  • Bri Randall
    Bri Randall
    I was searching tutorials for this today!
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