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How To Follow The New Color Trend Black And Orange Hair?

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If you're tired of the everyday look, orange and black hair is the new color trend that's about to take you by storm. How you can get yourself this striking hair color, in the next article will take you along to fully understand.

Orange and black hair color1. Does orange look good with black hair?

Orange is a very bright warm color, while black is one of the most common dark natural hair colors, the combination of the two will form an extreme color contrast. To get a nice orange and black hair color, you need to find a balance between the two different colors, choose one of them as the main color of your hair, and then add highlights to make local adjustments to make your hair look more distinctive and suitable for you. For example, you can try black hair with the orange underneath by choosing black as the base color and adding orange to the middle of the hair, which looks very unique and nice.

Orange and black hair color2. Orange and black hair color ideas that are highly recommended

Black and orange hair colors are perfect for everyone who is looking for a trendy hair color, as long as you find a color balance between orange and black colors.

2.1 Black with orange ombre hair

Black with orange ombre hairThe ombre hair gives a very natural gradient effect on the hair, using black hair color as the base shade and interspersing orange shades in the middle of black hair. The orange and black ombre hair color is a perfect combination with the big wavy curls.

2.2 Skunk strip orange and black hair

Skunk strip orange and black hairThe skunk stripe is a popular picking technique in recent years, and you can refer to the picture where the orange part of the hair is used as a hair highlighter. You can use the orange part of your hair as a highlight, especially for face-framing highlights, to give your skin a brighter look and to make your hairstyle more original and trendy. skunk strip orange and black hair looks perfect for summer and for those who love rock culture, mavericks, and the world. The skunk stripe orange and black hair look perfect for summer and for those who love rock culture and mavericks.

2.3 Half orange half black hair

Half orange half black hairThe half orange and half black color schemes are very reminiscent of the singer Sia, who is best remembered for her half black and half white hair and the giant bow that goes with it. We can see from Sia's look that the effect of clashing colors can really refresh people and make a deep impression on this look. half black half orange hair is also very novel but more understated and does not look particularly flashy, both long and short hair can try.

2.4 Black hair with orange balayage

Black hair with orange balayageIf you like orange and black hair but your usual style is more on the low-key side, you can choose to keep the original black hair color unchanged, that is, with black as the base color in the part near the end of the hair with orange highlights. This can satisfy your quest for orange and black hair color and also get a less flashy look, a twofer. And black hair with orange highlights is a low-maintenance look, even if there is a steady stream of black hair growing out of the head, there is no need to add color to orange highlights, it will only get better and better.

2.5 Orange and black Halloween hairstyle look

Orange and black Halloween hairstyle lookThe dark black and mysterious orange is the perfect color element for Halloween, you can try this best hair color before Halloween or before you go to some party. body wave texture should look more glamorous and mysterious, and then match with some festive hair accessories.

3. How to get the perfect black and orange hair look?

After introducing several different styles of orange and black hair for different people, we are going to discuss how to get the perfect orange and black hair color, and we are going to discuss it in several cases.

●The first is half orange and half black hair, which is divided into two parts along the center of the nose, keeping one side of the hair naturally black and the other side of the hair to assess the depth of color. You need to keep the light blonde hair and then apply the orange hair dye, so you need to bleach the hair.

How to get the perfect black and orange hair look●The second one we talk about is how to get black with orange ombre hair. the base shade of the hair is still kept as black shade and the hair at the end and a small part in the middle are bleached. The hair that is interspersed between the black hair can be painted with a light orange color, and then add more orange dye to the part near the end of the hair to achieve a gradient effect.

get the perfect black and orange hair look
●For the third type of skunk strip orange-black hair, the hair on both sides of the hairline is bleached and dyed with orange hair dye, and the ends of the hair are treated the same way, keeping the overall shade black.

ways to get perfect orange and black hair4. Conclusion

Are you ready for a new hair color, orange and black hair is not only amazing and low maintenance, but it will also help you to be the center of attention, try it now?

Why is my natural black hair orange?

Iron in water acts as an oxidizer, causing orange/red tones in darker hair. Additionally, UV rays can expedite the oxidation process too.

Does orange look good with black hair?

A deep shade of cobalt is a wonderful contrast to black hair. Choose a sunshiney lemon instead of a pale wash of lighter yellow. Kelly green looks great on you; you also can wear orange and a range of purple shades from plum to burgundy and lavender.

Does orange hair make you look older?

Too much of a reddish-orange undertone in your hair can make it look dull and damaged—the typical signs of aging hair says celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Samra. The red tones can also make your skin look redder and rob skin of a youthful glow, adds Kyle White, the senior stylist at Oscar Blandi.

  • prettygingerwitch
    I LOVE the finished look
  • elainakirk4740
    I love how it came out! That orange is so pretty. And I love how it looks like orange streaks on the side from the way it is styled.
  • TheEmoEntchen
    Gosh this is absolutely gorgeous
  • VenenumRosa
    Half black half orange is still one of my favorite color combinations I've ever done !
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